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My children are a part of Habitat for Humanity’s legacy.

Miss McMasters and everyone at Pensacola Habitat for Humanity,
Please be assured, I have no evil intent. I do not, and will not seek revenge.  I want my life back.  I would like restoration of
the security that I have always maintained for myself and my children.
There is a proposal that I composed a while back that I will provide
for your consideration.
The devastation that has transpired in the lives of me and my children were God’s Plan for us.  Nothing can change our pain and suffering, likewise nothing can take away the immeasurable growth and strength that we as people and the bond between us has gained.  They learned alot about themselves, so very courageous, and I’d imagine they’ve learned a lot about human nature.  They will be ever so
prepared, and better able to recognize the monsters among us.  I could
not be prouder of their demeanor and how they have come through this
most trying of occurrences.  Although nearly every adult they have been in contact with since my arrest was in doubt of me, due to all
this debauchery.  And in my absence I’m sure, understandably they were
feeling a little doubtful.  But we have come past that.  My children
know me like none, other than Almighty God and Christ Jesus, my
salvation.  I have never given them cause to doubt me.  I don’t participate in dishonesty.  I work for Almighty God, eternally
grateful and readily available for however He chooses to guide me.
The actions taken against me and my children were the work of pure evil.  You are being given the opportunity to see it,
recognize it, and abolish it from your lives. I just want back what is rightfully mine.  Since that’s impossible, the proposal will do just fine.  I didn’t take anything from anybody.  I never asked for, nor expected to be given more than I earned in any endeavor.  I fulfilled
to completion my partnership with Habitat.  I introduced several
people to that opportunity that were blessed as a result.  I do not wish to bring a sensational holocaust to bring Habitat to it’s knees. Too many people that could benefit would be affected.  I don’t wish to cause suffering as has been done to me.  I hope that some can learn
from it as I certainly have.
My daughter, most magnificent, is A/B honor roll and has been
every year in school.  She’s completed two years on the robotics team,
and she recently performed with her school choir at Disney.  I was
forced to miss that monumental time in her life, I can’t get that back.  She also has published intellectual property that gained great capital for your organization.  There is no better resume of a perfect recipient for immeasurable scholarship and contribution to the
character that began to form while building her Habitat home.  That
goes much better with everything Habitat for Humanity stands for and
is an advocate.  My children’s future is part of Habitat’s legacy.  A
big part, I assure you, their contribution was grand.
Since Stephanie Jarman can so masterfully influence her friends
to commit the crimes necessary to put me in the precarious position in
which I now reside, perhaps she can likewise influence them to drop
the fabricated charges, dismiss my case, cease and desist their criminal behavior where I am concerned, and leave me and my children alone.  I do not attempt to impose myself on anyone, I only ask that they no longer impose themselves on me or my children.  Not my
business or my concern.  The careless act of one selfish person.   And
yet nobody else responded to me either.
There could have been a
conversation between two grown up, comprehensive people.  Or more, I would have presented  my request to the board, asked for a grace period.  “You’re only option is to pay in full”  Nothing more.  I am not insignificant, Miss.
It is unfortunate for you, but I will NOT be dismissed and disregarded by the likes of you and just shut up and go away.  I maintained my partnership.  What have you done?
I could carry on with my life as God intends it, without regard for what is not my business or my concern.  There are far many more important things.  I can live without their attention, why must they continue to seek mine so desperately?  Let’s agree to disagree and move on.  I gave
no cause for suspicion.  I could provide endless references to my
character, and plenty of evidence of no wrong doing on my part.  I’d
hate for that to be necessary, and so much more suffering for others.
I don’t participate in dishonesty as a way of life.  So that I may set
that example for my children and so that I leave no room for doubt.
Transparency.  I will happily answer for any action I’ve taken.  I am
responsible for my actions, that is why I act responsibly.
Although I don’t feel that I owe an explanation to anyone
considering no wrong doing.  I will grant one for the record.  From
June 2014 to January 2015 I did not make a payment on my mortgage.  I
intended to make arrangements and start paying in February, but my
conversation with Stephanie Jarman changed that.  Actually, it wasn’t
much of a conversation.  Had I been given the opportunity to speak
with someone more in line with Habitat’s mission, they may have taken
into consideration the payments toward the principal above the payment schedule, instead of just snatching away my HOME.  When I missed the
first payment it had been agonized over by me.  I don’t have a history
of non payment.  I thought that the extra payments I had made and the six month lease period I had completed before mortgage, as well as the
300 sweat equity hours.  I considered them as equity.  Collateral,
perhaps to speak for character, that I might be afforded some grace to
get caught up.  Nothing more.  I figured the six months I was behind
were more then covered by what I calculated I had paid over on the
principal.  That is to assume that the money was really going where I
expected it to go when I didn’t miss a payment for the five years
before this treachery.  Should be a safe assumption if my partner is really as they proclaim to be.  Whether or not is not my concern.
What is my concern is that I was given no opportunity to defend my
home.  To “kick a man while he’s down” doesn’t really fit with the
mission statement that Habitat stands behind and through which
receives large sums of grant money.
That brings me to the Hardest Hit Fund….The Treasury
Department announcement states “it would exercise its authority to
obligate up to $2 billion in additional Troubled Asset Relief Programs
(TARP) funds to the Hardest Hit Fund (HHF)program.  The additional
investment in HHF will enable participating state Housing Finance
Agencies (HFAs) to continue assisting struggling homeowners and
stabilizing neighborhoods in many of the nations hardest hit
Well, hey I was a struggling homeowner, living in a
neighborhood supposedly in the process of stabilization.  That’s what
Habitat is administrating, is it not?  It seems this program is
intended to benefit a person such as myself.  Single mother, always
worked so hard and not taking advantage of government resources such
as food stamps.  Slipped behind due to injury, hospitalized TWICE last
year, in fact.  How very derelict of a professional finance agent
(representing a non profit organization such as Habitat for Humanity,
Internationally revered as an advocate for “changing the systems,
policies, attitudes, and behaviors that lead to inadequate housing and
homelessness” taken from to not suggest the Hardest Hit
Fund to a struggling homeowner in order to avoid foreclosure.”The second phase will utilize an application process open to
all participating HFAs.  This phase will allow Treasury to focus
additional resources on HFAs that have significant ongoing foreclosure
prevention and neighborhood stabilization needs, a proven track record
utilizing funds, and successful program models to address these
Again, perfectly describing Habitat, a sound indication that
a professional financial agent for a qualifying HFA should have
recognized that I should have been a qualifying applicant.  So, what
caused Miss Jarman to discriminate against me and fail to disclose
that information?  And instead, initiate such swift action to
foreclose my home, in direct conflict with Habitat’s mission?
Several times over the years I was a witness to my neighbor,
Marla Zirker falling behind on her payments.  At least one of those
times she mentioned foreclosure had been threatened, but she was
allowed to get caught up and keep her home.  She walks with darkness.
I am not in a position to state how I came to that knowledge, it is
not my business to speak of, just that it is based on information that
she provided.  I walk with Jesus.  Did Miss Jarman discriminate
against my religion, the same that Habitat promotes themselves with,
and tear my life apart because she walks with darkness too?
“Do not enter the path of the
And do not walk in the way of
Avoid it, do not travel on it;
Turn away from it and pass on.
For they do not sleep unless
they have done evil;
And their sleep is taken away
unless they make someone
For they eat the bread of
And drink the wine of violence.”

