42 U.S. Code ss 1985, Accountability, Brutality, Civil rights, Contempt of Constitution, Covert terrorism, Criminal government, Criminal justice reform, Domestic terrorism, False testimony, Honoring military veterans, Liberty, Malicious prosecution, Misrepresentation, New World Order in Action, Psychopathy, psychological manipulation,, Psyop, Revoke authority, Treason, Tyranny, Unethical, Unprofessional, US Constitution

Would You Instruct Your Teenage Daughter to Lower the Superior Standards set By Your Example?

{This is an email sent to numerous officials, including the judge, assistant to the prosecution in the case in which my daughter is the victim/which, I’d like to add is NOT proceeding, and is beginning to reveal more misconduct by failure to prosecute, and they will not respond to any attempt I’ve made to contact.  The following is the response and continued correspondence from the officer of Department of Juvenile Justice}

Sunday April 30, 2017


April 20, 2017 I appeared, with my daughter, my responsiblity, of whom I am and will remain sole custodian, primary manufacturer, sole producer, primary creator, and the vessel by which she manifested.  I will also remain highest authority, exceeded only by Jesus Christ, Almighty God, Creator of all.

Appearance was for the unlawful, exaggerated, dramatized, strategic detention and negligent creation of records of criminal felony charges against a victim of child sexual exploitation arranged and facilitated by officials of the same agencies pursuing charges and the same judge who is residing over this case.

This is terrorism, this is malfeasance, and this is pure evil by design.  You are out of line, out of order, and realms beyond your authority.  Your position and the description of the titles of every official involved in criminalizing my daughter AND myself is to protect the victims of crime.  Your demonstration is in polar contradiction to that description. IMG_20170517_112857.jpg

My daughter should have been treated with the dignity and respect for victims rights that is described by Department of Justice Victim’s Rights Unit.  Instead, she was physically assaulted by a grown ass man authorized to protect her.  How does that get misconstrued?  My 14 year old innocent, victimized, defenseless daughter is being criminally charged with a felony for resisting AN ARMED MAN THAT HAD HER IN HANDCUFFS.  That is not only absurd, it is reprehensible, and it is vile.

The moral standards, as well as standards of common practice demonstrated by this court and every official thereof does not meet the standards of society, and are monumentally criminal and destructive to the community, the state, and the entire nation and are evidently inferior to the standards exhibited by my children and myself, as records will verify.

I am attaching two references that perfectly illustrate the strategy/application that is in commission.  First: Re: Georgia General Assembly

From the Legislative desk of Senator Nancy Schaefer 50th District of Georgia

November 16, 2007

The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services

Including EXHIBIT A

Jeremy’s Story


Failure of DFCS to remove six desperate children

Re: Approved for release 2000/08/08.



  1.   (U)

6-characteristic influences

Screening device

7-select talent


The target pool was my former neighborhood.  I influenced those people to be decent human beings.  So I guess I had to be destroyed.  There is no pursuit of justice taking place.  You people are in the practice of implementing experimentation, mapping human domain, and implementation of mind control and depopulation programs in cooperation with “shadow government” operating covertly due to the treasonous nature of the crimes in commission of this organization.  I do not consent to experimentation on my mind, body, or spirit, nor those of my children.

It has recently begun to become common for the execution of any individual, that would disclose such information, to occur.  Mr. CSPOA that is why I am including you in receiving this information.  If I am executed, sir, they will go for my children.  My children are not to be had by these sadistic pedophiles determined to defile everything good that remains on this planet.

Who the fuck do you sickening creatures think you are?  Allow me to inform you, your boss is the master of lies, and he has already been defeated.  Jesus Christ is Lord.  You have overestimated your jurisdiction.  It is time now for you to disintegrate.

Holy Holy Holy…In Jesus’ name, I am grateful.

{The following links are the attachments referred to above, report of Congresswoman Nancy Schaefer, which led to her loss of congressional seat, soon thereafter, Mrs. Schaeffer and her husband were discovered in their home, victims of homicide.  Just sayin’.}


2)  CIA report

Ma’am, I don’t have a clue as to what you’re referring to or why you’ve taken this action. You have the right to file a grievance against the Department of Juvenile Justice if you or your daughter believe that I or any other employee of DJJ has mistreated you or your daughter. I am attaching the signed grievance procedures that was clearly explained to both of you and you received, when we met on April 20, 2017. Thank you.


From: Dragon Titus []
Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 1:14 AM; McKinley, Albert C. <>
Subject: Case#17-CJ-142.

Really, you are satisfied with beginning your response with “I don’t have a clue”.  Precisely my insinuation, thank you for verifying the facts.  I believe the grievance process starts with you…  We all know there is nothing but indifference to your criminal enterprise.

I am not sure what action you interpret me to have taken that has you excited, I am keeping record of questionable events, asserting my rights and privileges, along with my authority to represent my daughter.  I realize that when it comes to rights and privileges you all prefer deprivation of anybody’s with the exception of yours.  Id like to request, again to observe the body cam footage from the public service of Joshua John Hargitt on April 19, 2017 between the hours of 17:30 & 20:20.

In addition, I would love to be provided with the order for collection of DNA, of my minor child, deprived the right to have counsel present,  the company of an adult, under forced armed custody of ” her assault victim”.   Any records featuring the collection of Savana Sade’s original, personal, confidential blueprint needs to include records of actions during possession.  If your clueless condition renders you incompetent to provide records, I am sure there is someone on the payroll that can manage a little discovery, I have every right to medical records, the information BELONGS to me.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.Screenshot_20170514-100119


Ma’am, I am not law enforcement and absolutely NOTHING to do with your child’s arrest. Please get your facts straight. You NEED TO contact the arresting law enforcement agency. Thank you.

From: Dragon Titus []
Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 4:58 PM
To: McKinley, Albert C. <>;


Omgoodness Miss Carol.. More preposterous idiocy.  I am so tired of dealing with fucktards!

