Highest regard, hope all is well.  I have no expectations, merely making an attempt to reach the appropriate agency.  In reference to the alarming magnitude of waste of resources of numerous agencies of the State of Florida, abused for the purpose of terrorism and assassination of character, reputation, and credibility.  In a cooperative measure, impersonators of judicial officers have infiltrated trusted positions of authority and using it for the commission of crimes of war and acts of terror against innocent citizens and children.wp-1489241454161.jpg
Most recent development is Judge Ross Goodman’s ruling that I am incompetent, and ordered to participated in competency training, as an alternative to recommendation of professional medical physician, posing as expert witness.
The community based trial competency training program has qualifications that are required to be met in order to participate.  I do not meet these qualifications:
In order to participate in this training, the following conditions must exist:
  • The individual must have been tested by a liscensed psychologist and a determination made indicating that the person meets the definition of mental retardation as defined in Chapter 393 Florida Statutes.  (I do not meet this definition). The test instrument used must be selected from those mandated by Chapter 393, Florida Statutes, and cited in Rule 10F-12, F.A.C.  (Reports of both “Dr.s” reflect no such instrument was considered during evaluation.)
  • Results of psychological tests must indicate the individual is incompetent to proceed due to retardation.  In making this determination, the psychologist should also request background information and a current psychosocial summary to be used in the evaluative process.(Again, no such information was considered, reflected by the reports of the “Dr.s”)
  • At this point it lists the criteria for determination (having demonstrated to Miss Carol, program instructor, that my functional ability is exceptional)
  • The summary of the psychologists findings have been reviewed by the courts and the court has ordered the defendant to participate in this training. (This is true and correct.).
  • However, I don’t believe that it has escaped the attention of the judge that I am not mentally retarded or incompetent.
  • Deprivation of justice is being encouraged by the court.
  • Monumentally an unfair advantage.  Are there no rules of war, and aren’t we in times of peace?
  • Isn’t there something in the Constitution about fair protection of the law???
  • That has not been my experience.  Is there anyone with a spine and some human decency with oversight authority?
  • These people have agents with weapons.  I am unarmed, as are my children.

This program is funded in part by Department of Children and Families (Athena Wiggins, investigator  acted in cooperation with this terror organisation in Feb. when she abused her position and trespassed against my person with false allegations) and the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council.

Since I have not experienced any encounters with representatives of FDDC, I am hoping they do not cooperate with this terror organization, and will not approve of the abuse of their funding for programs.  Allowing such abuse is technically supplying resources to terrorism in commission, if my comprehension is correct.  It makes sense, I think.  And contradicts the expert assessment of two “Dr.s” of psychology.  That is flagrant by any means.  Demonstrating the danger posed by these individuals to society.  “Dr.” Gilgun urgently argued in his testimony as expert, that he saw no alternative to involuntary hospitalization and medicated heavily by force.  That is not the country or the world that we live in, is it?  Really?

                In dedicate service
                 to Lord Jesus,
                  King of kings,
                 & Lord of lords,
                        Stacey Sade