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Re: ACLU Florida Campaign for Criminal Justice Reform

American Civil Liberties Union,

I am American, born and raised.  Typical, nothing special, though infinitely above average.  I have lived my life unassumingly, causing no harm to anyone, ever, expecting nothing aside from what I have earned.  I do not feel that I am entitled to anything I have not compensated for by contributing to an environment/community beneficial to all members of society.  Justice, defending the civil liberties of  hard working tax payers.  I can provide references of former employers.  I will offer my services on additional cases.  For my children.  The attached newsletter from this esteemed organization proclaims correlation with ten other organizations in a campaign for criminal justice reform in Florida.  My children and their loss and suffering unecessarily is the reason reform is needed so urgently.  For failure to wear a seatbelt, we were invaded and exterminated.  That is unacceptable. 

I believe myself to be an individual that should be receiving their assistance, in the form of defense against everything they claim to stand to protect people from, in the name of human decency.  I am unaware of anything that excludes me from the entity described as American citizens.  If protecting the rights and liberties of American citizens is the goal, my rights and liberties are included, and they are deviantly being deprived,by means of abuse, manipulation, and subversion of justice. (?????).

How is it possible, for an organization whose mission is  to secure and defend the integrity of this nation’s liberty, the United States Constitution, refuse to support exposure of infiltration of tyranny to justice.  My case will most assuredly provide significant foundation for which to base legislative intention.  My background illustrates ideal reflection of American citizen, meticulously documented. The extent of damage is immeasurable, incalculable, and soon will be fatal, if justice is not served.  ACLU rejected my application for assistance.  Of course, they expressed sympathy, but rejection is rejection.  Greatly contributing to the darkness, leaving me without defense and facilitating further injustice. The assault against me continues, the desecration of liberty. To refuse to take action to bring this organization to justice would be promotion of future attacks.  I am not their only victim, I’m just the only individual who recognizes their enterprise.  Average citizens don’t typically have knowledge of legal process, otherwise counsel would not be necessary.  They have exploited the ignorance of countless citizens.  I managed to accumulate absolute evidence to expose them.  I need help, effective counsel, to perform the rituals required to make presentation of evidence possible.  To present evidence.  Why is that too much to ask?  It is certainly not too much to expect.  To that. I do very much feel entitled.  Possibly the only thing I feel entitled to, I have the right to present evidence, of my innocence, as well as their guilt.  

Not just one, but two psychologists have performed predetermined evaluations.  The second going so far as to strenuously recommend involuntary hospitalization, and antipsychotic medication.  Most delicious and satisfying to the perpetrators of my ongoing execution…  Sexual exploitation of my daughter, to terrorize and intimidate.  In order to gain access they had to lock me up again, to prevent me from protecting my children.  He got caught, and my daughter is okay, but the incident could have been prevented, if I had effective defense against these people, who are actively using the justice system in contradiction to its purpose.  My crime is human decency, morality, inspiration to others, demonstrating kindness to everyone, PLEASE HELP ME AND MY CHILDREN,