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Dragon Titus” <>
Date: May 17, 2017 9:52 AM

To: “McKinley, Albert C.” <>

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Ma’am, the recommendation was NOT TO prosecute, thus you and your daughter were referred to JDAP, which you eagerly accepted. This matter has been forwarded to the juvenile state attorney’s office for their consideration, and the State MAY bring your child’s case back FOR prosecution. I also remember telling you and your daughter that an admission of guilt WAS NOT required at this point BECAUSE your daughter has the right to take the case to trial and have the State prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she committed such offenses.  That’s why I read your daughter’s rights to her and provided a copy to you and her.

From: Dragon Titus []
Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2017 9:52 AM
To: McKinley, Albert C. <>

Okay, thank you.  For the record there was no demonstration of eagerness at any time during our encounter.  Straight facts is I was repeatedly reduced to tears, if you remember correctly, and exceedingly hesitant to sign away the right to speedy trial.  You assured me if I changed my decision, due process was still available, as it is our right and privilege.

Your daughter WAIVED her right to a speedy trial, she didn’t sign her rights away permanently. Due process is and always will be available for your daughter.

From: Dragon Titus []
Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2017 10:22 AM

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To: McKinley, Albert C. <Albert.McKinley@djj.state.fl.u

Which was my interpretation.  And upon discovery of facts of the case that I was unaware of at the time of our meeting I am unable to encourage my daughter to participate in obstructing justice and aiding and abetting prevention of exposure of excessive brutality against a minor by law enforcement.  I am positive that the allegations against my daughter are false, the sworn testimony of Hargitt is fabricated, therefore criminal activity is present, and I refuse to require my daughter to facilitate these criminal acts to go undetected.  It is unfortunate that you are unable to understand my position, it is not personal against you, sir.  My daughter was physically assaulted, by a respected official, and then her rights were deprived without her knowledge, due to her young age and inexperience, which makes it exploitation.  The fact that DNA collection was not reported in any records or by anyone involved with her case is monumentally disturbing, compounded by the covert manner in which sample was obtained, I dare say protocol was not followed, indicating further criminal activity, while validating deprivation of rights and privileges.  Not by you, I acknowledge that fact, you did read her rights, but by then deprivation and violation had already occurred.  The shock I experienced upon being informed that collection of DNA sample had taken place immediately upon my minor child arriving at SRSO detention facility was extraordinary.  She had not been to court, was not fully aware of her charges, completely uninformed in appropriate procedure as well as her rights in such circumstances.  She had no counsel present, and I dare theorize she was not instructed of her right to have it, since she was deprived even parental supervision.  I was not even notified, by the officer who unlawfully obtained the confidential, original, unique, privileged, private, personal property, without any authorization whatsoever, or by prosecution, or yourself, the judge or diversion program representative.  Why the failure to include the information that DNA sample collection had taken place?  It was reported in my case, once I was forced, in fear for my life, to agree to plea, DNA sample was collected in the courtroom upon sentencing to probation.  It is not unreasonable to assume that a similar procedure should have been the means by which my daughter’s sample was collected.

According to DoD policy, if charges do not result in conviction, expunction of DNA sample is required.  However, I am well aware that once it has been translated and a profile created, expunction could not possibly be complete.  The profile that has, in fact already been created with the use of my daughters DNA is permanently included in databanks of intelligence agencies and law enforcement including the false information presented by Hargitt.  This FACT is undeniable and unacceptable.  As mother, sole custodian and singular line of defense for my daughter, my duty and priority is to defend and protect her, in every way, by every means, on every level.  The interference with custody demonstrated by officials deprived me of protecting her from their arrangement for her being sexually exploited.  I will not allow any further degradation or exploitation of my minor child by any agency or department, while they are misrepresenting their position.  I am a mother protecting my child and setting the appropriate example.  My actions should be commendable to officials in positions expected to enforce the law and maintain public safety.  How odd that instead, my pursuit of justice and my intention to demonstrate for my daughter the proper procedure that needs to take place in order to ensure the excessive brutality against her does not happen to another minor, response is defensive and contemptuous.  I have no I’ll intent, my priority is to not add insult to injury to the damages suffered by my daughter by instructing her to accept unacceptable treatment and behavior.

I did not raise my daughter in an environment that included disrespectful behavior, by anyone.  And I will not lower my standards of common practice to permit a stranger to avoid consequences for such deviant behavior, while acting as respected official.  No badge, firearm, or uniform grants him the right to brutally assault my daughter, a minor, under any circumstances.  The fact that the information available to him reflects that she is a victim supports my conclusion that the act of putting handcuffs in her was his first physical assault.  I don’t believe for one second that it is proper procedure to handcuff victims whose record otherwise reflects superior standards and behavior.  I am absolutely certain there are different procedures instructed for victims and criminals, there is no record that indicates they should be treated with the same contempt, yet contempt is evident in the testimony of Hargitt, by him forcing my daughter to lay on the ground while being restrained…  Hardly offering consideration for the damaging trauma she suffered, more  accurately, under such intimidating threatening custody the actions demonstrated intimidation and terrorism to a child with no previous experience with violence, weapons, and physical Assault.

Law dragon your ass!! Puny parasite is accurate, correct, and as tactful as I can manage.. Considering the circumstances, degree of unfair advantage, exploitation of position, authority, community influence, political affiliation, financial initiative, infrastructure monopoly, housing monopoly, by means of excessive waste, fraud and abuse of trust, Authority, and position, to professionally, ethically, respectfully, and all of those pretty words in illustration of YOUR MISSION, titanically inaccurate in my experience. By no means is your advertised self promotion a reflection of the demonstration of behavior. That, my darlings, is scientifically referred to as "gaslighting*. I am one person, I continue to accurately, articulately, meticulously, with great attention to detail, OBSERVATION. Just paying attention in class, pumpkins. My venue of study at 19- ever was directing traffic, laying asphalt, driving large attachments, including liquid cargo. Age 23 on skill of trade was chemical balance and maintenance of swimming pools, commercial including such properties as Amalphi condominium, Sandestin, Florida, Sea Oats by the Sea, Chateau LA Mer, Capri by the Sea, Old Hwy 98 in the Destin Commons vicinity. Residential properties to which service was provided located in such districts as Sandestin Resort and Spa, also performed landscaping reconstruction and tree service, in my 30s. Property main entrance(lol, y'all probably prefer grande) thermoplastic reflective striping, Coastal Seal coating and Striping. Kelly Plantation, Destiny by the Sea, all phases. 1997 right on through 2014. During a great deal of expansion… I watched and actively participated in constructing, improving, maintaining EVERY SINGULAR PHASE OF INFRASTRUCTURE, right?? Highways, sidewalks(Mooney Rd, Ft Walton Bch 1999?Five Star Pavers, Jacksonville/obtained my service through Action Labor. Just saying… Just a few satisfied clients as well as employers. Pumpkins.

