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No longer civilized

I was tortured, a puncture wound on my left shin, they intentionally encouraged infection… Bacterial infection, had already been treated at Sacred Heart hospital. I was released about 3 weeks before I was kidnapped.

 Antibiotics were required before I was permitted to leave the hospital, $6000 for 30 pills, so urgently needed that the hospital covered to cost, in order for me to be released after 5 days. There were still 18 pills when I was taken captive, they were taken from me, so I was prevented from finishing treatment.  No wonder the infection manifested so quickly.
This is their evidence!

It was my first experience being imprisoned. I was put in isolation, 23 hours a day in a cell. There was a door separating isolation from where the sex offenders were kept apparently. It was left unlocked one evening just in time for my hour out. Imagine …. I was in the shower right next to that door, while several individuals commented and prepared to join me, I was ever so grateful to Almighty God that I had my own security measures in place. I narrowly avoided a situation that I really would rather not be burdened with the memory of. Can you imagine that a single mother, 40 years old, 2 children, worked for a tree service, partner with Pensacola Habitat for Humanity… Would you believe they put me through that for not wearing a seatbelt? Citation # A477COE. MAY 12, 2015 I was in my neighborhood, a disabled veteran tag on the vehicle. 4 black chargers and a big fat blue truck, driven by Det. Christina Reaves. No seatbelt. No probable cause, no lack of cooperation, k9 manipulated, against permission, I was detained for over an hour, no seatbelt…

The puncture wound in my shin was so significant Deputy Bird and Det. Reaves both asked if I’d like medical. Yet, still, over an hour detained, no warrant, against permission, no cause, I had no record of disturbance of any kind. I’ve lived in Navarre for 23 years. I never saw any of the “evidence” they claim to have discovered, and you know, they still have not ever produced any. They did however, produce a great deal of “heinous” charges according to Matt Spratt. So “heinous” was my non seat belt wearing spree that they were compelled to search my parents home, where I had placed my children, in order to protect them from being witness to such absurdity, I have never so much as had an unpleasant encounter with law enforcement, and now they’re hunting me down, looking under beds and in closets???? Questioning my children, who had never been in such an environment. All the while, I was posting tips every day on FDLE warrants page.

That is the only bit of information that I am unable to verify, because every attempt I have made to obtain a copy of those tips has been denied, they claim unable to locate them. To clarify, they were not anonymous, I posted my name and phone #, I was trying to protect my children. They have high paid cyber crime investigators… they can’t find my tips about myself, on their wanted fugitives page. They took my home too. False pretences, Pensacola Habitat for Humanity filed for a motion for final summary judgement, which is intended for uncontested cases. No validation of debt was ever presented, and it was over a year before the information was provided by Habitat that they even altered court documents. I was served by legal process with notice for hearing scheduled for July 14, 2015. Imagine my surprise when a response to a complaint to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau included the declaration that the county clerk had set the hearing date for July 17. It was stated twice, confirmation is always nice. It didn’t matter either way, I was kidnapped June 23, being locked in isolation quite effectively prevented me from any possibility of defending the home that my children and I built together.

Congressman Gaetz, could you possibly speak with your colleagues about that too?

I would be ever so grateful for restoration of a few rights as a human. A home might be overstepping, but I would like a refund for everything I paid those people, non profit my ass.