UPDATE:  Because my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Lord of hosts, is immeasurably graceful and merciful, it occurred to me to forward the following information to the defense attorney that has been forced upon me by the court.  I refer to it that way because he is obviously cooperating with the organization that is orchestrating the terrorism and character assassination campaign against me.

Hamlin Law Firm, Paul Hamlin, “defense” counsel enforced by Judge Ross Goodman,



For the record;    Officer Fernando Vasquez,        

   DJJ Email correspondence

 Correctional Probation Officer

Florida Department of Corrections,

It is unfortunate to meet under these circumstances.  I seem to cause quite a disturbance amongst your colleagues with my honesty and insisting on refraining from participation in their criminal activity.  It has been my life’s practice.  I do not participate in dishonesty either.  Under any circumstances.  I have no cause to lie, and I can verify my truth, every statement made.  

I find it necessary to notify you that it will be impossible for me to attend court if, as you say, Rob Secola will be present.  The trauma I have sustained is immeasurable, the inclusion of my daughter in the sadistic campaign against me is indescribably devastating. 

I never failed to protect my children, until the interference with custody by false imprisonment deprived me any possible means to do so.  With me detained unlawfully, by illegitimate documents, false testimony to obtain a warrant, access was gained to my daughter.  She was psychologically manipulated and sexually exploited by a man directly affiliated with DOC, an applicant for employment, providing incentive for participation.  This occurred after extensive correspondence between myself and Rob Secola in which I expressed my fear for the safety of my children.  

 There has been no improvement, I assure you.  I am in constant anticipation of homicide attempts on my children or myself.  It is obvious the cruelty of Mr. Secola and his fellow operatives knows no bounds.  Most recently my daughter, the same child whom they have sexually exploited, was physically assaulted by an armed man, while he had her restrained.  

 Sgt. Eutsy ordered me to stop speaking (a violation of my First Amendment right to freedom of speech, he’s an armed man) while I was stating the facts of the case.  No they don’t match his story, and his story has changed from the day this event occurred. 
Initially, April 19, he stated that “apparently she had kicked the officer on the way to the car”. That does not indicate to me that he saw it with his own eyes…  He also stated that day that the person who reported my daughter could see everything her and co. were doing.  In the report, sworn to by Officer Hargett, he stated that the reporting individual thought my daughter was doing narcotics.  If he could see them, he didn’t think they were doing drugs. 

  Hargett was justifying his excessive force on a victim of a child sex crime, who has no prior disciplinary records of any kind.  She is A/B honor roll every year, her attendance is excellent.  She was on the robotics team for two years, after attending private school for two years.  She was not raised in a violent environment.  She has never had such an encounter with law enforcement.  They have always been held in high regard, and shown utmost respect, I’m certain records will illustrate.

Rob Secola has made it very clear to me that he is a threat to myself and my children, and I have established that I am aware.  There is no law against self preservation, and I am not suicidal.  I have continuously requested assistance in protecting my children from psychological manipulation, they had to go further and cause more damage.  I’d like a restraining order.

To be honest, I am still most disturbed by the manner in which a sample of her DNA was hijacked, a violation of even DoD policy for collection practices.  And the fact that no order was issued for collection, nor was it included in any of the records.  Highly alarming.  Compounded by false violent felony charges, laying foundation for life sentence of harassment and confrontation, profiled as such.  She attended ROTC camp.  She is 14 years old.  Why are you people so thoroughly violating my child?  I implore you, look within yourself, this is pure evil, if you’re not…you are running out of time to come out of the darkness.  Human decency, all that is required.  


              Stacey Sade

Walmart is interested in you

Hi Stacey,

We wanted to let you know that we have just posted an open position within the last day for a job in your area. Based on your profile and previous searches on our site, it appears that you may be a great fit! Please review this opportunity by clicking on the URL below.

Forwarded to: Kellie.Andoe@fdc.myflorida.com, judge.rgoodman@flcourts1.gov Subject:

Opportunity available, sabotage from RICO makes impossible. Fwd: Walmart is interested in you…

The assassination of my character, the fabricated criminal record and false testimony which rendered questionable mental health, support probable cause to believe any attempt I make to reestablish my previously healthy, superior standard lifestyle would be strategically demolished. I will not allow my excellent work history to be tarnished by the same false information that has been used to degrade every other aspect of my life, by predators that have made it their lives goal to exterminate me.

I have failed to witness any single act that would encourage me to believe that there is any intention to demonstrate integrity or reflect the professional behavior described on record. I earned my excellent work history, by merit and superior performance, just as I earned everything else that has been unlawfully, unconstitution-ally, terroristically confiscated from me.

Just keeping you informed, you seem so thoroughly obsessed with my business. I would love to return to work for WalMart. I would also love to witness some behavior other than obstruction of justice, deprivation of speech in court, deprivation of liberty with no evidence, false testimony, illegitimate documentation, prosecutorial misconduct, malicious  misrepresentation by counsel, dereliction of duty. You were correct, “Officer” Andoe, you will not lose your job because of me, the only person responsible for YOUR ACTIONS is you, ma’am.

Authentically, Stacey Sade / Dragon Titus