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In reference to DNA collection, I respectfully request that you contact the Sheriff’s Department for clarification of the collection of DNA. DJJ will do so upon order of the court, but as matter of law enforcement, we have no input in the matter. Perhaps a call to the American Civil Liberties Union may be beneficial if you do not wish to contact law enforcement? I cannot comment on DNA collection at this time because I don’t know the law in that way and I’m not a lawyer. Thank you.

It seems the inappropriate collection practices caught him off guard as well.  Peculiar, large.

42 U.S. Code ss 1985, Abuse of authority, Abuse of position, Accountability, Brutality, Civil rights, Contempt of citizens, Covert terrorism, Criminal government, Domestic terrorism, Ethics, Accountability, Government Oversight, human rights, Legislation for change, Misrepresentation, New World Order in Action, Psychopathy, psychological manipulation,, racketeering activity, Revoke authority, US Constitution

I refuse to cooperate with demoralization and degradation of my children, by any means, and I WILL DEFEND MY CHILDREN FROM PREDATORY ADVANCES AND ATTACKS

Law dragon your ass!! Puny parasite is accurate, correct, and as tactful as I can manage.. Considering the circumstances, degree of unfair advantage, exploitation of position, authority, community influence, political affiliation, financial initiative, infrastructure monopoly, housing monopoly, by means of excessive waste, fraud and abuse of trust, Authority, and position, to professionally, ethically, respectfully, and all of those pretty words in illustration of YOUR MISSION, titanically inaccurate in my experience. By no means is your advertised self promotion a reflection of the demonstration of behavior. That, my darlings, is scientifically referred to as "gaslighting*. I am one person, I continue to accurately, articulately, meticulously, with great attention to detail, OBSERVATION. Just paying attention in class, pumpkins. My venue of study at 19- ever was directing traffic, laying asphalt, driving large attachments, including liquid cargo. Age 23 on skill of trade was chemical balance and maintenance of swimming pools, commercial including such properties as Amalphi condominium, Sandestin, Florida, Sea Oats by the Sea, Chateau LA Mer, Capri by the Sea, Old Hwy 98 in the Destin Commons vicinity. Residential properties to which service was provided located in such districts as Sandestin Resort and Spa, also performed landscaping reconstruction and tree service, in my 30s. Property main entrance(lol, y'all probably prefer grande) thermoplastic reflective striping, Coastal Seal coating and Striping. Kelly Plantation, Destiny by the Sea, all phases. 1997 right on through 2014. During a great deal of expansion… I watched and actively participated in constructing, improving, maintaining EVERY SINGULAR PHASE OF INFRASTRUCTURE, right?? Highways, sidewalks(Mooney Rd, Ft Walton Bch 1999?Five Star Pavers, Jacksonville/obtained my service through Action Labor. Just saying… Just a few satisfied clients as well as employers. Pumpkins.

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This is the attorney that I emailed … SRSO is their client … I described the case in which Savana is violated. This is the attorney that will not seek justice, civil damages, or defense from the predator who psychologically manipulated and sexually exploited the most amazing magnificent being that resides on this planet. Where are the characters that fit the ADVERTISEMENT

Case # 16011084 Novembier 21, 2016

My daughter, Savana Sade, victim.
Interfering with custody, 2 counts lewd and lascivious.
David Paxton remains incarcerated at SRCSO detention facility, yet to be convicted.  Guilty plea was submitted then withdrawn.  SRSO investigators have my daughter’s cell phone still, text messages provide irrefutable evidence, delay of prosecution indicates misconduct.  My attempts to speak with anyone have been disregarded.  My daughter, as the victim of this man’s predatory actions, deserves the prosecution of this man, the closure of this trauma in order to recover and put this behind her.
Stacey Sade
Sent from my LG G3, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone
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For the record, and context….  I do not perceive any indication in my original contact that SRSO was the party in reference.  SRSO was not, in fact, the party I was attempting to seek damages from, but I am grateful for the endorsement that damages are in need of accounting.  And recognition, as legal representation that SRSO is the cause, unbelievably generous of you to make such facts evident with so few words.  That is skill.
My my what a large organization this has revealed.
42 U.S. Code ss 1985, Abuse of authority, Abuse of position, Accountability, Civil rights, Covert terrorism, Criminal government, Dereliction of duty, Domestic terrorism, human rights, Liberty, Malicious prosecution, New World Order in Action, Psyop, racketeering activity, Treason, Tyranny, US Constitution

Oversight Your Ass, Another Non Profit Receiving Funds for What??

First off, I have to be honest, the plugs to Ivanka Trump are nitpicking, Obama and Hillary were devouring the flesh of children.  Just personal observation.  If you are in the practice of oversight, and not just talking about it and filling your pockets through a non profit, how about generating some awareness in the direction of Florida.  There is pure ass malfeasance taking place in Santa Rosa County.  I can provide irrefutable evidence of grand scale racketeering, domestic terrorism, torture, war crimes on innocent citizens, and all the falsification, obstruction, position abuse, brutal retaliation, wrongful prosecution, plea coercion, denied counsel, denied access to court, denied law library, false positive toxicology, extortion, identity theft& tampering, misrepresentation, willful negligence , great bodily harm, permanent disfigurement, and on n on n on.  Sound doctrine verification of every statement of fact.
Two psychologists providing false testimony as expert witness’, evaluations adolescently predetermined.  Spoke with some twit from AG Pam Bondi’s office a couple days ago who attempted to convince me that they don’t handle those types of cases.  I’m not convinced, more swamp draining and toilet flushing is required.  My powers of exposure are profoundly considerable, but I am one solitary individual, with two children who have already suffered significant, extensive, devastation of our life at the hands of these predatory terrorists.

