{This is an email sent to numerous officials, including the judge, assistant to the prosecution in the case in which my daughter is the victim/which, I’d like to add is NOT proceeding, and is beginning to reveal more misconduct by failure to prosecute, and they will not respond to any attempt I’ve made to contact.

 The following is the response and continued correspondence from the officer of Department of Juvenile Justice}


Sunday April 30, 2017


April 20, 2017 I appeared, with my daughter, my responsiblity, of whom I am and will remain sole custodian, primary manufacturer, sole producer, primary creator, and the vessel by which she manifested.  I will also remain highest authority, exceeded only by Jesus Christ, Almighty God, Creator of all.

Appearance was for the unlawful, exaggerated, dramatized, strategic detention and negligent creation of records of criminal felony charges against a victim of child sexual exploitation arranged and facilitated by officials of the same agencies pursuing charges and the same judge who is residing over this case.

This is terrorism, this is malfeasance, and this is pure evil by design.  You are out of line, out of order, and realms beyond your authority.  Your position and the description of the titles of every official involved in criminalizing my daughter AND myself is to protect the victims of crime.  Your demonstration is in polar contradiction to that description. IMG_20170517_112857.jpg

My daughter should have been treated with the dignity and respect for victims rights that is described by Department of Justice Victim’s Rights Unit.  Instead, she was physically assaulted by a grown ass man authorized to protect her.  How does that get misconstrued?  My 14 year old innocent, victimized, defenseless daughter is being criminally charged with a felony for resisting AN ARMED MAN THAT HAD HER IN HANDCUFFS.  That is not only absurd, it is reprehensible, and it is vile.

The moral standards, as well as standards of common practice demonstrated by this court and every official thereof does not meet the standards of society, and are monumentally criminal and destructive to the community, the state, and the entire nation and are evidently inferior to the standards exhibited by my children and myself, as records will verify.

I am attaching two references that perfectly illustrate the strategy/application that is in commission.  First: Re: Georgia General Assembly

From the Legislative desk of Senator Nancy Schaefer 50th District of Georgia

November 16, 2007

The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services

Including EXHIBIT A

Jeremy’s Story


Failure of DFCS to remove six desperate children

Re: Approved for release 2000/08/08.



  1.   (U)

6-characteristic influences

Screening device

7-select talent


The target pool was my former neighborhood.  I influenced those people to be decent human beings.  So I guess I had to be destroyed.  There is no pursuit of justice taking place.  You people are in the practice of implementing experimentation, mapping human domain, and implementation of mind control and depopulation programs in cooperation with “shadow government” operating covertly due to the treasonous nature of the crimes in commission of this organization.  I do not consent to experimentation on my mind, body, or spirit, nor those of my children.

It has recently begun to become common for the execution of any individual, that would disclose such information, to occur.  Mr. CSPOA that is why I am including you in receiving this information.  If I am executed, sir, they will go for my children.  My children are not to be had by these sadistic pedophiles determined to defile everything good that remains on this planet.

Who the fuck do you sickening creatures think you are?  Allow me to inform you, your boss is the master of lies, and he has already been defeated.  Jesus Christ is Lord.  You have overestimated your jurisdiction.  It is time now for you to disintegrate.

Holy Holy Holy…In Jesus’ name, I am grateful.

{The following links are the attachments referred to above, report of Congresswoman Nancy Schaefer, which led to her loss of congressional seat, soon thereafter, Mrs. Schaeffer and her husband were discovered in their home, victims of homicide.  Just sayin’.}


2)  CIA report

Ma’am, I don’t have a clue as to what you’re referring to or why you’ve taken this action. You have the right to file a grievance against the Department of Juvenile Justice if you or your daughter believe that I or any other employee of DJJ has mistreated you or your daughter. I am attaching the signed grievance procedures that was clearly explained to both of you and you received, when we met on April 20, 2017. Thank you.


From: Dragon Titus [mailto:goldtrim.ss76@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 1:14 AM
To:aroberson@sa01.org; McKinley, Albert C. <Albert.McKinley@djj.state.fl.us>
Subject: Case#17-CJ-142.


Really, you are satisfied with beginning your response with “I don’t have a clue”.  Precisely my insinuation, thank you for verifying the facts.  I believe the grievance process starts with you…  We all know there is nothing but indifference to your criminal enterprise.

