The following was originally documented July 23, 2016.  I’m sure it has been sent several places, to numerous agencies… No help forthcoming.  Not from @ACLUof Florida, not from @Rutherford Institute, not from @Legal Services of North Florida.  I must say that I am so very grateful for the solitary legal entity that I have had the pleasure of witnessing actually proceeding in accordance with the laws that I have discovered.  I’m still not finding anything similar to what is being practiced by @State’s Attorney William Eddins office, particularly @ASA Angela Liles.  All the stuff I’ve found says it’s a violation of the law to prosecute and imprison a HUMAN BEING with false allegations, no evidence to support such allegations.  I’d like to see a copy of the written nolo plea that was reported being taken in the following form.  I’m without a doubt that it was not written by me.  Nor was Kenneth Brooks my attorney at the time of the date on this form.  I didn’t see his pretty face until September 8, when he thought he would stroll right in and just have me sign that plea, agree to your fabricated charges, and you’d never have to show your lack of evidence,right?  Move on to the next one.  This has continued for 18 months.  It’s called psychopathic parasite… congratulations.

Indeed, if there is a written nolo plea that was taken this day, I’d like to see a copy of that.  To be sure, this court document, legal instrument is not presenting false information.  Yes, this is the form that is currently in my DOC probation file, with the date having been changed several times by now, the fact that I was not even offered this plea until September 8, by Kenneth Brooks, and then Judge John Miller refusing to accept it when I honestly stated that I was not happy with my attorney.  So, I’d be very interested to see the written nolo plea indicated on this form on this date.  That is a relevant request, isn’t it?

I’d also like to submit the following information for the record.  I, Stacey Sade, under penalty of perjury, declare the following facts are true and correct.  In accordance with Kenneth Brooks repeated statements to me regarding my children, and DCF willingness to get involved when “they” were trying to “sweat” someone, an investigator with DCF, Athena Wiggins, did come to my home.  She presented preposterous allegations that I hit my daughter with a baseball bat and left a bruise on her knee.  I declare that due to the events of the past year (18 months now), since fabricated charges, wrongful arrest, absence while falsely imprisoned, there have been some emotional issues between myself and my daughter.  This does not include any abuse, she has every right to everything she is feeling she had everything ripped away from her, too.  And nobody to communicate in a responsible way, without opinions and judgments based on no facts.  I had not been in the same room with my daughter in over a week.

This attack on my character, and really every aspect of my life and the lives of my two innocent children caused immeasurable damage in every way.  Before May 12, 2015 I was a fairly respected, upstanding, largely contributing member of the community for over 20 years, and I love this community.  The only crime I am proven guilty of is failure to wear a seat belt and I paid that citation.  Everything that is not in evidence I am innocent of, yet the slander of my character continues.
I cannot quite describe how insulting it is to have my competence, which I assure you there is no shortage of ,in any definition of the term, by an individual to whom dereliction of their duties is evidently common practice.  Posing as defense counsel, in personal contact with me for less than 7 minutes on one solitary occasion, after a fair amount of correspondence from myself generated no response… from anywhere.  I have many great achievements to my credit, least of which is kindness in the face of such cruelty, honesty in response to all lies, and love in return for such animosity.  There is no cause or justification for the manner in which I’ve been treated.  I have merely proceeded honestly, by sound doctrine.  The facts I have stated are supported fully by sound doctrine.  I have not written or spoken one false statement.  I have not acted maliciously or disrespectfully to any single creature, merely told the truth with as much tact as possible, considering the many horrendous, inhumane circumstances I have experienced and described so eloquently, thanks belong to Almighty God, all exaltation.
I have not been contacted with any follow-up consultation by Athena Wiggins or anyone from that agency, of child protection.  I’d like a copy of any and all reports bearing my name, I am certain I am entitled to that; provided by more than one law, code, statute somewhere.  Stated in the little flier she gave me, to inform me what is expected of ME. While she was bucking against everything else that was covered in that flier.

  The invasion in abuse of her position was foretold by Kenneth Brooks.  My daughter stated that day to Ms. Wiggins that the allegations were stupid, she fell at school and her mom had never hit her.There is no justification for a person posing as a protector of children to engage in psychological manipulation of children in an attempt to cause further trauma where none previously existed.  With no history of any domestic or criminal record of any kind, the fabricated character that was created by fabricated charges, false imprisonment, false positive urinalysis by DOC, every act against me meets the definition of terrorism by Florida Statute.  Seems I read something about a pattern of racketeering behavior in Florida Statutes as well.  False pretenses, fraudulent practises, extortion, perjury, misuse of public office, offenses related to financial transactions.

My my but you overachievers have this like kids in a candy store you’ve covered so many.  I think perhaps you’ve been reading the laws the wrong way.  See all this is the stuff you’re not supposed to do.
Stacey Sade, devoted servant to Jesus Christ Lord of hosts.