Sheriffs’ office, DA William Eddins, several ASA’s, public defender’s office, DOC probation, FDLE superior officers ( three captains, a couple lieutenants…). Not a judge amongst them with a scrap of human decency.
And I’m strongly willing to bet, your response, will be just as indifferent as every other response I have received.  In which case, just to prepare you, I will contact you once more, for the purpose of informing you that your indifference is just as sadistic and deviant as the actions of the psychopaths currently desecrating the Constitution of the United States.                  Authentically,      
                   Stacey Sade
                  DragonTitus, Warrior in service to Almighty God.
Dear Stacey,We are a small organization with limited resources, and we are able to investigate only a small number of the tips we receive. We prioritize based on a variety of factors, including the involvement of the federal government, availability of proof, and the degree to which our work might benefit the general public. We also do not provide legal services of any kind. You can find out more about what we do and don’t do here:

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to explore your account further. Information regarding other organizations that may be of help can be viewed here.

Again, thank you very much for thinking of POGO and sharing your information with us.  We appreciate having had the chance to consider it.

POGO Staff

On Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 9:36 AM, Project On Government Oversight <> wrote:

Project On Government Oversight | 
1100 G Street NW, Washington DC 20005



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42 U.S. Code ss 1985, Abuse of authority, Abuse of position, Accountability, Brutality, Civil rights, Covert terrorism, Criminal government, Dereliction of duty, Domestic terrorism, human rights, New World Order in Action, Psychopathy, psychological manipulation,, Psyop, Revoke authority, Seeking assistance, Treason, US Constitution

No Response from Internal Affairs Either

Child Protection? Evidence suggests otherwise. –

Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office
Internal Affairs
S. Tucker,
I attempted to contact Lt. Haines in reference to case # 16011084.  I was informed that he was the investigating officer.  I have received no response, though I would think, as the mother of the victim, there may be some questions in need of answers.  Otherwise, investigation is not really accurate to describe whatever procedure is taking place.  Considering the allegations, that should be under investigation in this case, it is highly disturbing that my attempt to communicate with the investigating officer has been disregarded.  This indicates to me that justice for my daughter is not a priority, public safety is not a concern.  This is the impression that I am continuously receiving from your agency.  I have personally been the victim of brutal retaliation, defined in Fl. Statutes as terrorism, which I meticulously documented for the record.  A pattern has been established by numerous agents employed by detention facility.  Their first action for the purpose of intimidation, was to neglect to secure the door that connected P dorm to Q dorm.  Potentially providing access to me while I was in the shower.  August 5, 2015… Between 7:45 & 8:45 pm.  My own personal security measures withstood the attempt, so I was violated by exposure to sex offenders who made disturbing comments and attempted to gain further access and according to Deputy Toyence, continued to discuss raping me, physical assault did not take place.  There can be no denial that it was intended, most assuredly there is some type of notification to security in the event that that door is not secured.
Kiosk request #s for verification:
362375, 10/2/15
 In isolation, when the individual cells are not secured, the guard in the tower would instruct the inmate to close the door.  I do not believe for one second that nobody was aware of the breach of security.  Very disturbing that being considered acceptable.  Exposure to sex offenders.  I didn’t report the incident to the guards responsible, that just didn’t make sense.  I attempted to report it to Sheriff Wendall Hall, no response there either.  I was moved out of isolation and was not exposed to those inmates again until the incident was brought to the attention of Deputy Toyence, who questioned me about it on October 2, 2015.  From that point I was continuously exposed to them until I posted bond in order to return to Sacred Heart Hospital to undergo a repeat of the treatment I had received prior to my false imprisonment.  Criminal misconduct is prevelant in your agency.  It is evident that they have contempt for the United States Constitution, while commanding officer claims to be a Constitutional Sheriff.  His behavior shows quite the contrary, as does the behavior of Lt. Roman Jackson, who participated in unconstitutional, unwarranted search without cause of any kind and against permission.  Probable cause statement reported by Deputy Bird does not include any resemblance of probable cause.  Citation # A477COE, REPORT # SRSO15ARR002681.
Can you offer some explanation as to why I am still being wrongfully, maliciously prosecuted for fabricated charges that have no evidentiary support whatsoever?  How much did Habitat for Humanity provide in incentives to enlist the assistance of your officers?  Prior to May 12, 2015 any and every encounter I experienced with law enforcement had been pleasant, mutually respectful, a comfort in the knowledge that security was maintained.
Officers familiar to me;
#Lt. Mark James, personally acquainted for over 10 years
#Dep. Kyles, frequently conversed during daily patrols of my neighborhood while residing on Charter Circle.
#Dep. Patrick Gibson, initial encounter offense # 13010762, I have not examined the report that illustrates this incident, but I am continuously confident that if it was created in honesty, it will validate my claim of cooperation.
#Det. P.K. Blow, April 2, 2014 Det. Blow was investigating my neighbor on Charter Circle.  I was present at the location when he arrived, my purpose was to observe the conditions of children who were being abused and neglected.  This fact was acknowledged by Det. Blow, and he commented that someone should make the call.  I informed him that I had, in fact, taken that action and made s report to DCF, then requested that he take pictures of the inside of the RV that served as residence of the mother of the abused children.  April Baker, I believe she was taken into custody the following day, and the children, Micah, Dean and Dawn were removed from the home.
#Lt. Eutsy, also present during the investigation that took place on April 2, 2014.  As was Dep. Kyles.
This is a request to receive a copy of the reports submitted for the record in reference to this incident.
Also, I request a copy of the report on record for offense # 13010762 Patric Gibson, Deputy Sheriff.
Preferably, I would very much like to have a copy of ANY and EVERY report in the possession of SRSO that bears my name, in order to ascertain validity of information.
Previously, it had not occurred to me that the sheriff’s office might be producing false information, my common practice is to treat others the way I wish to be treated, so I don’t automatically assume deception and character assassination are in practice.  However, my experiences since May 12, 2015, have given cause to believe that in regards to local authorities, such may be the case.  A very unfortunate, disheartening fact.  I have always held such admiration and high regard for the officers in this community, where I have lived for 23 years, formerly comfortably and securely.  Now, I am in mortal fear for my children, and believe with absolute certainty that the individuals who are participating in the ongoing assault and terrorism of myself and my children will stop at nothing.  Evidently, they are unconscionable, remorseless.  I suspect they are considering the death of my son for their next act.  Seems dramatic, I know.  My requests for protection for my children from psychological manipulation, made continuously since I was kidnapped June 23, 2015, may have seemed dramatic as well.  Yet, the officer who discovered my daughter at the beach, agreed with me that David Duane Paxton, Sr. is a predator, and psychological manipulation was the means by which he was able to sexually exploit my daughter, her vulnerability.  Due to the traumatic events she has endured since the attack against me began, her emotional state is sure to be in need of significant reconstruction.  To have taken advantage of her traumatized condition is sadistic, a reflection of the behavior of the individuals responsible for the brutal, terroristic actions I have been subjected to while falsely imprisoned.
Actions, in pursuit of coercion of plea, established that pattern of exposure to sex offenders for the purpose of intimidation.  In conjunction with the statement of Kenneth Brooks, that “when they are trying to ‘sweat’ somebody, they usually go after their kids”, perhaps my suspicion Is not so dramatic, after all.  They are strategizing the execution of my child, I suggest you take some type of action.  Now there is a record that you were provided with this information, even without cause, some investigation into the possibility is required.  You will be considered an accessory, if this occurs.
                        Stacey Sade
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42 U.S. Code ss 1985, Abuse of authority, Abuse of position, Accountability, Brutality, Civil rights, Contempt of citizens, Contempt of Constitution, Covert terrorism, Criminal government, Dereliction of duty, Domestic terrorism, human rights, Liberty, New World Order in Action, Oath breakers, Psychopathy, psychological manipulation,, racketeering activity, Tyranny, Unethical, US Constitution

