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This could be the paranoid rantings of a delusional freak, or perhaps the raw truth observations of uncanny awareness…

Thursday March 16, 2017

Constitution of the United States Article 1 Section 9
The privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it.{Non-compliance is in response to criminal misconduct, breach of oath, and disregard/deprivation of my rights.}

Sunday June 4, 2017…… I qualified for time served a year ago. As I predicted and recorded (in the following letters, that I just rediscovered and will include), Julie Edward’s arrangement effectively deprived me of liberty, justice, peace, interfered with custody.

May 31 I was threatened with life sentence for the second time by the second judge.

Despite the reflection of closed status.    Hospitalized if I don’t cooperate with DOC probation. Immediately report for a drug test… Yea, kiss my ass. So, Miss Carol suggested an independent lab. She stated that I think DOCs tests are illegitimate. He conceded… as long as it’s legitimate. Oh, Lord. Another one.


42 US CODE ss 1985 (2) & (3) 


March 25, 2016……….. The state of Florida has a law that if you suspect or are aware of neglect or abuse of a child and you don’t report it, you can be charged with a felony. Is it unreasonable then, to suggest that if a high ranking officer of the law is aware of or suspects that a person’s Constitutional rights are being violated that they should report such?

I did not volunteer or agree in any way whatsoever to be a guinea pig in any experiment. Even if I was guilty of the crimes I am accused of, I did not deserve the monstrous treatment I received at the hands of officers of the law. Their behavior is more criminal than any behavior I have ever or would ever demonstrate. I am sure they will continue to treat people in this horrific manner, as long as they are allowed to do so.


This is the healed version.

This is why I’m ashamed to be a member of the human race!

The ACLU of Florida argued a case regarding the violation of the First Amendment by the limit of size for correspondence to a post card, but they rejected my request for assistance. My home confiscated, no valid debt, no cause to speak of. Leg wound neglected causing severe constant pain and fever for months. Facts that I have documented, with acknowledging statements from medical admin, staff, and several high ranking officers of the law. Is it because I’m a woman? My trauma and the disgraceful violation of my rights just doesn’t qualify for representation or any kind of defense? Why is that? I am guilty of nothing more than failing to wear a seat belt, I Plead no contest after losing my home, being exposed to sex offenders, tortured, threatened, bullied. Why are there so many people equipped to defend against such violations unwilling to practice human decency?

July 5, 2016………….. The following was submitted to public defenders office and received on July 6.

Judge Simon stated that he would attempt to find some conflict free counsel. Apparently he has not been able to do so. Sadly what I expected. This is merely a request for information, in my experience I have been not only denied counsel, but access to the law library as well… So much for the U.S. Constitution, you should all be so proud, your contribution to liberty is remarkable, and you’ve dedicated your entire lives.

I am in pursuit of information regarding post sentencing relief due to ineffective counsel. A concept you should all be familiar with. LOL. Also, from what I understand, everything I say/write can be used against me in a court of law. Considering the fact that correspondence between myself and DOC probation officers is supposedly public record, and can be used against me, how can I be sure that it will? It’s probably supposed to be included in the case file. It has also been my experience, however that legitimate documents and intelligent communications are tampered with and/or withheld from evidence. There is no shortage or omission of false documents, altered forms, fabricated reports, and probable cause statements that include no resemblance to any cause, by any definition. My conclusion is that the conflict is defending the innocent.

Since there is no possibility of conflict free or effective counsel in evidence, I declare there is no attorney/client privilege. I will be including a copy of this communication to the Florida Bar. Probably the Office of Special Counsel, Professional Ethics Commission, a couple news venues, all of social media.
Yes, I have had quite a bit of experience with my mail being tampered with, so I will have to figure out a way to ensure my letters will actually make it to a mailbox if sent from this facility. You people have so many in this racketeering influenced & corrupt organization.

Wink, Wink. Pretty slick.

I realize that public defenders are not the highest paid of the justice (LOL) community. You take the opportunity to supplement your incomes with whatever incentives you receive from coercing plea deals, by falsely imprisoning people so the strong arm branch of your cooperative can violate, humiliate, brutalize, or use any means necessary. Then once inadmissible pleas of nolo contendre are secured, the extorted funds just keep adding up. It’s actually brilliant, though abominable and disgraceful.

{Submitted to detention facility kiosk. The following day, Julie Edwards imposed herself as counsel assigned/enforced to my case, despite the conflict of interest previously present.Dated July 14, 2015, notification of conflict to myself from Julie Edwards.}

July 19, 2016……….. I, Stacey Sade, under penalty of perjury in a world where justice is my inalienable right as a human being, do solemnly swear that the following facts are true and correct and have been undeniably demonstrated in a court of law, witnessed by the HONORABLE Judge Ross Goodman, as he was the presiding judge on July 14, 2016. Julie Edwards, public defender is a fraud. Her conduct in her role as my defense counsel is in polar contradiction of actions expected of effective defense counsel. Particularly offensive, is an accurate definition. Considerably libelous.

Miss Edwards misrepresented herself to me, suggested that she would attempt to fulfill her duties in my defense by negotiating for time served, In recognition of the extensive amount of time I had been detained. On the contrary, no effort was made on my behalf. In flagrant abuse of her authority and position, exhibited for the court that her misrepresentation was with criminal intent as an officer of the court, to bring to question my competence.


I will not participate in their treasonous behavior. I will not respond in any way they hope. I am immune to the typical manipulation tactics of individuals with psychopathic/narcissistic personality disorders. My parents are such individuals, as is Miss Edwards, and through experience I recognize their predatory actions. They manipulate, misrepresent, intimidate, abuse, gaslight, and they lie lie lie, pathologically they lie. Gaslighting is their most common and favorite form of psychological manipulation/abuse, determined to test the very sanity of their target/victim.

I have no questionable mental history. There is nothing in my background or my behavior that suggests lack of competence. Being intelligent, observant, and responsible does not make me crazy, but it does make me a threat to the predators, like Miss Edwards, because I cannot be manipulated into behaving predictably and participate in the strategy of Miss Edwards and the racketeering influenced & corrupt organization. They have been running a campaign on me for over a year,{two years now}.


I am requesting post sentencing relief due to predatory misrepresentation. I am requesting background consideration. I am requesting justice in this State of Florida, in the Circuit Court of the First Judicial Circuit, in and for Santa Rosa County, Florida. In case numbers 15/763–764 & 17CJ142 which I declare are fully fabricated, not supported by sufficient evidence. Additionally case number 16011084, the strategy of predators. Thank you.

Promote deviant behavior?? I find it necessary to decline, in the interest of improving our circumstances, and not…dragontitus.mn.co

A terrifying new trend coming to a middle school near you!

This could be the paranoid rantings of a delusional freak, or the raw truth observations of uncanny awareness…


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