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Pathological envy. They are jealous of everything, and feel they are entitled to you not having anything they don’t. Sickening… Empty. Pure evil.
I have been under attack of a large organization of just such creatures. For two years… In positions of authority… My my but their cruelty knows no bounds. It is unreal.
As a child of psychopaths with a sibling that is bipolar/schizophrenic… I have no business being sane, or alive. Evidently, Almighty God has use for the strength, knowledge, and clarity that were honed to the finest degree throughout this crazy voyage. Determined to be everything they were not. Totally winning. And you better go on knowing, their is nothing they despise more than recognition, and exposure! Equipped with my lifelong experience, I knew from the moment their campaign began, and have consistently described their behavior and illustrated what their next plan of action would be. Also, for the sake of fairness, I informed them of my parental indoctrination of the tactics and habits of psychopaths. You know they LOVED hearing that. And that I am immune to their manipulations, having had every every every potentially destructive scenario conceived directed at me my whole life. They are completely transparent to me. Typically so charming and persuasive, in my presence they can hardly contain their animosity. Practically snarling instantly. That is a very pleasing effect to render on such creatures. It may be sinful, but the glitch I cause in their delusion is extremely gratifying. Forgive me, Jesus, it is not particularly gracious to harbor satisfaction in their frustration… I pray such feelings will transform into positive, beneficial knowledge if/when I am able to be liberated from current circumstances and begin the challenge of recovery.