Not equipped for reasoning

Yes, well, it is unfortunate for me that I am still struggling with transportation complications.  Compounding this struggle is your absence of reason or human decency since I am forced to attempt to cooperate with you for supervision.  I have failed to find the instructions that describe constant sabotage or continuous complication strategy to keep “offenders” from returning their circumstances to livable, maybe those instructions are kept secret.

In any case, I was unable to obtain transportation to meet with you.  There is no point in attempting to reason with you, you are not equipped.  I will not beg and plead for human decency, there is none of that amongst you and your associates either.  Your only goal, at any cost, is to deprive me of any rights or liberties that are mine, by Divine authority.  In other words, God given rights.  I’m sure y’all would love nothing more that to deprive me of oxygen.  It is unfortunate for you that you do not have that power.
All I can say, at this point, is do whatever you feel is necessary.  I will not kiss your ass, beg you to have mercy, or whatever the fuck it is you expect from me.  I have broken no laws, and aside from illegitimate, altered, forged, or withheld documents, you and your associates have no authentic evidence that I have.  I will not compromise my integrity, and I will not subjugate my rights any further to “authority” that demonstrates complete lack of integrity, and evident common practice of criminal misconduct. 

You and your associates are still residing within the delusion that I am the criminal in this scenario.  You are all quite mistaken, check out some of those Statutes you mentioned to me during a prior meeting.  I am unable to support the terroristic agenda of the racketeering organization for which you are acting on behalf.  Prosecutors in misconduct have withheld exculpatory evidence for two Years.

Considering at is the only evidence they have, the false lab reports provided by you and officer Smith are the only crimes in evidence, and they are not my crimes.  Again, check the statutes, there is a section about false testimonies and deprivation of liberty.  Carry on, do as you feel necessary.


                   Stacey Sade

Brutality, Civil rights, Contempt of Constitution, Criminal government, Dereliction of duty, Disillusioned, Domestic terrorism, human rights, Liberty, Malicious prosecution, Misrepresentation, New World Order in Action, Presentation of Evidence, Psychopathy, psychological manipulation,, US Constitution

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Discussion on Behavior Science (Mental Disorder) 9 comments



Pathological envy. They are jealous of everything, and feel they are entitled to you not having anything they don’t. Sickening… Empty. Pure evil.
I have been under attack of a large organization of just such creatures. For two years… In positions of authority… My my but their cruelty knows no bounds. It is unreal.
As a child of psychopaths with a sibling that is bipolar/schizophrenic… I have no business being sane, or alive. Evidently, Almighty God has use for the strength, knowledge, and clarity that were honed to the finest degree throughout this crazy voyage. Determined to be everything they were not. Totally winning. And you better go on knowing, their is nothing they despise more than recognition, and exposure! Equipped with my lifelong experience, I knew from the moment their campaign began, and have consistently described their behavior and illustrated what their next plan of action would be. Also, for the sake of fairness, I informed them of my parental indoctrination of the tactics and habits of psychopaths. You know they LOVED hearing that. And that I am immune to their manipulations, having had every every every potentially destructive scenario conceived directed at me my whole life. They are completely transparent to me. Typically so charming and persuasive, in my presence they can hardly contain their animosity. Practically snarling instantly. That is a very pleasing effect to render on such creatures. It may be sinful, but the glitch I cause in their delusion is extremely gratifying. Forgive me, Jesus, it is not particularly gracious to harbor satisfaction in their frustration… I pray such feelings will transform into positive, beneficial knowledge if/when I am able to be liberated from current circumstances and begin the challenge of recovery.

US Constitution

In loving memory of Dr Rauni Kilde

Targeted Individual from Poland

Bases 5 Remake 2016, Part 1, Dr Rauni Kilde was assassinated by covert weapons in 2015. This interview by Miles Johnston, introduced by Anne Hess, (2009) shows almost from the start the harassment that ulitimatley killed Rauni.
Rauni’s final public appearance was in Brussels, Nov 2014, at the Covert Harassement and Targeted Individual conference, which in itself was a targeted event.
With Reptilian stone carvings in conflict with humans, in an Oslo park, the meanings are in the pictures, there is much in this symbolicly to alert the unawake.
So much was lost due to the targeting, that a second interview, to follow was arranged for the summer.
Here we have re-edited in HD, one of the seminal new interviews (in 2009)_ with Rauni, a pioneer in exposing Mind Control, and the PHYSICAL affects of out of body controlled action. This and the pioneering Russian UFO and psychic researcher, with…

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42 U.S. Code ss 1985, Abuse of authority, Abuse of position, Accountability, Brutality, Contempt of citizens, Contempt of Constitution, Covert terrorism, Revoke authority, Seeking assistance, US Constitution

Child Abuse Awareness Month…

Hallelujah, hallelujah, God bless the child who suffers…

Shania Twain


The following statement was  expressed originally  as a comment on an article in Navarre Press reporting about April being Child Abuse Awareness month.  I copied it here because I fully Expect NP to delete it.  I’m sure they are not particularly fond of my comments, they wish to have no part in exposing the corruption of Santa Rosa County authorities.

