Tuesday March 21, 2017…. My observations.

I am deeply disturbed by the lack of investigators of the David Paxton case.  I was intending to request they examine the correspondence and clarify when and where initial contact was made.  Perhaps they already discovered those facts, and the motivation to withhold that information.  I already stated my theory, in my recorded statement, which I have also not received.  My my but they dig themselves deep.

{Lo and behold, but doesn’t it appear as if this might serve as motive for the retaliation orchestrated by OFFICER Hargitt?  An armed man who approached my 14 year old daughter with the full willful intent to deprive her rights and physically assault her.  Had a plan.}


I certainly find it impossible to believe that it is unrelated.  I wish I could, the implications of graduation from sexual exploitation to physical violence against my 14 year old daughter is terrifying.  Compounded by the degree of unfair advantage.  Defenseless against law enforcement.


By order of HONORABLE Judge Ross Goodman, an apology letter was ordered…  OFFICER Hargitt got his little self injured when My daughter violently assaulted him.  Bless his heart.

 Returning to observations from March 21…  I am absolutely certain that the call to DCF came from DOC.  Mom said another report was made the following day.  Missed another appointment with OFFICER Andoe.  Retaliation for vehicle malfunction?  Threatening my children yet again is a little extreme for a missed appointment.



Just to clarify, for the record, in April 2014, when I was forced to report the abuse and neglect that was taking place at the home of my neighbor, I was present when DCF investigator Heather Woods showed up.  Morally, it seems like the right thing to do.  I take responsibility for my actions.  The report I made was legitimate, children were truly at risk, confirmed by Miss Woods as well as Detective P.K. Blow, who was also on the scene.  I made myself available to answer any questions that might have become necessary. Being a party o such a disheartening situation was a challenge emotionally, but out of respect for the children, I remained present to see it through.  Morally, it only seemed right.

{We must recognize that I made my report out of sincere concern for the children, the same can not be expected of OFFICER Andoe… She is far more focused on whatever it is that is being offered for the deprivation of my liberty.}

Apparently, the individual who has reported false information to DCF about me does  not have the same moral standards.  Or respect for my children.  They don’t appear to be as determined to rake responsibility for their actions, either.  And Chris, DCF, informed me when I enquired about who made the report, that he can  not provide that information.  I don’t agree with them protecting the identity of the person who made the report.  Based on my experience, background and demonstrated behavior , I didn’t require them to protect my identity, because I had nothing to hide.  I made a legitimate report, for the protection of children.  Based on this data and previous credible encounter, I should qualify for the courtesy of the information identifying the individual who is attacking my credibility and character, not to mention my children.

And I am expected to continue to lower myself far enough to reach the bottom that you people are feeding off of???  Not unless OFFICER Andoe is going to start taking notes and following my example.  I recommend you work on reaching your own standards first.  If you ever get there, give me a call, maybe we can work something out for some instructions.

Always have so much to say. Stop me when I start lying.



Anti-Defamation League National Leadership Summit, Washington, D.C.  May 8, 2017…. Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James B. Comey made the following statement:

Hate crime is different from other crime.  It strikes at the heart of ones identity.  It strikes at our sense of self, our sense of belonging.  The end result is loss-loss of trust.  Loss of dignity.  And in the worst case, loss of life.

Hate crime hurts more than just the victim.  It harms the whole community.  Because an attack on one of us because of who and what we are, what we believe, or what we look like is an attack on all of us.