So Much More

The following is testimony documented separately on several different occasions, compiled into one statement.  I, Stacey Sade, under penalty of perjury, declare the following facts are true and correct, and supported by documented evidence.  There may be some statements of theory, based on evidence and experience, and hardly ever incorrect.  The first few are not dated, I would guess they were written in late 2015.

I am one person.  A single mother about to turn 40.  I am unarmed, I’ve never owned a gun.  Just never wanted to take the chance of an accident with my children.  Until we were able to get educated on gun safety together, it was not a risk I was willing to take.
I cannot understand why it was necessary, and apparently acceptable, for the Santa Rosa County sheriff’s Dept. to manipulate the entire criminal process and proceedings to criminalize and prosecute me.  Even stooping so low as to psychologically manipulate and intimidate my children.  It is unbelievable!
In my case, I would imagine I was investigated for quite some time.  I lived in a highly criminal neighborhood, having been assigned there by Habitat for Humanity.  Neighborhood stabilization initiative.  I lived up to it.  I worked, lived, minded my own business.  Refused to participate in criminal activity.  Took care of my kids.
The sheriff’s dept. was always in the neighborhood.  Deputy Kyles drove by my house every day.  Sometimes more than once.  I was comforted by the security it should have maintained.  We had a lot of pleasant conversations.  I never felt under suspicion, never should have, we were on the same team, as my number 1 priority is the safety of my children.  I am the child of at least one psychopath, so my childhood wasn’t the best, not the worst either.  I intended to be the parent to my children that I wish I had had.  Loving, attentive, encouraging, positive, but disciplined as well.  Positively disciplined, never abuse and certainly not neglected.  I have been successful.  My children are highly intelligent, well behaved, mostly respectful.  I taught them by example, many lessons we learned together.
Prior to May 12, 2015, I had no criminal record, no criminal history, and any incident involving law enforcement ended pleasantly.  As previously stated, I considered myself on the same team.  Law enforcement, it’s in the name, law…enforcement, are intended to protect and serve, supposedly for people like me…and my children.

Criminal behavior 101-Bad people, just like animals, target the vulnerable or weaker species.  They continue to do so until their objective has been met.  Their behavior…sheriff’s deputies, narcotic’s unit, detention facility guards most prominently Sgt.s, capt.s, and at least one major; assistants to the State’s Attorney, several minions with public defender’s office, 1st DCA region conflict counsel, Court Alternatives, drug patch whore Tonya Davis, Kenneth Leonard Brooks, Jr attorney at law(LOL), Athena Wiggins investigator for Department of children and families…. Cannot leave out the stars of the show… Dr. Stephen F.X. Zieman, Jr. PhD and Dr. Lawrence J. Gilgun, PhD.

 I am one person, not affiliated with any groups or gangs ( I am a paid member of Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association).  Don’t even have a boyfriend or any type of partner.  A very small, unstable support system, and that is strictly moral support, certainly not financial.  Financial support has always been just myself through hard work and ambition.  I actively try to make the world a better place.  Some contribution that benefits everyone.
They stalked, entrapped, and terrorized me.  Through malicious actions they manipulated my children, made them unsure of everything they’ve been taught.  Respect, self confidence, enough to not fall into peer pressure.  Diligence.
My children’s early childhood was building their house, from the dirt up.  Together, hands on, while I also worked full time night shift so my days would be available for Habitat for Humanity.

Then begins another…As a responsible adult, I will admit that my personal affairs have fallen into disrepair, as a result of an injury.  And as a responsible self-sustaining adult in that position, I have not attempted to share my burden with anyone; private, public, or organization {ie..I have not indebted myself further to pay mortgage, having made an attempt to prepare for such a scenario by paying extra towards the principle}.
Sure, I did mistakenly think that perhaps my  mortgage holder, considering faithful history, would give me some kind of grace, or perhaps account for the extra that I had paid in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, there is some chance that I wasn’t even behind.  Apparently, no grace resides there any longer.  As a responsible adult, I will just have to formulate another solution.  No big deal, my children and I lose our home, that we built together.  The result, actually, of me being a responsible adult, entering into a partnership with Habitat for Humanity, and fulfilling all of my requirements of partnership agreement, for 6 years, as well as, in partnership [I give my all] contributing to my “partner” SO MUCH MORE!
Upon examination of my partnership relationship, their capitol gain was immeasurably superior to the outcome I am suffering that resulted from my partnership with Pensacola Habitat for Humanity.  With use of my personal testimony, NSP grant was obtained in 2010, $24.5 million, 320 homes.  Which also established a track record, simplifying future determinations for grant authorization.  They have since received several grants generated from that pilot program.  A recent financial audit reflected $54 million in assets… for a “non-profit” organization, that fraudulently took my home in foreclosure, after altering court documents in order to provide me with the wrong date for hearing, and disposed of $40,000, just …. for what???  To destroy the moral, social fabric of society…. The predators of the human race.
They also capitalized on my daughter, who was 7 years old at the time.  Her art work, intellectual property, was used to decorate their Christmas ornament that they “give” for a $25 donation…  I am currently attempting to find the record for how much capitol they gained.  I was given one of the ornaments…. isn’t that generous of them???

 I’m certain that should be public record.  I almost bet that the money they made off “donations” for those ornaments would have covered the arrearages that Habitat claims I had accumulated from June 2014 to January 2015… 6 months, monetary value $2,838… or maybe the six month lease period I completed before I signed the mortgage could have been taken into consideration.  The document I have explaining this lease period declares that the lease payments that I made for those six months were intended to cover the mortgage, so in fact, I was six months ahead when I signed the mortgage, as I was not given credit for those six months at the closing.
I am one person, one partner, that gave an awful lot on a partnership where all I did was lose.  Please do not let that escape your attention.
Partnership????  Justice????  Everything was taken from me and my children.  Our home, our stability, our security, anything of comfort.  While Pensacola Habitat moved into a bigger office space, hired an interior decorator, and continue to receive funds for their vision, “that everyone deserves to have a decent, affordable home.”  At what point did me and my children become excluded from that statement?