 I conclude they don’t mind waste of county resources and criminal misconduct being compensated while public safety is disregarded.  Hope they can handle security.  I know I do just fine, unless rendered defenseless by teams of armed forces, depriving me of the ability and the right to defend myself and protect my children.  Their positions suggest that they would help protect my children, evidence shows quite the contrary.


At the beginning of April 2014, I was forced to report the abuse and neglect of three children on my street. It is not an easy decision to make. I am still greatly affected by the things I have been witness to. For those children, and for my children and my conscience, I did what I had to do.

And then, I remained involved when the investigator showed up. I Watched over those children while the investigation occurred. I was there… To answer for my participation, because those kids needed someone, my report was legitimate, credible.
Another reason for my confusion, regarding the attack that was launched against me and my children, beginning May 12, 2015. Which includes three or four reports to DCF about my children, despite no history of any prior reports. Naturally, the individual making reports does not demonstrate the same concern I had for the children I witnessed being abused. Nobody showed up to protect my children, if they were considered in danger.

DCF would not divulge the person who made the reports… Considering the reports were illegitimate, I think I should be informed of who is slandering my character and causing trauma for my children where none previously existed. My theory is that the most recent reports, made within days of each other, and resulted in a man, predator, threatening me with removing my children from the home, was made by DOC probation officer or supervisor, in malicious retaliation for my refusal To participate in their criminal activity.

I would love to be wrong, but I am certain enough to record it here that I am correct. More false information, character assassination, by our trusted authorities. Fine examples of how our tax dollars are spent!

US Constitution

My children are a part of Habitat for Humanity’s legacy.

Miss McMasters and everyone at Pensacola Habitat for Humanity,

Please be assured, I have no evil intent. I do not, and will not seek revenge.  I want my life back.  I would like restoration of

the security that I have always maintained for myself and my children.

There is a proposal that I composed a while back that I will provide

for your consideration.

The devastation that has transpired in the lives of me and my children were God’s Plan for us.  Nothing can change our pain and suffering, likewise nothing can take away the immeasurable growth and strength that we as people and the bond between us has gained.  They learned alot about themselves, so very courageous, and I’d imagine they’ve learned a lot about human nature.  They will be ever so

prepared, and better able to recognize the monsters among us.  I could

not be prouder of their demeanor and how they have come through this

most trying of occurrences.  Although nearly every adult they have been in contact with since my arrest was in doubt of me, due to all

this debauchery.  And in my absence I’m sure, understandably they were

feeling a little doubtful.  But we have come past that.  My children

know me like none, other than Almighty God and Christ Jesus, my

salvation.  I have never given them cause to doubt me.  I don’t participate in dishonesty.  I work for Almighty God, eternally

grateful and readily available for however He chooses to guide me.

The actions taken against me and my children were the work of pure evil.  You are being given the opportunity to see it,

recognize it, and abolish it from your lives. I just want back what is rightfully mine.  Since that’s impossible, the proposal will do just fine.  I didn’t take anything from anybody.  I never asked for, nor expected to be given more than I earned in any endeavor.  I fulfilled

to completion my partnership with Habitat.  I introduced several

people to that opportunity that were blessed as a result.  I do not wish to bring a sensational holocaust to bring Habitat to it’s knees. Too many people that could benefit would be affected.  I don’t wish to cause suffering as has been done to me.  I hope that some can learn

from it as I certainly have.

My daughter, most magnificent, is A/B honor roll and has been

every year in school.  She’s completed two years on the robotics team,

and she recently performed with her school choir at Disney.  I was

forced to miss that monumental time in her life, I can’t get that back.  She also has published intellectual property that gained great capital for your organization.  There is no better resume of a perfect recipient for immeasurable scholarship and contribution to the

character that began to form while building her Habitat home.  That

goes much better with everything Habitat for Humanity stands for and

is an advocate.  My children’s future is part of Habitat’s legacy.  A

big part, I assure you, their contribution was grand.

Since Stephanie Jarman can so masterfully influence her friends

to commit the crimes necessary to put me in the precarious position in

which I now reside, perhaps she can likewise influence them to drop

the fabricated charges, dismiss my case, cease and desist their criminal behavior where I am concerned, and leave me and my children alone.  I do not attempt to impose myself on anyone, I only ask that they no longer impose themselves on me or my children.  Not my

business or my concern.  The careless act of one selfish person.   And

yet nobody else responded to me either.

There could have been a

conversation between two grown up, comprehensive people.  Or more, I would have presented  my request to the board, asked for a grace period.  “You’re only option is to pay in full”  Nothing more.  I am not insignificant, Miss.

It is unfortunate for you, but I will NOT be dismissed and disregarded by the likes of you and just shut up and go away.  I maintained my partnership.  What have you done?

I could carry on with my life as God intends it, without regard for what is not my business or my concern.  There are far many more important things.  I can live without their attention, why must they continue to seek mine so desperately?  Let’s agree to disagree and move on.  I gave

no cause for suspicion.  I could provide endless references to my

character, and plenty of evidence of no wrong doing on my part.  I’d

hate for that to be necessary, and so much more suffering for others.

I don’t participate in dishonesty as a way of life.  So that I may set

that example for my children and so that I leave no room for doubt.

Transparency.  I will happily answer for any action I’ve taken.  I am

responsible for my actions, that is why I act responsibly.