I applied for assistance from ACLU right around this time last year.  They triumphed in a case against Santa Rosa County detention facility that awarded over a million dollars I believe.  About a postcard.  A postcard.  First Amendment?  I was denied stamps, that I had paid for, on two separate occasions.  I have the itemized receipts of purchase along with the inventory from which they were selected.  ACLU rejected me and my children, though.  And still, we have no defense, obstruction of evidence continues.
  They’ll kill my son, that will be their next strategy.  Of this I have no doubt, and probation is already setting it up.  I am being forced to comply, under threat of institutionalisation by the JUDGE.  Having been the recommendation of “Dr.” Lawrence Gilgun, he testified that he could see no alternative, suggesting very little chance that treatment will prove effective, life sentence probable.  Despite no evidence that I meet criteria set forth.  Also strenuous testimony from “Dr.” Stephen F. X. Zieman that hospitalization is not necessary, and the diagnosed disorder is not treatable with medication.The judge deemed me incompetent, and ordered community based treatment.  The counselor from Lakeview Center, appointed to my treatment, has recognized after two sessions, that I am not incompetent.  In the absence of obstructing agents, I had opportunity to present evidence to verify all of the facts that are deemed delusion.
While reporting to probation, immediately after competence treatment order was issued, urinalysis that officer specifically requested orders for, allegedly showed positive for marijuana.  The two months prior, while reporting, I respectfully refused to comply, they have already used this tactic, the first false positive was utilized to violate probation.  Lab results are hearsay without testimony of lab technician, aren’t they?  Apparently, not in my case.  June 15, 2016 I was detained, despite no technician questioned on legitimacy of report.  I have no doubt of illegitimacy, effective counsel would have pursued verification.  During this false imprisonment is when access was gained to my daughter, and she became acquainted with the agent recruited to target her for the purpose of sexual abuse.
Developments in my favor most certainly have them strategizing. The Lakeview liaison recognition of my competence is not good for their agenda.   My son is their next target, I’m not wrong.  Perhaps that seems dramatic, I imagine my pleas for protection for my children seemed dramatic before the sexual exploitation of my daughter, also.  I wasn’t wrong then, and now she’s a victim and David Duane Paxton, Sr. is charged with lewd and lascivious, facing many years of imprisonment.  (Case #16011084, dep. Bodnovits) The facts of my case verify with absolution.  I am willing to bet that the statement that was taken from me, when my daughter was found with this man, is being suppressed.  I contacted Lt. Scott Haines, I have received no response.
It is my opinion that refusal to assist me to obtain justice in this matter would be verification of fraud.  Presenting a facade of advocacy and assistance, while demonstrating damaging destructive actions.  Say one thing, do another.  Quite common in current events. Pensacola Habitat for Humanity uses the same scenario.  If that is the agenda of ACLU, how unfortunate for the American citizens under their “protection”.  And if the recipient of this communication is participating in such grand scale deception, congratulations you are a demoralizing parasite, as well.  I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, Lord of hosts, that ACLU has activists that are decent human beings, and I pray, my Lord, that this communication is delivered into the hands of a champion for liberty.  Thank You, Jesus, all exaltation to You, my Salvation.
 In service to
Almighty God
and His son Jesus,
Stacey Sade

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CCJR Campaign
Dear Stacey,

While harsher sentencing was once considered being “tough on crime,” these costly policies have proven to be ineffective and counterproductive. That’s why we have joined together with more than ten organizations to form the Florida Campaign for Criminal Justice Reform, a nonpartisan coalition dedicated to reducing the overuse of incarceration in Florida while never compromising public safety.

We know that Floridians are ready to fix Florida’s broken criminal justice system, and like voters and elected officials in other states, we recognize that overuse of incarceration is not the best solution to fix crime and improve public safety.

It’s time for better justice in Florida.

Why does Florida need the Campaign for Criminal Justice Reform?

  • Florida spends over $2.4 billion a year to incarcerate approximately 100,000 people.
  • Florida’s population roughly tripled between 1970 and 2014, but its prison population increased by more than 1,000 percent.
  • Florida’s sentence lengths increased 166 percent from 1990 to 2009—more than any other state.

We need every voice to help us pass comprehensive criminal justice reforms during this year’s legislative session. With your help, we believe we can pass real reforms that would get Floridians closer to the fair and just criminal justice system they deserve.

Help the Campaign for Criminal Justice Reform by:

  1. Joining the Campaign by signing up as a supporter or volunteer at www.BetterJusticeFL.com.
  2. Spread the word on social media by joining us on Facebook and Twitter, and using the hashtag #BetterJusticeFL.
  3. Be ready to answer calls to engage with your legislators from ACLU-FL’s action alert list.

It is un-American to stand idly by and tolerate our government locking up so many people, treating racial and ethnic minorities unfairly and squandering public resources. Today, with your help, the Florida Campaign for Criminal Justice Reform is working to change that.


Raymer Maguire IV, Campaign Manager

ACLU of Florida

P.S. Did you hear about the ACLU’s Resistance Training on Saturday, March 11, at the University of Miami? The event will launch People Power, the ACLU’s new effort to engage grassroots volunteers across the country, so make sure you sign up to watch the event live.

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