Just this very moment, rediscovered some notes that were recorded during my false imprisonment/brutal retaliation/torture/terror journey at Santa Rosa County detention facility/concentration camp. 


July 21, 2015
Morning wound care skipped.  Nurse called for me, 10 am.  Currently not infected.


July 23
Court date.  I guess it’s my arraignment.  Received a letter from my attorney marked hand delivery and was dated July 17.  No stamp from post office, so it was hand delivered to the jail.  No way to know when it was delivered, said it was very important that I contact him before my court date, today, at 9 am!!!  Nice.

Ken Brooks… and that’s a 6 (June)-15 if I’ve ever seen such!

*Relevance: Ken Brooks was not appointed to my case until August 24.  Initial consultation took place September 8, which is when I was offered this plea for the first time.*

Written nolo plea taken… Nice handwriting.

August 5
P door-“Truth”: Those doors not used again until evening of Aug.8-by Musick.


August 25
Put request into kiosk to receive printout of all kiosk correspondence.

Sept. 15– finally received Notice of discovery- immediately wrote letters to Ass. State’s Attorney Amber Rowland, to inform her what was missing… Search warrant & tips I left on FDLE.   *Sent a letter to FDLE requesting copy of those tips.  He he he!  They thought they had me.  Chris called attorney Monday and sec. that he spoke with would not give him any info, except to mention that I am making it very difficult by doing things myself.  LMFAO

*Relevant: Dec. 1, 2015 when nephew, Damien, went to retrieve my personal items from SRC Detention facility, Kenneth Brooks did not hesitate to relay privileged, confidential information to him, without consent that I would not have given because it was against my wishes for my nephew to be so informed.

The absence of judge’s seal, notary, or date stamp indicate illegitimacy??? Forgery, most certainly.  Correct me if I’m wrong in comprehension!

Sept. 30– Day 100 here at Santa Rosa County jail.