Given no choice, do they have a chance

I have to be honest, I am writing this to share some very burdensome knowledge.  Too great a burden for me to bear alone.  Just some experience that came together in my mind, unfortunately.
Twenty five years ago I was close friends with a lady who worked at an office through a temp agency.  One day she was offered a full time position with the office and eliminate the temp agency.  I’m sure the position included a larger salary.  She was very excited, but nervous.  She was required to pass a drug test, twenty five years ago, for a job….  My friend smoked weed.  Not a heroin addict, just eased anxiety with a natural herb that grows from a seed.
At that time her daughter was six or seven years old.  My friend used her daughter’s urine in order to pass the drug test… for a job, twenty five years ago.
The lab result was satisfactory in regards to no drugs being present.  However it had recognized that the urine sample was not that of an adult.  The test performed was able to recognize that the urine was that of a child.  Twenty five years ago, for a job.
More recently, three years ago I was living in a “bad” neighborhood by assignment by an organization I had partnered with to become a homeowner.  A requirement of the partnership agreement was that I could not refuse assigned location of forfeit the opportunity.  Neighborhood revitalization, build new houses, insert residents with an interest of improving the community.
After three years in my home, new houses were built across the street from me.  One of them was assigned to a single father a few years younger than myself.  We did not really become friendly, acquainted though.  I always show kindness to everyone, including this young man.  He was a drug addict (opioid), and while I don’t judge, I also choose not to keep company with such individuals.  That is not the example I want for my children to experience.
At some point, during a rare conversation with my neighbor he revealed to me that he had been recommended to go to the methodone clinic by the Department of children and families, to treat his addiction.  Further revelation included the fact that the clinic requires a urinalysis, to continue to receive treatment “patients” must test positive for methodone.
This young man and his best friend of twenty years both told me personally that they used the urine of their children for this urinalysis.  They always kept a spare in the fridge.  Because their own urine would test positive for other substances besides the methodone and they would be denied their dose.  The urine of their children was sure to only test positive for methodone…
Very disturbing, I know.  Especially after I had another individual, in seperate context, tell me that he had been denied his dose because he had tried to put the methodone straight in his urine because he wasn’t taking his.  Probably selling it or trading for some other substance, and the urinalysis recognized that he had not ingested the methodone.  The human body has a filter system, apparently methodone is altered by that filter system.
Those poor children.  Is it possible that a urinalysis administered by the methodone clinic or department of children and families does not recognize the difference between a urine sample from an adult male and a female child?  As did a urinalysis administered twenty five years ago, for a job?  If not…. someone please tell me why?????????