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Moral Terpitude

Just more for the record, an accounting of events as they occurred.  In reference to the statement made by Captain Gehringer regarding housing and my status (medical/psychological) in suicide watch. whisper0548fa7c4b32fd1ddae5f04823557097ea3e25-wm

In fact, her statement is both inaccurate and a HIPAA violation of my privacy.  A statement I am quite certain, was made in malicious satisfaction with willful, criminal retaliation, which resulted in great bodily harm and permanent disfigurement.

I had repeatedly requested to be returned to Q dorm (solitary confinement) in order to minimize further exposure and potential for transmission of HIV and Hepatitis.  Also, in fact, to have kept me in general population with an infected open puncture wound was a violation of OSHA standards.  Not only for my safety, but for that of the other inmates as well as detention facility employees.7e0cf-screenshot_20170124-190150

Nurse practitioner Byers, who personally claimed medical liability of me, had ordered for my wound to be wrapped with no tape touching my skin.  The cause for this order was blisters had appeared in tissue surrounding the wound after several skipped wound care sessions.  Failure to clean the wound and change the packing left the poison ejected from the wound to remain on the surrounding tissue.  Tissue that had been complimented on by nurse performing wound care for looking pink and healthy, had become blistered and turning black after wound care had been skipped three times within two days.

Nurse Byers orders to wrap proved completely ineffective and quite the opposite of what should have been done, if the intention was to avoid further exposure.  Within five steps bandage slid down leaving the wound completely exposed.  Mr. Byers hypothesis was that the tape was causing the blisters.  I very slowly, and with demonstration, explained to him that obviously that was not the case, the blisters were obviously within the area taped off.  The pattern of where the blisters stopped was not near the tape.  As a result of his wrapping order and inappropriate housing, I was forced to proceed from medical to pod 4, T dorm with the wound fully exposed.  Deputy Gilly was escort, several times I stopped and attempted to adjust the bandage.  Once I returned to my bunk, I removed their wrapping (with the assistance of inmate Brooke Hayden, who was wearing gloves) and properly cover the wound.  Utmost care was taken to maintain sterility under the circumstances.  In no way was anyone placed at higher risk because of my actions {highest [potential being myself} than the risk I was under due to intentional negligence (retaliation) of facility staff.

Puncture wound is highest risk potential for transmission of all bloodborne pathogens and number one reasons employees are instructed to wear PPE in all OSHA and bloodborne pathogen instruction courses.  It is included in DOC common task manual for correctional officers and sergeants.  For their own protection from exposure.  I completed the PPE guidelines class as a requirement to work at Tom Thumb, people.  This was not a selfish act on my part because I had a little scratch.  This was FOR REAL hazardous to even THEIR OWN HEALTH. A very significant puncture wound that had been treated during hospitalization for MRSA by a legitimate Infectious Disease Specialist…

     Center for Prevention & Treatment of Infections

     Eduardo E. LiEspini, MD

     Ronaldo R. Patiag, MD

     5417 N. Ninth Ave. Suite 322

     (850) 439-5681

After undergoing trauma surgery to remove bad tissue by Andy Jaffal, MD, Internal Medicine/ Hospitalist

   5149 N. Ninth Ave.       Suite 254



Real doctors, not with their Ph.D. in philosophy.  These guys actually did go to medical school, probably include their education on their profile.  I was scheduled for an arterial  procedure with

    Dr. McDaniels- Vascular Surgeon

    Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine

    1549 Airport Blvd.    Suite 320

     (850) 416-2500

I was unable to attend the appointment.  I was falsely imprisoned at SRC detention facility.  Considering they refused to transport me to their own courthouse for a legal proceeding, transport for an appointment with a medical professional was out of the question.  Dr. McDaniels’ concern was circulation to my legs causing such an extended time for the wound to heal.  Procedure scheduled was an exploratory ultrasound of the arteries to my legs.  A procedure that potentially could have had a great effect on my health, for countless reasons, in countless ways.  Including the tremendous amount of weight I have gained due to inactivity.

Statements made and actions demonstrated by these people indicate that they were so desperate to brutalize, intimidate, and cause injury to me that they disregarded the potential of causing harm to themselves.  Even if they just didn’t realize the magnitude of the risk,they should not be trusted in positions of responsibility for other people, with such complacence for their own personal health.  I have a real problem with that knowledge.  Being aware of their criminal misconduct makes it my business, and the burden that it is to my conscience makes it very much my concern.  My awareness of criminal activity makes me partly responsible for any criminal acts carried out after I became aware.  Would it not be so if I were aware of criminal activity of individuals that were not authority figures?

Honestly people, for being in possession of a natural, medically beneficial herb that grows from a seed thousands of people are sentenced to jail.  Yet repeated reports of criminal trespass against me, aggravated battery, malicious retaliation, false imprisonment, abuse of trusted positions, obstruction of justice, subversive behavior, failure to protect, endangering my physical, psychological, and emotional health and that of  my innocent children as well, constantly for months, with willful intent to cause great bodily harm, quite probably fatal intent, all disregarded and treated with belligerent indifference.  These are authority figures, paid a salary to uphold the law, and protect the rights, property and liberty as well as provide security to the public.  