The following was written March 31, 2016 and titled Travesty of Justice.
I, Stacey Sade declare, under penalty of perjury, that the following facts are true and correct, and thoroughly supported by documentation.  My plea agreement with the state of Florida was fully coerced.  Under threat and brutality for six months at the hands of jail personnel, facilitated by Kenneth Brooks, defense attorney assigned to my case by Judge John Miller.
The first time I saw and spoke with Mr. Brooks was September 8, 2015.  I had been in jail for over 90 days, which consisted of prevention of my appearance at foreclosure hearing, great medical need for potentially fatal bacterial infection encouraged to progress by retaliatory negligence, intentional exposure to inmates classified as sexual offenders.  Despite this deviant treatment and excruciating pain in a preexisting injury, I immediately proceeded to read case law, Cruz vs State, in fact.  Mr. Brooks told me he was well aware of the law.  I asked why it wasn’t being used in my defense.  I was in possession of nothing.  At that time, Mr. Brooks instructed me to put my paperwork down and “let’s start over.  I’m Ken Brooks,” he said, “has anyone told you about me?”  I said, “No, actually I didn’t receive notification that Richard Currey was no longer representing.”  I did receive notification from Julie Edwards with the public defenders office, dated what I thought at the time was the date foreclosure took place.  I have since been informed by Habitat for Humanity that, in fact, the hearing took place on July 17, 2015.  The court documents that were served to me through legal process were altered to reflect the wrong date, July 14, 2015. {It is difficult for me to comprehend that anyone would do such a thing.}
Shouldn’t it have been remotely possible for an attorney to arrange bond modification, or at least court access so I could have defended my home?  Considering I have no prior record and strong community ties, not a flight risk or a threat to anyone.  Unless that was the goal, to keep me from defending my home.  Despite dep. Matt Spratt’s suggestion, in a phone call June 18, 2015 that I was facing “heinous charges”, the evidence (nothing more than hearsay, lab results in which evidence was submitted two months after “collection”, there is nothing to support the charges.

An interesting description, though.  Heinous charges, for failing to wear a seat belt… Everything beyond that was/has been/ continues to be a deviant violation of EVERYTHING right and appropriate in any environment.

While I was falsely imprisoned, I witnessed special privileges granted to a three time convicted murderer, who is requesting the death penalty.  There is something very disturbing taking place.  Wanna flip a race card?  I am a single mother, white skin, 40 years old.  The inmate I am referring to is mid 20’s black male.  I am the least racist person I know, or have ever met.  So, let’s flip the background card.  I’ve lived in this town since September 1995, my entire adult life. I’m not entirely sure about his background, but to be thrice convicted already by
 mid 20s I don’t imagine he’s had much opportunity to build a legacy or establish roots.  I realize it’s really not my business, I just find myself examining the fact that I was brutalized so maliciously, while this young man was catered to generously.

YET ANOTHER MISERABLE FAILURE!  Very much like her mother, my daughter is smarter than what she is working with.  It is to be expected for any girl her age to seek attention, acceptance especially when everything in her world has been taken from her, Including a loving, healthy environment that encourages everything.  In exchange for a toxic environment with no affection, all the wrong attention, and psychopathic manipulation.  There seems to be NO shortage of psychopaths in our world.  Despite the effort, her spirit is not broken.  My sympathy to the victims of these monsters that were younger, I’m sure there are plenty.
Always more insult to injury, they do love to extend their maniacal tentacles, still with the sentence for failure to wear a seat belt… Mr. Rob Secola, DOC probation supervisor…. always so quick to inform me that they are not the agency that will handle any of that misconduct, violating your rights business.  Officer Kirstin Smith has received a promotion, according to Mr. Secola.  It’s very nice to know that for her overachieving is being rewarded.  She was quite thorough, the false positive urinalysis she used to violate my probation and have me further falsely imprisoned was not only illegitimate due to incomplete field, the form itself was for employment.  I wasn’t applying for a job with DOC.  I am immeasurably over qualified with the IQ cap alone.  Along with being a decent human being, they wouldn’t last a week, I’d have to expose their treason.  Officer Smith also made false statements to an employer, and the affidavit for violation completed by Mr. Rob Secola was largely exaggerated, fabricated, and illegitimate, bearing no notary or signature of a Judge.  Yes, they are overachievers!  According to Florida Department of Corrections, Instructions To The Offender…
How to succeed and benefit from supervision
The Florida Department of Corrections is committed to assisting you in successfully completing your period of supervision.  Your probation officer will guide you through this process; however, your cooperation and commitment to the following responsibilities will play a vital role in your success:
  • Comply with conditions of supervision- Talk to your officer if you don’t understand what’s expected or are having problems complying.
  • Communicate with your officer when you have questions, concerns, or changes you need to report; Ask for help if you need help.
  • Work with your officer to develop goals and objectives that lead to self improvement.  Be open minded to suggestions and change.
  • Be accountable for your actions, make the right decisions, and maintain a good positive attitude.

No joke…. word for word, it is the VERY FIRST INSTRUCTIONS.  I can confidently say that I put forth a valiant effort to comply, cooperate, communicate with my officer and her supervisor.  Not even asking for help, just trying to keep them informed of an encounter with law enforcement {I am asked every time I check in if I’ve had any encounters with LE, so I considered it a requirement, attempting to comply with conditions, be accountable for my actions….  Mr. Secola seemed to not comprehend my effort.  Perhaps accountability is beyond his comprehension.