Case # 15-763/764
Dragon Titus                  Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 3:54 PM
To: ADA.SantaRosa@flcourts1 

I am scheduled for a contested competency hearing on Friday February 3, 2017.  Counsel
that was assigned/imposed by the court has taken no action in my defense, as I predicted in
the following message that was submitted to their website on Friday December 9, 2016.

My case was recently assigned to you (15-763/764), apparently after an attempt was made
to force Kenneth Brooks on me again.  This fact does not generate a scrap of confidence in
me that you intend to provide effective counsel.  Nothing personal, refering to my
experience thus far.  I fully intend to excercise my “Faretti rights”, the defendent has the right
to maintain control of the case they wish to present to the jury, provided by the Sixth
Amendment right to effective counsel clause.
I am aware that regarding the report of Dr. Zieman, fabricated at the request of defense
counsel, the privilege exists and is held by myself as the patient.  Therefore, it is confidential
and privileged information and the complete lack of discretion demonstrated by Dr. Zieman
and Julie Edwards in presenting such information to the court as well as the prosecution
before I had the opportunity to examine this false testimony is despicably unethical, and I’m
quite certain supports cause for action for damage against Dr. Zieman.  However, his
behavioral observation in reference to my capabilities of abstract conceptualization is
probably the only accurate statement expressed in his report.  It is also a direct contradiction
of delusional, paranoid or other wise.
The false testimony provided by Dr. Gilgun is also full of contradictions.  His dual 15 year
personal relationship with Julie Edwards is the obvious cause of his lack of objectivity,
creates a boundary violation, and greatly diminishes his credibility.  Perhaps not to you, I
have come to realize that the need to silence me one way or another is causing desperation.
I have absolute evidence, undeniable, you will not convince me otherwise.  Kelli Andoe, DOC
probation officer gave it a valiant effort to convince me there is no relevance, I disagree.  I
find it highly relevant that a form dated 6-24-15 with Ken Brooks listed as my attorney, Angela
Liles as prosecutor indicates that a written nolo plea was taken.  Along with a statement
from Pensacola Habitat for Humanity that hearing for plaintiff ‘s motion for final summary
judgement of foreclosure was set by the county clerk for July 17, 2015… verifying that
documents were altered in order to present false information.  Through legal process, I was
provided documents that reflected July 14, 2015 as the scheduled hearing.   (Also, My
comprehension is that final summary judgement is intended for uncontested cases, though
this case was highly contested).  My theory, based on FACTS and experience, is that the form
dated 6-24-15, which falsely states that a written nolo plea was taken, was provided to
Stephanie Jarmen or Richard Colbert for the purpose of facilitation of extortion of my home,
since they were unable to verify debt.  
I know without a doubt that they were not able to produce validation of debt, an audit of my
mortgage records would certainly validate my continuing assurance that there was not
sufficient defficiency, even before consideration of the monumental vested interest, and the
partnership agreement, associated with the requirments that I successfully fulfilled in order
to achieve homeownership.                                                           To: Hamlin Law Firm
 Friday December 9, 2016

Further evidence of organized strategy is the brutal retaliation I was subjected to while
falsely imprisoned.  I was well aware from the beginning that there was no evidence in
existance.  I have not been proven wrong.  A lab report from FDLE was provided, confirming
that no controlled substance per Florida Statute was found.  Yet, I was detained from June
23, 2015 to October 21, 2015, when I was forced to pay unfair bond out of fear for my life due
to bacterial infection that had been encouraged to progress by detention facility medical
staff.  Extensive correspondence between mysef and several individuals supports this
scenario.  It is a miracle that I survived and avoided amputation.

I would like for these to be submitted as evidence in my case, since counsel obviously has no
Intention to defend.  I am a human being, innocent until proven guilty does apply to me,
whether y’all like it or not.  I have already served the time as if I were guilty, even though
prosecution is unable to meet their burden of proof.  I think I am entitled to some recognition
regarding having been the subject of pure ass torture and terrorism.  I am certain I am
entitled to see those responsible for the extermination of my character to be held

Racketeering, terrorism, torture, great bodily harm, permanent disfigurment,
exposed to sex offenders while in protective custody in isolation.  Very impressive security,
they maintain.