I am part of that public.  There is nothing that excludes me, or makes it acceptable to have been tortured and terrorized so inhumanely.  Even if I were guilty of the fabricated charges against me, I am still a human being.  It is inexcusable and completely unacceptable.  The fact that several members of this terrorist organization even further dishonored themselves and their trusted positions (including DCF investigator Athena Wiggins) by including my innocent children in their strategy after ignoring my requests for assistance in protecting them…. From the police… is more disturbing than I have adequate words to describe.

At this point, my curiosity to know what these individuals could possibly gain has resorted to just hoping that it is worth their very souls.  No creature with a soul could have participated in this strategy.  Nor could they possibly find justification to treat another human in such a way.  Trusted authority figures, public safety officers, held to the highest standards?????  So included in their long list of crimes is false advertising, false campaign…. And how convenient that opposition for sheriff position withdrew.  I wonder what incentives were provided??

Apparently complaints were made by some other inmates in the dorm.  I was accused of being unsanitary with my wound.  One of few guards that seemed to possess human decency was sent to speak with me about these complaints.  I informed him that I had made multiple requests to be moved to isolation.  That motivated him to ensure me that he was going to Captain Gehringer, who had sent him, to secure her approval of me being placed in solitary.  Seemed a logical solution for all I’m sure.  He returned to inform me that she was refusing because she claimed I had made grievances in reference to negligent security that had facilitated inmates classified as sex offenders having access to me in the shower two months earlier.  This incident occurred August 5, 2015 between 7:30 and 9PM.  I was not questioned about the incident until October 2, when it was described to a guard on duty by someone else.  I had not mentioned it to a single deputy, sergeant, lieutenant, captain or major.  I described the incident in a letter to Sheriff Wendall Hall that was sent out with the outgoing mail.  His office is on the premises.  I never received a response, and I remained under malicious retaliation.

After speaking with Sgt. Lewis a second time, I was escorted to medical for wound care.  While the nurse was cleaning my wound, I asked if there was some way to be removed from general population and put under observation, and moved to a cell in medical.  Not suicidal, no paper gown necessary, but could I say I was hopeless or helpless?  She asked me if I was feeling suicidal.  I laughed, then looked at her very seriously in the eye and said “More like homicidal.”  She instructed me to take a seat in the hallway.  When she returned she informed me that she would have to put me in a smock, and proceeded to do so.  Meanwhile I had spoken to Sgt. Jarvis and he had gone to speak with Captain Gehringer.  When he returned I was in a paper gown, with a paper sheet to serve as a blanket, and a turtle smock.  I was in a holding cell in ACR (booking) for 24 hour observation.  Deputy Allen brought my personal items to be stored.  

Considering I had claimed to be homicidal, the fact that I was placed in a one man holding cell with another inmate who was under suicidal observation was probably improper procedure.  If I were truly homicidal, and demonstrated behavior to support such a diagnosis, I imagine procedure would be to place me in solitary confinement, whether under observation or not.  I’ve read all of the manuals included in correctional officer training.  I have familiarized myself with procedures, protocols, codes, standards, requirements, suggestions, ethics, and oaths.  Their actions, every action of several staff members, particularly senior officers (Captain Jim Cotton, Captain Gehringer, Captain Barbara Stearns) were in direct conflict with every aspect of their training.

The validity and accuracy of  my description is supported in a small way by the documentation that I possess.  More solid support is available, as these incidents occurred within a detention facility under such thorough surveillance that it was the first facility in the state to receive PREA certification when audit performed by Katherine Brown March 3, 2014. ( Exit interview posted to youtube.)

Dates and times are provided by the documentation, making the investigative process quite simple.  In my experience, simplicity is a requirement for most investigators employed by SRC.  Observation skills seem to be nonexistent.  I would think investigators/detectives would receive some training in how to be extra observant and aware of their surroundings.  I have witnessed no demonstration of such.  I read an article with suggestions on how to be more present in the moment, followed the suggestions and noticed profound results in my own personal observation abilities.

So, to summarize, there is plenty more evidence available.  I have not made any further requests since written request to Julie Edwards for medical record from detention facility nearly two months ago.  Having refused to provide a copy of my medical record to me, I don’t expect cooperation from anyone involved with this racketeering influenced and corrupt organization.  I do, however, anticipate retaliation to continue, as well as obstruction of justice.  Julie Edwards failure to respond to that request is another example of ineffective counsel/ malicious misrepresentation, with intent to obstruct justice, abuse of position, manipulation of judicial process.  Attorney malpractice, dereliction of duty as an officer of the court, insubordination.  Her statement on August 11, 2016 that she didn’t see where there was a conflict was perjury, and on July 14 when she asked Judge Ross Goodman if he was going to deem me competent when he addressed the topic of my incarceration should have been contempt of court.  Especially since she was attempting to extend my false imprisonment during continuance period granted in order for her to arrange a predetermined psychological evaluation to further slander my character and credibility.