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I hope we all win

Baer has a field trip today. My son, the most magnificent young man on the planet. They are going to the marine center on Navarre Beach, a super cool destination for all. I wish I was there with him, unfortunately, I am currently being hunted.

I can’t help but think that if it wasn’t necessary
for five detectives to be detaining we
heinous non seat belt wearing criminals, this may
have been prevented.

I have become a target, I feel like I’m in a fishbowl. The police are looking for his mom. How humiliating…. And yet, to the mind of a 9 year old young man, quite possibly, kinda, the littlest bit awesome! Especially considering how much law enforcement has blown it out of proportion.

Considering the amount of training they have
received, and the generous salaries, funded by
the good ole tax payer tit, that grand title
suggests their position would require investigating???

Their behavior is so dramatic. It is obvious to me that whoever is giving the orders and mapping the strategies is a narcissist. So very in love with himself that their strategic attempts to influence me to incriminate myself are adolescent at best. What’s even more amusing is that discretion has been impossible for them, because they have to brag, or show off. Like peacocks strutting their tail feathers. Not strutting in celebration of any victory, I am always winning, but just to “show me”. Perhaps feeling some self satisfaction in those moments. Only to be near stroke level angry when their strategy amounts to nothing again. Except maybe a day of following me around in circles, wasting county resources on their salary and gas, and indifferently putting children at risk.


I didn’t have a “clandestine laboratory”
in the vehicle.  I was just giving a neighbor
a ride to the store.  Five detectives seems to be
wasteful of resources, for routine traffic

Multijurisdictional clandestine laboratory Investigators. Say that 5 times. Quite a title. I wonder of it makes their little peckers hard?? I am certain it puffs their chests up. Their salary is probably close to $90,000 yearly. My county has 6 I believe, investigators on the Narcotics task force. I’m sure they have different titles and such. But wow, the local sheriffs dept. has spent, just a loose estimate, over half a million dollars in the past year on me….really. Attempting to criminalize and discredit me. Over half a million dollars, an entire year. And in that time, with all the resources available to the sheriffs dept, the judicial system, and lets not forget the state agencies that participated; dept of corrections as well as dept of children and families. Unbelievable, the half million is way off…that was just the task force.
If you can imagine the scope of their strategy and the year that they have dedicated to it, let me just drop the current score. Them…0; me…winning! An entire year, countless accomplices, endless resources, and bottomless pockets…and they have accomplished the incrimination of  themselves.

This is what their extensive training produced.  This is the evidence
that they have to support 2 felonies and 5 misdemeanor possession
charges.  No controlled substances by Florida Statute.
Submitted to the lab 2 months after it was
allegedly collected..

They have not managed to produce a scrap of substantiating evidence for the charges they fabricated trying to make it appear as of I am some kind of cartel matriarch, or some such drama.
I am flattered, honestly. I didn’t realize my existence was quite so significant. I have actually spent most of my life feeling insignificant. Wow, I am so very grateful. I’ll bet that certainly wasn’t the intention.
I suppose I will have to give them some credit. They did manage to put me in jail, for 135 days even. They probably consider that some kind of a success. Taking into consideration the trauma wound I went in with, I bet they get great amounts of pleasure imagining the suffering I endured with infection most of those days. I hope they do get a great amount of pleasure. I hope, genuinely, that my suffering, or their interpretation of it, makes their little peckers hard.

I have always made my living in customer service and construction,
and in that field, if you suck this bad at your job…
you don’t get a salary increase!
And none of my jobs included circumstances that
had the potential to mortally wound children in their own homes.

The reality is that my time detained, falsely imprisoned, as well as their pleasure are more points in my favor. If I wasn’t the individual forging my way through it, I wouldn’t believe me either. I think I can explain. You see, I knew without a doubt going in, that they had no evidence. Actually commented on it repeatedly, along with every other atrocity that they dishonored themselves and their positions with. All the while, succeeding in acquiring thorough documented evidence complete with their own boastful acknowledging comments. Remember, discretion was impossible for them. They expected adulation and awe at how clever they were having me under lock and key. All the while tripping over themselves to give me ammunition, practically drawn in crayon, to prove their behavior is more criminal than(another estimate) 68% of the inmates they imagine themselves superior. The irony is delicious.

According to Basic Pharmacology page 6,ok,
The main feature of the dose-response relationship
is that a drug response is proportional to the dose.  Doses
above those needed to produce
the ceiling effect usually cause
toxic effects.

In regards to their pleasure, that is my contribution to the entire collective consciousness.  My ever so grateful interpretation of their pleasure at my suffering will probably seem insane.  To me, they are the dark force, the lowest level of vibrational frequency.  Their pleasure, therefore originates in darkness.  But it is pleasure, and so it produces light, and raises the frequency.  A very special light indeed, because it originated in darkness.  Kind of like coal into diamonds.  The energy produced from such a monumental transformation has got to be beyond measure.  Probably just enough to have elevated the frequency of every remaining being on the lowest level.  I hope so anyway.  It seems conceivable to me.  Successfully elevated at least one level, so accomplishing the elimination of the lowest vibrational frequency.  Like cutting the rope on the anchor.  Imagine…loosing that hindrance for the entire collective as a whole, setting it free to accelerate and gain momentum.  We are winning!  Transcending and steadily gaining velocity!
So shine on, ladies and gentlemen.  We are all in this together, I hope we all win.  The alternative is inconceivable.

Dragon Titus