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RE: Pensacola Habitat for Humanity
Pensacola, FL
Phone: (850) 434-5456

Transaction Date: 7/17/2015
Amount Paid: <$25,000
Payment Method: Personal Check or Bank Debit

Subject: Racketeering activity

Pensacola Habitat is a charter member of Neighborworks, which just received a large portion of the extra funds authorized through the Treasury
dept. to assist struggling homeowners to avoid foreclosure.  This information
was not offered to me by the family financial coordinator, Stephanie Jarmen, when I was a struggling homeowner trying to avoid foreclosure.  I was
unemployed due to an injury that ended up requiring hospitalization twice (May 2015 & October 2015).  Despite her position as a financial agent representing affordable housing “nonprofit” organization, no information about possible assistance was offered at all.

  Quite the contrary,, sufficient evidence supports probability that multiple individuals in trusted positions within Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Dept. were enlisted to orchestrate strategy to prevent my appearance for hearing, beginning with altering court documents to reflect inaccurate schedule, served to me by legal process.  Routine traffic

citation (A477COE) by 5 detectives and k-9 escalated to unwarranted search, against permission, without cause(warrant/ottic affadavit report
#SRSO15ARR002681>statement of probable cause/Narrative).  Several criminal charges were fabricated, no evidence to support.  Followed by invasion of my home with illegitimate search warrant most certainly forged, more unsupported fabricated charges (warrant/ottic report#SRSO15ARR003055>statement of probable cause/narrative). 

 These documents all fail to meet Supreme Court Standards for electronic access to court.  June 23, 2015 I was taken into custody by SRSO, and wrongfully detained, subject to brutal retaliation, intentional exposure repeatedly to inmates classified as sex offenders for the purpose of intimidation and coersion of plea.  

Fully documented immeasurable violations of every right civil, constitutional, human, inalienable continued until October

21, 2015 when I paid ridiculous bond (no consideration to 903.046, as I have no prior record, excellent work history, sole custodian of 2 children, great medical need was present (bacterial infection of puncture wound mentioned in (SRSO15ARR002681) for which I was hospitalized following release.

foreclosure case#15-99-CA

criminal case # 15-763/764

ACAP # 2016-00,670 (1A)

CFPB # 160806-00168  OMB # 3170-0011

DOC IG (referred by IG) # 201603 280003

Office of SpecialCouncil #D1-16-3400

Federal Trade commission # 73312730. 

Habitat International [ref #_00D408F7A._50040y34Bg:ref]

Florida Housing # 201371

It is possible that case # 16011084 Santa Rosa Sheriff’s office involving my 14 year old daughter may also prove to be an extension of this criminal strategy, though I desperately hope this to be an isolated incident.

  The facts of my case provide cause for suspicion of cooperation, solid connection has not yet been discovered.  I need help, I am in constant fear for the safety of my
children, continuous demonstrated behavior by participants indicates there is no limit to the actions they are willing to take.  Altered, forged, fabricated, tampered with, withheld court documents, wrongful prosecution, abuse of position, misrepresentation by public defender, unethical, unprofessional, subversive of the justice system.  Along with Stephanie Jarmen and Dianne McMaster of Pensacola Habitat for Humanity, participating members of
racketeering influenced and corrupt organization include ASA Amber Rowland, ASA Angela Liles, attorney Kenneth Brooks(ACAP # 2016-00,670 (1A), Judge John Miller, Judge John Simon, Captain Jim Cotton,  Captain Barbara Stearns, Captain Gehringer, Julie Edwards public defender, Sgt. Roman Jackson, Det. Christina Reaves, Det. Tara Milstead, Sgt. Blake Weekley, Dep. ID Brewton III, dep. Matt
Spratt, DOC probation officer Kirstin Smith/18339/01-1, DOC probation
supervisor Rob Secola, Dr. Stephen F.X. Zieman, Jr PhD, Dr. Lawrence Gilgun, PhD, Athena Wiggins investigator Dept. Children and Families.  Evidence to support all statements of fact available.  I, Stacey Sade, under penalty of perjury, declare the foregoing facts are true and correct.