I am not sure what action you interpret me to have taken that has you excited, I am keeping record of questionable events, asserting my rights and privileges, along with my authority to represent my daughter.  I realize that when it comes to rights and privileges you all prefer deprivation of anybody’s with the exception of yours.  Id like to request, again to observe the body cam footage from the public service of Joshua John Hargitt on April 19, 2017 between the hours of 17:30 & 20:20.

In addition, I would love to be provided with the order for collection of DNA, of my minor child, deprived the right to have counsel present,  the company of an adult, under forced armed custody of ” her assault victim”.   Any records featuring the collection of Savana Sade’s original, personal, confidential blueprint needs to include records of actions during possession.  If your clueless condition renders you incompetent to provide records, I am sure there is someone on the payroll that can manage a little discovery, I have every right to medical records, the information BELONGS to me.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.Screenshot_20170514-100119



Ma’am, I am not law enforcement and absolutely NOTHING to do with your child’s arrest. Please get your facts straight. You NEED TO contact the arresting law enforcement agency. Thank you.

From: Dragon Titus [mailto:goldtrim.ss76@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 4:58 PM
To: McKinley, Albert C. <Albert.McKinley@djj.state.fl.us>;aroberson@sa01.org


Omgoodness Miss Carol.. More preposterous idiocy.  I am so tired of dealing with fucktards!


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Dragon Titus” <goldtrim.ss76@gmail.com>
Date: May 17, 2017 9:52 AM

To: “McKinley, Albert C.” <Albert.McKinley@djj.state.fl.us>

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Ma’am, the recommendation was NOT TO prosecute, thus you and your daughter were referred to JDAP, which you eagerly accepted. This matter has been forwarded to the juvenile state attorney’s office for their consideration, and the State MAY bring your child’s case back FOR prosecution. I also remember telling you and your daughter that an admission of guilt WAS NOT required at this point BECAUSE your daughter has the right to take the case to trial and have the State prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she committed such offenses.  That’s why I read your daughter’s rights to her and provided a copy to you and her.

From: Dragon Titus [mailto:goldtrim.ss76@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2017 9:52 AM
To: McKinley, Albert C. <Albert.McKinley@djj.state.fl.us>

Okay, thank you.  For the record there was no demonstration of eagerness at any time during our encounter.  Straight facts is I was repeatedly reduced to tears, if you remember correctly, and exceedingly hesitant to sign away the right to speedy trial.  You assured me if I changed my decision, due process was still available, as it is our right and privilege.


Your daughter WAIVED her right to a speedy trial, she didn’t sign her rights away permanently. Due process is and always will be available for your daughter.

From: Dragon Titus [mailto:goldtrim.ss76@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2017 10:22 AM

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To: McKinley, Albert C. <Albert.McKinley@djj.state.fl.u

Which was my interpretation.  And upon discovery of facts of the case that I was unaware of at the time of our meeting I am unable to encourage my daughter to participate in obstructing justice and aiding and abetting prevention of exposure of excessive brutality against a minor by law enforcement.  I am positive that the allegations against my daughter are false, the sworn testimony of Hargitt is fabricated, therefore criminal activity is present, and I refuse to require my daughter to facilitate these criminal acts to go undetected.  It is unfortunate that you are unable to understand my position, it is not personal against you, sir.  My daughter was physically assaulted, by a respected official, and then her rights were deprived without her knowledge, due to her young age and inexperience, which makes it exploitation.  The fact that DNA collection was not reported in any records or by anyone involved with her case is monumentally disturbing, compounded by the covert manner in which sample was obtained, I dare say protocol was not followed, indicating further criminal activity, while validating deprivation of rights and privileges.  Not by you, I acknowledge that fact, you did read her rights, but by then deprivation and violation had already occurred.  The shock I experienced upon being informed that collection of DNA sample had taken place immediately upon my minor child arriving at SRSO detention facility was extraordinary.  She had not been to court, was not fully aware of her charges, completely uninformed in appropriate procedure as well as her rights in such circumstances.  She had no counsel present, and I dare theorize she was not instructed of her right to have it, since she was deprived even parental supervision.  I was not even notified, by the officer who unlawfully obtained the confidential, original, unique, privileged, private, personal property, without any authorization whatsoever, or by prosecution, or yourself, the judge or diversion program representative.  Why the failure to include the information that DNA sample collection had taken place?  It was reported in my case, once I was forced, in fear for my life, to agree to plea, DNA sample was collected in the courtroom upon sentencing to probation.  It is not unreasonable to assume that a similar procedure should have been the means by which my daughter’s sample was collected.

