Law dragon your ass!! Puny parasite is accurate, correct, and as tactful as I can manage.. Considering the circumstances, degree of unfair advantage, exploitation of position, authority, community influence, political affiliation, financial initiative, infrastructure monopoly, housing monopoly, by means of excessive waste, fraud and abuse of trust, Authority, and position, to professionally, ethically, respectfully, and all of those pretty words in illustration of YOUR MISSION, titanically inaccurate in my experience. By no means is your advertised self promotion a reflection of the demonstration of behavior. That, my darlings, is scientifically referred to as "gaslighting*. I am one person, I continue to accurately, articulately, meticulously, with great attention to detail, OBSERVATION. Just paying attention in class, pumpkins. My venue of study at 19- ever was directing traffic, laying asphalt, driving large attachments, including liquid cargo. Age 23 on skill of trade was chemical balance and maintenance of swimming pools, commercial including such properties as Amalphi condominium, Sandestin, Florida, Sea Oats by the Sea, Chateau LA Mer, Capri by the Sea, Old Hwy 98 in the Destin Commons vicinity. Residential properties to which service was provided located in such districts as Sandestin Resort and Spa, also performed landscaping reconstruction and tree service, in my 30s. Property main entrance(lol, y'all probably prefer grande) thermoplastic reflective striping, Coastal Seal coating and Striping. Kelly Plantation, Destiny by the Sea, all phases. 1997 right on through 2014. During a great deal of expansion… I watched and actively participated in constructing, improving, maintaining EVERY SINGULAR PHASE OF INFRASTRUCTURE, right?? Highways, sidewalks(Mooney Rd, Ft Walton Bch 1999?Five Star Pavers, Jacksonville/obtained my service through Action Labor. Just saying… Just a few satisfied clients as well as employers. Pumpkins.

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This is the attorney that I emailed … SRSO is their client … I described the case in which Savana is violated. This is the attorney that will not seek justice, civil damages, or defense from the predator who psychologically manipulated and sexually exploited the most amazing magnificent being that resides on this planet. Where are the characters that fit the ADVERTISEMENT

Case # 16011084 Novembier 21, 2016

My daughter, Savana Sade, victim.
Interfering with custody, 2 counts lewd and lascivious.
David Paxton remains incarcerated at SRCSO detention facility, yet to be convicted.  Guilty plea was submitted then withdrawn.  SRSO investigators have my daughter’s cell phone still, text messages provide irrefutable evidence, delay of prosecution indicates misconduct.  My attempts to speak with anyone have been disregarded.  My daughter, as the victim of this man’s predatory actions, deserves the prosecution of this man, the closure of this trauma in order to recover and put this behind her.
Stacey Sade
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For the record, and context….  I do not perceive any indication in my original contact that SRSO was the party in reference.  SRSO was not, in fact, the party I was attempting to seek damages from, but I am grateful for the endorsement that damages are in need of accounting.  And recognition, as legal representation that SRSO is the cause, unbelievably generous of you to make such facts evident with so few words.  That is skill.
My my what a large organization this has revealed.