Although I don’t feel that I owe an explanation to anyone

considering no wrong doing.  I will grant one for the record.  From

June 2014 to January 2015 I did not make a payment on my mortgage.  I

intended to make arrangements and start paying in February, but my

conversation with Stephanie Jarman changed that.  Actually, it wasn’t

much of a conversation.  Had I been given the opportunity to speak

with someone more in line with Habitat’s mission, they may have taken

into consideration the payments toward the principal above the payment schedule, instead of just snatching away my HOME.  When I missed the

first payment it had been agonized over by me.  I don’t have a history

of non payment.  I thought that the extra payments I had made and the six month lease period I had completed before mortgage, as well as the

300 sweat equity hours.  I considered them as equity.  Collateral,

perhaps to speak for character, that I might be afforded some grace to

get caught up.  Nothing more.  I figured the six months I was behind

were more then covered by what I calculated I had paid over on the

principal.  That is to assume that the money was really going where I

expected it to go when I didn’t miss a payment for the five years

before this treachery.  Should be a safe assumption if my partner is really as they proclaim to be.  Whether or not is not my concern.

What is my concern is that I was given no opportunity to defend my

home.  To “kick a man while he’s down” doesn’t really fit with the

mission statement that Habitat stands behind and through which

receives large sums of grant money.

That brings me to the Hardest Hit Fund….The Treasury

Department announcement states “it would exercise its authority to

obligate up to $2 billion in additional Troubled Asset Relief Programs

(TARP) funds to the Hardest Hit Fund (HHF)program.  The additional

investment in HHF will enable participating state Housing Finance

Agencies (HFAs) to continue assisting struggling homeowners and

stabilizing neighborhoods in many of the nations hardest hit


Well, hey I was a struggling homeowner, living in a

neighborhood supposedly in the process of stabilization.  That’s what

Habitat is administrating, is it not?  It seems this program is

intended to benefit a person such as myself.  Single mother, always

worked so hard and not taking advantage of government resources such

as food stamps.  Slipped behind due to injury, hospitalized TWICE last

year, in fact.  How very derelict of a professional finance agent

(representing a non profit organization such as Habitat for Humanity,

Internationally revered as an advocate for “changing the systems,

policies, attitudes, and behaviors that lead to inadequate housing and

homelessness” taken from to not suggest the Hardest Hit

Fund to a struggling homeowner in order to avoid foreclosure.”The second phase will utilize an application process open to

all participating HFAs.  This phase will allow Treasury to focus

additional resources on HFAs that have significant ongoing foreclosure

prevention and neighborhood stabilization needs, a proven track record

utilizing funds, and successful program models to address these


Again, perfectly describing Habitat, a sound indication that

a professional financial agent for a qualifying HFA should have

recognized that I should have been a qualifying applicant.  So, what

caused Miss Jarman to discriminate against me and fail to disclose

that information?  And instead, initiate such swift action to

foreclose my home, in direct conflict with Habitat’s mission?

Several times over the years I was a witness to my neighbor,

Marla Zirker falling behind on her payments.  At least one of those

times she mentioned foreclosure had been threatened, but she was

allowed to get caught up and keep her home.  She walks with darkness.

I am not in a position to state how I came to that knowledge, it is

not my business to speak of, just that it is based on information that

she provided.  I walk with Jesus.  Did Miss Jarman discriminate

against my religion, the same that Habitat promotes themselves with,

and tear my life apart because she walks with darkness too?

“Do not enter the path of the


And do not walk in the way of


Avoid it, do not travel on it;

Turn away from it and pass on.

For they do not sleep unless

they have done evil;

And their sleep is taken away

unless they make someone


For they eat the bread of


And drink the wine of violence.”“But the path of the just is like

the shining sun,

That shines ever brighter into

the perfect day.

The way of the wicked is like


They do not know what makes

them stumble.”

Provebs 4:14-19

Another former neighbor, Jon Burditt, also walks with

darkness.  He was mentioned previously in my response to foreclosure. The single father with one child who lived in his Habitat house for over two years and proclaimed he’d never made a payment.  Also ***** ***** around the corner from my house.  Lovely girl… had at least

two people die from drug overdose in her house.  One of which she left

there while he was still living and called it in  from another location, he was dead by the time paramedics arrived.  Plenty of

darkness there. To be sure, the men and women that have targeted me by the influence of Stephanie Jarman are under the spell of darkness.  To go

after my children in such a way.  And never face me, not one time was

I questioned.  Their time here is done.  Call off your dogs, Miss Jarman. The devil has already been defeated.  I work for Almighty God,

and I revoke you.  Go back to the pits of hell, and take your sniveling demons with you.  So shall it be, in Jesus’ name.

Grace to everyone,Stacey Sade, readily in service to God Almighty

The following was added later, attempting to obtain Accountability, still none has been rendered.

It is still  incomprehensible to me that I have been the subject of such cruelty.  And such unprofessional, in fact, criminal acts.  In response to a complaint about the fraudulent, still as yet invalid foreclosure, that I submitted to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the disclosure that court documents were altered.  Twice the responder recognized that the date for hearing was set by the county clerk for July 17, 2015… By legal service, I was provided with a date of July 14…

Also, the hearing was for plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment, which to my understanding is intended for cases that are not contested, which is odd, because I was strongly contesting the validity of debt.  I have mortgage summaries that show clearly that I had repeatedly paid additional principle due for the year.  (2011,2012, 2013)  Though there was something amiss about that as well, because each year the estimated pay off date was extended.  It would seem to me that since I had never missed a payment, never was late, even, that the pay off date would, in the least, remain the same.  However, each year it changed (2012-payoff 2032, 2013-payoff 2033.)

In consideration of how faithfully I completed, contributed to, and maintained the partnership that was mutually agreed to by myself and Habitat, and my successful completion of all requirements, I think I am entitled to some explanation.

There is also the matter of the capitol gain that was made from the use of a drawing of my daughter’s.  I realize it has been a number of years, but to disregard this contribution to your organization, in partnership, from a 7 year old girl, to in turn, wrongfully take the home that that little girl helped build, to cause such destruction of our lives, is no less than pure evil.  And it didn’t stop there, as if that wasn’t enough.

