Today is Wednesday January 25, 2017.  

The following communication was written during my false imprisonment in Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office detention facility, under constant malicious retaliation, most commonly from senior officers.  Captain Cotton, Captain Precious Gehringer, Lady Captain Stearns, numerous others were included, I imagine for a while I was their entertainment… I’m sure the novelty wore off once they got tired of having themselves described accurately to them.  
Captain Cotton, 
It never ceases to amaze me when I come against evils tools, how adolescent they are.  I am absolutely certain that if I had sent a message to you complaining about my issue with Aramark, your response would have been to tell me to direct any requests/complaints to the department in question.  I can’t imagine how my issue with Aramark pertains to you, unless you conspired with them to make sure I didn’t receive any stamps.  Why then, sir, are you so concerned with my mail?
Are you the individual that is currently withholding my mail, as well as postponing my outgoing mail?  Seems like you just told on yourself.  I am well aware that my mail is being withheld, but is not to be found in my personal property.  Personal mail as well as privileged.  I am sure you are aware that is a violation of federal laws, and you are no more above the law than I am.

You all really do think it is acceptable to assert your authorityfor the purpose of destroying the lives of  the 
people who demonstrate the behavior with which  you credit

Do as you may, take all the pleasure you like in my suffering.  I work for an Almighty God, sir, I will continue to win!  The malice that is directed at me by so many people that don’t even know me is just evidence of the sad, evil state of the world today.  It is uncalled for.
Regardless of what you’ve been told and the judgment you have made in your mind, I am not a bad person, or a criminal.  I don’t exhibit criminal behavior, not on the streets, and not in here.

If you  read all of the correspondence between Aramark and myself, you would see that I was not being mean, but letting them know how I feel about their continued poor business ethics with me, and I have always been tremendously agreeable when they were out of things and had to bring it back later.  There have been multiple incidents where something I ordered and PAID FOR was owed to me for 10 days to 2 weeks.  I dare say in the same position, you would not happily let that slide.  And if you didn’t read all of the comments to familiarize yourself with the situation, then why jump in and comment on one isolated incident at all?  I did not bring my complaint to you with the expectation of your assistance in this matter.  I don’t get into your business, I would appreciate the courtesy of you staying out of mine.  As I am certain your interest in this matter was not to help anyone find a solution, but just to assert your authority where you can.

Congratulations on thinking up another shake down of
T Dorm.  Does it make you proud to make a bunch of women that are at a low point in their lives feel even more uncomfortable and violated?  Just a grown up version of a school yard bully.  Exhibiting behavior that is one step below genocide on the hate pyramid.
I don;t think Aramark is going to appreciate your assistance, as it seems it has cost them a GREAT deal of income, since you obviously cut everyone off from commissary instead of just me.  Wow, how very hateful of you, to make this so costly for them, the very people you were defending, right?  How am I the mean one for being honest> And I hate to point It out, but you come to work to talk down to us!
If your malice and attempt at sarcasm directed at me is a result of guilty feelings caused by your collusion with Habitat for Humanity to take away everything I’ve worked for my whole life, including my clean record and my freedom, it’s  not too late.  Charges can be dropped, I can be set free.  We both know the paperwork I was given at first appearance can not stand in a court of law.  With or without an attorney.  Someone is putting forth a lot of effort to sabotage all of my legal proceedings.  God is with me, sir, No one will EVER win against me.