Yes, well, it is unfortunate for me that I am still struggling with transportation complications.  Compounding this struggle is your absence of reason or human decency since I am forced to attempt to cooperate with you for supervision.  I have failed to find the instructions that describe constant sabotage or continuous complication strategy to keep “offenders” from returning their circumstances to livable, maybe those instructions are kept secret.

In any case, I was unable to obtain transportation to meet with you.  There is no point in attempting to reason with you, you are not equipped.  I will not beg and plead for human decency, there is none of that amongst you and your associates either.  Your only goal, at any cost, is to deprive me of any rights or liberties that are mine, by Divine authority.  In other words, God given rights.  I’m sure y’all would love nothing more that to deprive me of oxygen.  It is unfortunate for you that you do not have that power.
All I can say, at this point, is do whatever you feel is necessary.  I will not kiss your ass, beg you to have mercy, or whatever the fuck it is you expect from me.  I have broken no laws, and aside from illegitimate, altered, forged, or withheld documents, you and your associates have no authentic evidence that I have.  I will not compromise my integrity, and I will not subjugate my rights any further to “authority” that demonstrates complete lack of integrity, and evident common practice of criminal misconduct. 

You and your associates are still residing within the delusion that I am the criminal in this scenario.  You are all quite mistaken, check out some of those Statutes you mentioned to me during a prior meeting.  I am unable to support the terroristic agenda of the racketeering organization for which you are acting on behalf.  Prosecutors in misconduct have withheld exculpatory evidence for two Years.

Considering at is the only evidence they have, the false lab reports provided by you and officer Smith are the only crimes in evidence, and they are not my crimes.  Again, check the statutes, there is a section about false testimonies and deprivation of liberty.  Carry on, do as you feel necessary.


                   Stacey Sade