First off, I have to be honest, the plugs to Ivanka Trump are nitpicking, Obama and Hillary were devouring the flesh of children.  Just personal observation.  If you are in the practice of oversight, and not just talking about it and filling your pockets through a non profit, how about generating some awareness in the direction of Florida.  There is pure ass malfeasance taking place in Santa Rosa County.  I can provide irrefutable evidence of grand scale racketeering, domestic terrorism, torture, war crimes on innocent citizens, and all the falsification, obstruction, position abuse, brutal retaliation, wrongful prosecution, plea coercion, denied counsel, denied access to court, denied law library, false positive toxicology, extortion, identity theft& tampering, misrepresentation, willful negligence , great bodily harm, permanent disfigurement, and on n on n on.  Sound doctrine verification of every statement of fact.
Two psychologists providing false testimony as expert witness’, evaluations adolescently predetermined.  Spoke with some twit from AG Pam Bondi’s office a couple days ago who attempted to convince me that they don’t handle those types of cases.  I’m not convinced, more swamp draining and toilet flushing is required.  My powers of exposure are profoundly considerable, but I am one solitary individual, with two children who have already suffered significant, extensive, devastation of our life at the hands of these predatory terrorists.

Sheriffs’ office, DA William Eddins, several ASA’s, public defender’s office, DOC probation, FDLE superior officers ( three captains, a couple lieutenants…). Not a judge amongst them with a scrap of human decency.
And I’m strongly willing to bet, your response, will be just as indifferent as every other response I have received.  In which case, just to prepare you, I will contact you once more, for the purpose of informing you that your indifference is just as sadistic and deviant as the actions of the psychopaths currently desecrating the Constitution of the United States.                  Authentically,      
                   Stacey Sade
                  DragonTitus, Warrior in service to Almighty God.
Dear Stacey,We are a small organization with limited resources, and we are able to investigate only a small number of the tips we receive. We prioritize based on a variety of factors, including the involvement of the federal government, availability of proof, and the degree to which our work might benefit the general public. We also do not provide legal services of any kind. You can find out more about what we do and don’t do here:

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to explore your account further. Information regarding other organizations that may be of help can be viewed here.

Again, thank you very much for thinking of POGO and sharing your information with us.  We appreciate having had the chance to consider it.

POGO Staff

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