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Under penalty of perjury… so unsure how to proceed!???

This was originally written July 29, 2016.  It was sent to Judicial Qualifications Commission.  I have not received a response to this communication.  I did receive a response to a similar statement that was sent the same day.  Either way, it has been months…  these are statements of fact, and I have tolerated all the misrepresentation and suppression of evidence and the childish little bullshit that I can stand.  Any suggestions one might have, once you’ve read it all, I happily and gratefully allow comments.  Through this entire ordeal, I have not once demonstrated the behavior that my tormentors were so desperately attempting elicit from me. 

I, Stacey Sade, as a woman under penalty of perjury, declare the following facts to be true and correct, and also fully supported by documented evidence and video of court proceedings available.  I request this person be held accountable for this trespass against me, as a woman residing within Constitutional law.  Judge John Miller, First Judicial Circuit of Florida, while presiding over my case (15-763/764)failed to maintain impartiality and demonstrated open animosity towards me repeatedly.  This unprofessional, subversive behavior contributed to the coercion of myself to accept umfair plea agreement on December 16, 2015, out of fear for my life after having been the subject of extensive retaliation that resulted in great bodily harm and permanent disfigurement while falsely imprisoned in Santa Rosa County Detention facility.  With the knowledge based on Judge Miller’s previous demonstration of animosity, along with ineffective performance of councel assigned by Judge Miller, that if I did not accept unfair plea agreement release from detention facility would be denied, extending my false imprisonment and leaving me subject to further retaliation and most definite reinfection of preexisting wound.  
Since my arrest/kidnapping on June 23, 2015, this wound had been the means by which facility staff tortured me, by negligence wound remained infected and I was repeatedly denied housing in isolation/@solitary in the interest of protecting myself, other inmates, and facility staff from contact with possible blood-borne pathogens as well as possible transmision of HIV and HEP(as per OSHA standards and guidelines).
The unethical and childishly unprofessional behavior of Judge John Miller is subversive to the justice system which he represents and is destroying the integrity.  The evident teamwork being practiced between himself, defense councel and prosecution is irrefutable.  When taken into consideration with the deviant retaliation of facility personnel (prevelently superior officers) the grand scale of this organization is disturbing.  Abusing position in order to facilitate commission of racketeering activity.
Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.
                                       Stacey Sade

Hospitalized in May and again in
October immediately after release.
Bacterial infection.