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Apparently, it is quite difficult for some folks to understand my refusal to instruct my daughter to accept being physically assaulted. Complete a disciplinary program, when the armed man who assaulted her, it appears he approached her with intent.

Sgt. Eutsy came to notify me that she was being detained/ taken hostage/“arrested”/kidnapped.

According to Sgt. Eutsy, a neighbor to abandoned property saw Savana and her companion through a window. I specifically recall Sgt. Eutsy telling me that the neighbor could see everything they were doing. I recall so well because Sgt. Eutsy looked me in the eye, and I was embarrassed for my daughter. I am unable to describe how excruciatingly heartbreaking it is to me that she was handled so brutally.

The sworn and affirmed probable cause statement of the thing responsible indicates that the reporting neighbor thought they were using narcotics.




I assure anybody… if he could see everything they were doing, he did not think they were doing drugs.


Sworn false testimony, to justify his physical assault of a victim. Alleging that while handcuffed, in the custody of an armed official she resisted violently and assaulted him.


 Is it just me, or the fact that he would create a sworn statement declaring he was unable to maintain control of a situation involving an 8th grade A/B honor roll female student without the circumstances escalating to violence, shows his inadequacy, and requires action to ensure he is properly instructed to interact appropriately with children.


Parents, this is an issue we all need to focus on.

During his campaign for sheriff, Bob Johnson eagerly described appointing resource officers to the middle schools. This is how middle school aged children are being treated. With physical violence.


Naturally, when I saw videos of these incidents occurring elsewhere, I hoped it wouldn’t happen here… It did, it is, and these types of behavior do not go away without being exposed and suffering consequences.


 I will not fail to see this armed man who physically assaulted my daughter held accountable. I pray that no other child is treated with such excessive brutality. I WILL FIGHT FOR THEM… MY CHILDREN AND YOURS.


Assistance is welcome, but by no means required, I will defeat such cowards in solitude.