“But the path of the just is like
the shining sun,
That shines ever brighter into
the perfect day.
The way of the wicked is like
They do not know what makes
them stumble.”
Provebs 4:14-19

Another former neighbor, Jon Burditt, also walks with
darkness.  He was mentioned previously in my response to foreclosure. The single father with one child who lived in his Habitat house for over two years and proclaimed he’d never made a payment.  Also ***** ***** around the corner from my house.  Lovely girl… had at least
two people die from drug overdose in her house.  One of which she left
there while he was still living and called it in  from another location, he was dead by the time paramedics arrived.  Plenty of
darkness there. To be sure, the men and women that have targeted me by the influence of Stephanie Jarman are under the spell of darkness.  To go
after my children in such a way.  And never face me, not one time was
I questioned.  Their time here is done.  Call off your dogs, Miss Jarman. The devil has already been defeated.  I work for Almighty God,
and I revoke you.  Go back to the pits of hell, and take your sniveling demons with you.  So shall it be, in Jesus’ name.

Grace to everyone,Stacey Sade, readily in service to God Almighty

The following was added later, attempting to obtain Accountability, still none has been rendered.

It is still  incomprehensible to me that I have been the subject of such cruelty.  And such unprofessional, in fact, criminal acts.  In response to a complaint about the fraudulent, still as yet invalid foreclosure, that I submitted to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the disclosure that court documents were altered.  Twice the responder recognized that the date for hearing was set by the county clerk for July 17, 2015… By legal service, I was provided with a date of July 14…

Also, the hearing was for plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment, which to my understanding is intended for cases that are not contested, which is odd, because I was strongly contesting the validity of debt.  I have mortgage summaries that show clearly that I had repeatedly paid additional principle due for the year.  (2011,2012, 2013)  Though there was something amiss about that as well, because each year the estimated pay off date was extended.  It would seem to me that since I had never missed a payment, never was late, even, that the pay off date would, in the least, remain the same.  However, each year it changed (2012-payoff 2032, 2013-payoff 2033.)

In consideration of how faithfully I completed, contributed to, and maintained the partnership that was mutually agreed to by myself and Habitat, and my successful completion of all requirements, I think I am entitled to some explanation.

There is also the matter of the capitol gain that was made from the use of a drawing of my daughter’s.  I realize it has been a number of years, but to disregard this contribution to your organization, in partnership, from a 7 year old girl, to in turn, wrongfully take the home that that little girl helped build, to cause such destruction of our lives, is no less than pure evil.  And it didn’t stop there, as if that wasn’t enough.

The willingness of representatives to commit such acts as to alter court documents, to prevent my appearance at a hearing that was filed with false information,  greatly supports the probability that further actions were taken, as well.  Such determination to keep me away, to have me locked away somewhere would be ever so effective, and it was, wasn’t it?
It is time to atone for these criminal acts.  I will continue to seek someone that will hold you accountable, and I am fully supported by Almighty God, Christ Jesus, and all the archangels in heaven and everywhere.  Ironically, my strength in faith, and the connection that I maintain was profoundly strengthened by the influence that several individuals that I had the honor to encounter through Habitat.  Mrs. Betty Salter, Mrs. Terrye Takacs, Mr. Biff Wheeler, Mr. Rick Evans, Mr. Jim Salter.
You have an entire subdivision of surplus property for sale to the public, I will accept that as your contribution to my daughter’s future, and for her recovery from the trauma.  I will also accept the return of every penny I paid towards the house that you defrauded me out of, as well as provision of all materials to build another home, which I have already drawn the plans for, sparing no expense.  Sure, I will also accept the means to secure housing while construction is under way of our new home, that shall be built within the subdivision (Carmel Ridge?) that will so graciously be presented to my daughter.  We all know surplus is just another word for profit, and since you’re organization claims to be non-profit, yet boasts $54 million in assets, I don’t think this contribution to atone for such criminal acts as have been waged upon my children and I will cause any great hardship.
I would greatly appreciate some attention to this matter, as need for housing is quite urgent for my children and myself.
                                                        In grateful service, dedicated to Jesus Christ