Israel scouts from Tzofim Movement laid the sod of my Habitat for Humanity house.  My children participated as well.  I was so proud that they were privileged with that experience.  In appreciation of my partnership with Habitat, I authored a testimony, delivered as a speech, and allowed them to use it to obtain NSP grant in 2010.  My daughter contributed artwork that provided capitol as a Christmas ornament given in exchange for $25 donation.

NSP provided resources for 320 homes to be built…What an honor, that my struggles and achievements, expressed with my talent and knowledge of words, and my skill and grace of expression resulted in the benefit of so many families.  And allowed Habitat to expand.  My daughter, who was 7 at the time, was elated over her artwork being admired to such a degree.

That year(2010) was the pilot year for Pensacola Habitat for Humanity becoming authorized NSP fund distributor, which laid the foundation for future predetermination with proven track record and success models… And again, what an honor, my testimony, my contribution to my partner, my community that I love, my state.  And how flattering that my writing, my talent, my craft with words so richly provided such recognition for Pensacola Habitat.  A craft that I honestly don’t credit to myself, but fully to Almighty God and my champion Christ Jesus.  Giving knowledge to the wise, always blessing me.
Through partnership with Habitat, my children and I built our home together.  Their participation during young childhood years created in them a strong foundation on which to grow characteristics that you just don’t see in a lot of people these days.  There are not words to describe how proud I am of my children and the individuals they are becoming.  The two most magnificent creatures on the planet.
As a single mother, I feel that not only have I beat the statistics, but set a greater precedent.  I taught my children by example, made them my priority, their stability, their security so that their confidence and self assurance would compensate for the absence of their father, and may they not develop the types of behaviors and deficiencies inherent in most fatherless children.
Currently, our circumstances have tested those characteristics and left to question everything they’ve experienced.  Due to injury I became unemployed.  Though I had paid extra on the mortgage of our home over the years and never fallen behind, no assistance or consideration when I fell behind on six months payments.  Six months, less than $3,000.  I was told by the family financial coordinator, Stephanie Jarmen, that my only option was to pay in full, $72,000.  At a time when I was suffering with an injury that required repeated hospitalizations.  Despite faithful maintenance of my partnership with them, and their monumental gain as a result of contributions of myself and my daughter, they foreclosed my children’s home, forcing them to walk through our house and just take the things that were most important to them.

A devastating experience that I find nearly impossible to explain to them.  I am unable to comprehend myself why or how such cruelty is possible.  Pure evil is the only explaination that makes any sense.

circumsyances concurrent with foreclosure proceedings create probability that the cfuelty has no bounds, and evident conspiracy gives cause to believe with great certainty that I was targetred with homicidal intent.  To be sure, extensive measures have been taken to discredit me and extermionate my character with devastating effects.  I hope this devastation is not common practice for Pensacola Habitat for Humanity.  I hope they are not destroying every life that partnered with them.  I hope I can find some way to move forward, left with nothing.  Everything I’ve worked my entire life for, just gone.  Trying not to resent the contributions I made, and the benefits Pensacola Habitat continues to receive.  A test to my faith to not becom3e bitter upon seeing their claims that the most important people to Habitat is the partners that live in the homes they built.  My children should be a part of Habitat’s legacy, instead there is great possibility that the damage caused by the cruelty withwhich we’ve been treated could undermine the foundation of their character.  Truly abominable, pure evil.

This was previously sent as a message to Volunteer Florida-A Project of Americorps.The following was added on Saturday November 18, 2016;

Most recent development, shocking literally.  In a response to a complaint I submitted to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, titled explanation of closure, information disclosed that court documents were altered in order to provide incorrect schedule for hearing on motion for final summary judgment of foreclosure.  Through legal process, they served the wrong date to me!  This is a FACT, supported by their own statement in the explanation of closure, twice, expressing specifically that the date (July 17, 2015) was set by the county clerk.  Twice, very proud of that fact.
However, the Notice of hearing on plaintiff’s motion for final summary judgment that I received instructs it shall be called up on Tuesday July 14, 2015 at 10:00 am.  My copy is signed by Mr. Richard M. Colbert, Esq. Fl Bar no:654329.  Attorney for plaintiff Pensacola Habitat
 for Humanity.  This is one of those kinds of facts that gives my case/experience the appearance of being delusional.  Who would do that?

It is completely unbelievable, incomprehensible that anyone would do such an underhanded, unprofessional, reprehensible thing.  I am still having a very hard time with the knowledge that such individuals that have carried out countless acts of brutality that are equally as  incomprehensible as this alteration of legal documents.  For the purpose of preventing me from being present at the hearing to protect my home, my children’s home.  My children’s stability, their very security, that they actively participated in building FROM THE DIRT.  What kind of creature would, so viciously take that away, without cause, and deny me even the possibility to attempt to keep it?  What kind of monster would facilitate such a lack of human decency?  Psychopath/narcissist/sociopath.  Predators of society.  Is there any other possible explanation?  I’d love to hear any suggestions any individual may have, but only after examination of the evidence of the treatment I have received, to support my statements of FACT.  Observations based on facts and personal experience, not one single deceptive attempt.  I wish it were delusions!