According to DoD policy, if charges do not result in conviction, expunction of DNA sample is required.  However, I am well aware that once it has been translated and a profile created, expunction could not possibly be complete.  The profile that has, in fact already been created with the use of my daughters DNA is permanently included in databanks of intelligence agencies and law enforcement including the false information presented by Hargitt.  This FACT is undeniable and unacceptable.  As mother, sole custodian and singular line of defense for my daughter, my duty and priority is to defend and protect her, in every way, by every means, on every level.  The interference with custody demonstrated by officials deprived me of protecting her from their arrangement for her being sexually exploited.  I will not allow any further degradation or exploitation of my minor child by any agency or department, while they are misrepresenting their position.  I am a mother protecting my child and setting the appropriate example.  My actions should be commendable to officials in positions expected to enforce the law and maintain public safety.  How odd that instead, my pursuit of justice and my intention to demonstrate for my daughter the proper procedure that needs to take place in order to ensure the excessive brutality against her does not happen to another minor, response is defensive and contemptuous.  I have no I’ll intent, my priority is to not add insult to injury to the damages suffered by my daughter by instructing her to accept unacceptable treatment and behavior.

I did not raise my daughter in an environment that included disrespectful behavior, by anyone.  And I will not lower my standards of common practice to permit a stranger to avoid consequences for such deviant behavior, while acting as respected official.  No badge, firearm, or uniform grants him the right to brutally assault my daughter, a minor, under any circumstances.  The fact that the information available to him reflects that she is a victim supports my conclusion that the act of putting handcuffs in her was his first physical assault.  I don’t believe for one second that it is proper procedure to handcuff victims whose record otherwise reflects superior standards and behavior.  I am absolutely certain there are different procedures instructed for victims and criminals, there is no record that indicates they should be treated with the same contempt, yet contempt is evident in the testimony of Hargitt, by him forcing my daughter to lay on the ground while being restrained…  Hardly offering consideration for the damaging trauma she suffered, more  accurately, under such intimidating threatening custody the actions demonstrated intimidation and terrorism to a child with no previous experience with violence, weapons, and physical Assault.


Law dragon your ass!! Puny parasite is accurate, correct, and as tactful as I can manage.. Considering the circumstances, degree of unfair advantage, exploitation of position, authority, community influence, political affiliation, financial initiative, infrastructure monopoly, housing monopoly, by means of excessive waste, fraud and abuse of trust, Authority, and position, to professionally, ethically, respectfully, and all of those pretty words in illustration of YOUR MISSION, titanically inaccurate in my experience. By no means is your advertised self promotion a reflection of the demonstration of behavior. That, my darlings, is scientifically referred to as "gaslighting*. I am one person, I continue to accurately, articulately, meticulously, with great attention to detail, OBSERVATION. Just paying attention in class, pumpkins. My venue of study at 19- ever was directing traffic, laying asphalt, driving large attachments, including liquid cargo. Age 23 on skill of trade was chemical balance and maintenance of swimming pools, commercial including such properties as Amalphi condominium, Sandestin, Florida, Sea Oats by the Sea, Chateau LA Mer, Capri by the Sea, Old Hwy 98 in the Destin Commons vicinity. Residential properties to which service was provided located in such districts as Sandestin Resort and Spa, also performed landscaping reconstruction and tree service, in my 30s. Property main entrance(lol, y'all probably prefer grande) thermoplastic reflective striping, Coastal Seal coating and Striping. Kelly Plantation, Destiny by the Sea, all phases. 1997 right on through 2014. During a great deal of expansion… I watched and actively participated in constructing, improving, maintaining EVERY SINGULAR PHASE OF INFRASTRUCTURE, right?? Highways, sidewalks(Mooney Rd, Ft Walton Bch 1999?Five Star Pavers, Jacksonville/obtained my service through Action Labor. Just saying… Just a few satisfied clients as well as employers. Pumpkins.

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In reference to DNA collection, I respectfully request that you contact the Sheriff’s Department for clarification of the collection of DNA. DJJ will do so upon order of the court, but as matter of law enforcement, we have no input in the matter. Perhaps a call to the American Civil Liberties Union may be beneficial if you do not wish to contact law enforcement? I cannot comment on DNA collection at this time because I don’t know the law in that way and I’m not a lawyer. Thank you.

It seems the inappropriate collection practices caught him off guard as well.  Peculiar, large.