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Child Abuse Awareness Month…

Hallelujah, hallelujah, God bless the child who suffers…

Shania Twain


The following statement was  expressed originally  as a comment on an article in Navarre Press reporting about April being Child Abuse Awareness month.  I copied it here because I fully Expect NP to delete it.  I’m sure they are not particularly fond of my comments, they wish to have no part in exposing the corruption of Santa Rosa County authorities.

 I conclude they don’t mind waste of county resources and criminal misconduct being compensated while public safety is disregarded.  Hope they can handle security.  I know I do just fine, unless rendered defenseless by teams of armed forces, depriving me of the ability and the right to defend myself and protect my children.  Their positions suggest that they would help protect my children, evidence shows quite the contrary.


At the beginning of April 2014, I was forced to report the abuse and neglect of three children on my street. It is not an easy decision to make. I am still greatly affected by the things I have been witness to. For those children, and for my children and my conscience, I did what I had to do.

And then, I remained involved when the investigator showed up. I Watched over those children while the investigation occurred. I was there… To answer for my participation, because those kids needed someone, my report was legitimate, credible.
Another reason for my confusion, regarding the attack that was launched against me and my children, beginning May 12, 2015. Which includes three or four reports to DCF about my children, despite no history of any prior reports. Naturally, the individual making reports does not demonstrate the same concern I had for the children I witnessed being abused. Nobody showed up to protect my children, if they were considered in danger.

DCF would not divulge the person who made the reports… Considering the reports were illegitimate, I think I should be informed of who is slandering my character and causing trauma for my children where none previously existed. My theory is that the most recent reports, made within days of each other, and resulted in a man, predator, threatening me with removing my children from the home, was made by DOC probation officer or supervisor, in malicious retaliation for my refusal To participate in their criminal activity.

I would love to be wrong, but I am certain enough to record it here that I am correct. More false information, character assassination, by our trusted authorities. Fine examples of how our tax dollars are spent!