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No Response from Internal Affairs Either

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Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office
Internal Affairs
S. Tucker,
I attempted to contact Lt. Haines in reference to case # 16011084.  I was informed that he was the investigating officer.  I have received no response, though I would think, as the mother of the victim, there may be some questions in need of answers.  Otherwise, investigation is not really accurate to describe whatever procedure is taking place.  Considering the allegations, that should be under investigation in this case, it is highly disturbing that my attempt to communicate with the investigating officer has been disregarded.  This indicates to me that justice for my daughter is not a priority, public safety is not a concern.  This is the impression that I am continuously receiving from your agency.  I have personally been the victim of brutal retaliation, defined in Fl. Statutes as terrorism, which I meticulously documented for the record.  A pattern has been established by numerous agents employed by detention facility.  Their first action for the purpose of intimidation, was to neglect to secure the door that connected P dorm to Q dorm.  Potentially providing access to me while I was in the shower.  August 5, 2015… Between 7:45 & 8:45 pm.  My own personal security measures withstood the attempt, so I was violated by exposure to sex offenders who made disturbing comments and attempted to gain further access and according to Deputy Toyence, continued to discuss raping me, physical assault did not take place.  There can be no denial that it was intended, most assuredly there is some type of notification to security in the event that that door is not secured.
Kiosk request #s for verification:
362375, 10/2/15
 In isolation, when the individual cells are not secured, the guard in the tower would instruct the inmate to close the door.  I do not believe for one second that nobody was aware of the breach of security.  Very disturbing that being considered acceptable.  Exposure to sex offenders.  I didn’t report the incident to the guards responsible, that just didn’t make sense.  I attempted to report it to Sheriff Wendall Hall, no response there either.  I was moved out of isolation and was not exposed to those inmates again until the incident was brought to the attention of Deputy Toyence, who questioned me about it on October 2, 2015.  From that point I was continuously exposed to them until I posted bond in order to return to Sacred Heart Hospital to undergo a repeat of the treatment I had received prior to my false imprisonment.  Criminal misconduct is prevelant in your agency.  It is evident that they have contempt for the United States Constitution, while commanding officer claims to be a Constitutional Sheriff.  His behavior shows quite the contrary, as does the behavior of Lt. Roman Jackson, who participated in unconstitutional, unwarranted search without cause of any kind and against permission.  Probable cause statement reported by Deputy Bird does not include any resemblance of probable cause.  Citation # A477COE, REPORT # SRSO15ARR002681.
Can you offer some explanation as to why I am still being wrongfully, maliciously prosecuted for fabricated charges that have no evidentiary support whatsoever?  How much did Habitat for Humanity provide in incentives to enlist the assistance of your officers?  Prior to May 12, 2015 any and every encounter I experienced with law enforcement had been pleasant, mutually respectful, a comfort in the knowledge that security was maintained.
Officers familiar to me;
#Lt. Mark James, personally acquainted for over 10 years
#Dep. Kyles, frequently conversed during daily patrols of my neighborhood while residing on Charter Circle.
#Dep. Patrick Gibson, initial encounter offense # 13010762, I have not examined the report that illustrates this incident, but I am continuously confident that if it was created in honesty, it will validate my claim of cooperation.
#Det. P.K. Blow, April 2, 2014 Det. Blow was investigating my neighbor on Charter Circle.  I was present at the location when he arrived, my purpose was to observe the conditions of children who were being abused and neglected.  This fact was acknowledged by Det. Blow, and he commented that someone should make the call.  I informed him that I had, in fact, taken that action and made s report to DCF, then requested that he take pictures of the inside of the RV that served as residence of the mother of the abused children.  April Baker, I believe she was taken into custody the following day, and the children, Micah, Dean and Dawn were removed from the home.
#Lt. Eutsy, also present during the investigation that took place on April 2, 2014.  As was Dep. Kyles.
This is a request to receive a copy of the reports submitted for the record in reference to this incident.
Also, I request a copy of the report on record for offense # 13010762 Patric Gibson, Deputy Sheriff.
Preferably, I would very much like to have a copy of ANY and EVERY report in the possession of SRSO that bears my name, in order to ascertain validity of information.
Previously, it had not occurred to me that the sheriff’s office might be producing false information, my common practice is to treat others the way I wish to be treated, so I don’t automatically assume deception and character assassination are in practice.  However, my experiences since May 12, 2015, have given cause to believe that in regards to local authorities, such may be the case.  A very unfortunate, disheartening fact.  I have always held such admiration and high regard for the officers in this community, where I have lived for 23 years, formerly comfortably and securely.  Now, I am in mortal fear for my children, and believe with absolute certainty that the individuals who are participating in the ongoing assault and terrorism of myself and my children will stop at nothing.  Evidently, they are unconscionable, remorseless.  I suspect they are considering the death of my son for their next act.  Seems dramatic, I know.  My requests for protection for my children from psychological manipulation, made continuously since I was kidnapped June 23, 2015, may have seemed dramatic as well.  Yet, the officer who discovered my daughter at the beach, agreed with me that David Duane Paxton, Sr. is a predator, and psychological manipulation was the means by which he was able to sexually exploit my daughter, her vulnerability.  Due to the traumatic events she has endured since the attack against me began, her emotional state is sure to be in need of significant reconstruction.  To have taken advantage of her traumatized condition is sadistic, a reflection of the behavior of the individuals responsible for the brutal, terroristic actions I have been subjected to while falsely imprisoned.
Actions, in pursuit of coercion of plea, established that pattern of exposure to sex offenders for the purpose of intimidation.  In conjunction with the statement of Kenneth Brooks, that “when they are trying to ‘sweat’ somebody, they usually go after their kids”, perhaps my suspicion Is not so dramatic, after all.  They are strategizing the execution of my child, I suggest you take some type of action.  Now there is a record that you were provided with this information, even without cause, some investigation into the possibility is required.  You will be considered an accessory, if this occurs.
                        Stacey Sade
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