The willingness of representatives to commit such acts as to alter court documents, to prevent my appearance at a hearing that was filed with false information,  greatly supports the probability that further actions were taken, as well.  Such determination to keep me away, to have me locked away somewhere would be ever so effective, and it was, wasn’t it?
It is time to atone for these criminal acts.  I will continue to seek someone that will hold you accountable, and I am fully supported by Almighty God, Christ Jesus, and all the archangels in heaven and everywhere.  Ironically, my strength in faith, and the connection that I maintain was profoundly strengthened by the influence that several individuals that I had the honor to encounter through Habitat.  Mrs. Betty Salter, Mrs. Terrye Takacs, Mr. Biff Wheeler, Mr. Rick Evans, Mr. Jim Salter.
You have an entire subdivision of surplus property for sale to the public, I will accept that as your contribution to my daughter’s future, and for her recovery from the trauma.  I will also accept the return of every penny I paid towards the house that you defrauded me out of, as well as provision of all materials to build another home, which I have already drawn the plans for, sparing no expense.  Sure, I will also accept the means to secure housing while construction is under way of our new home, that shall be built within the subdivision (Carmel Ridge?) that will so graciously be presented to my daughter.  We all know surplus is just another word for profit, and since you’re organization claims to be non-profit, yet boasts $54 million in assets, I don’t think this contribution to atone for such criminal acts as have been waged upon my children and I will cause any great hardship.
I would greatly appreciate some attention to this matter, as need for housing is quite urgent for my children and myself.
                                                        In grateful service, dedicated to Jesus Christ
42 U.S. Code ss 1985, Abuse of authority, Abuse of position, access to justice, Accountability, Brutality, Civil rights, Contempt of citizens, Contempt of Constitution, Covert terrorism, Criminal government, Criminal justice reform, Dereliction of duty, Disillusioned, Domestic terrorism, Enterprise in commission, Ethics, Accountability, Government Oversight, False testimony, human rights, Legislation for change, Liberty, Malicious prosecution, Medical professional, Misrepresentation, New World Order in Action, Oath breakers, Presentation of Evidence, Psychopathy, psychological manipulation,, Psyop, racketeering activity, Revoke authority, Seeking assistance, Title 18 U.S.C.A. CH 110 ss 2251, Title 18 U.S.C.A. CH 113C ss 2340A, Treason, Tyranny, Unethical, Unprofessional, US Constitution, Violation of ethics

Re: ACLU Florida Campaign for Criminal Justice Reform

American Civil Liberties Union,

I am American, born and raised.  Typical, nothing special, though infinitely above average.  I have lived my life unassumingly, causing no harm to anyone, ever, expecting nothing aside from what I have earned.  I do not feel that I am entitled to anything I have not compensated for by contributing to an environment/community beneficial to all members of society.  Justice, defending the civil liberties of  hard working tax payers.  I can provide references of former employers.  I will offer my services on additional cases.  For my children.  The attached newsletter from this esteemed organization proclaims correlation with ten other organizations in a campaign for criminal justice reform in Florida.  My children and their loss and suffering unecessarily is the reason reform is needed so urgently.  For failure to wear a seatbelt, we were invaded and exterminated.  That is unacceptable. 

I believe myself to be an individual that should be receiving their assistance, in the form of defense against everything they claim to stand to protect people from, in the name of human decency.  I am unaware of anything that excludes me from the entity described as American citizens.  If protecting the rights and liberties of American citizens is the goal, my rights and liberties are included, and they are deviantly being deprived,by means of abuse, manipulation, and subversion of justice. (?????).

How is it possible, for an organization whose mission is  to secure and defend the integrity of this nation’s liberty, the United States Constitution, refuse to support exposure of infiltration of tyranny to justice.  My case will most assuredly provide significant foundation for which to base legislative intention.  My background illustrates ideal reflection of American citizen, meticulously documented. The extent of damage is immeasurable, incalculable, and soon will be fatal, if justice is not served.  ACLU rejected my application for assistance.  Of course, they expressed sympathy, but rejection is rejection.  Greatly contributing to the darkness, leaving me without defense and facilitating further injustice. The assault against me continues, the desecration of liberty. To refuse to take action to bring this organization to justice would be promotion of future attacks.  I am not their only victim, I’m just the only individual who recognizes their enterprise.  Average citizens don’t typically have knowledge of legal process, otherwise counsel would not be necessary.  They have exploited the ignorance of countless citizens.  I managed to accumulate absolute evidence to expose them.  I need help, effective counsel, to perform the rituals required to make presentation of evidence possible.  To present evidence.  Why is that too much to ask?  It is certainly not too much to expect.  To that. I do very much feel entitled.  Possibly the only thing I feel entitled to, I have the right to present evidence, of my innocence, as well as their guilt.  

Not just one, but two psychologists have performed predetermined evaluations.  The second going so far as to strenuously recommend involuntary hospitalization, and antipsychotic medication.  Most delicious and satisfying to the perpetrators of my ongoing execution…  Sexual exploitation of my daughter, to terrorize and intimidate.  In order to gain access they had to lock me up again, to prevent me from protecting my children.  He got caught, and my daughter is okay, but the incident could have been prevented, if I had effective defense against these people, who are actively using the justice system in contradiction to its purpose.  My crime is human decency, morality, inspiration to others, demonstrating kindness to everyone, PLEASE HELP ME AND MY CHILDREN,

I applied for assistance from ACLU right around this time last year.  They triumphed in a case against Santa Rosa County detention facility that awarded over a million dollars I believe.  About a postcard.  A postcard.  First Amendment?  I was denied stamps, that I had paid for, on two separate occasions.  I have the itemized receipts of purchase along with the inventory from which they were selected.  ACLU rejected me and my children, though.  And still, we have no defense, obstruction of evidence continues.
  They’ll kill my son, that will be their next strategy.  Of this I have no doubt, and probation is already setting it up.  I am being forced to comply, under threat of institutionalisation by the JUDGE.  Having been the recommendation of “Dr.” Lawrence Gilgun, he testified that he could see no alternative, suggesting very little chance that treatment will prove effective, life sentence probable.  Despite no evidence that I meet criteria set forth.  Also strenuous testimony from “Dr.” Stephen F. X. Zieman that hospitalization is not necessary, and the diagnosed disorder is not treatable with medication.The judge deemed me incompetent, and ordered community based treatment.  The counselor from Lakeview Center, appointed to my treatment, has recognized after two sessions, that I am not incompetent.  In the absence of obstructing agents, I had opportunity to present evidence to verify all of the facts that are deemed delusion.
While reporting to probation, immediately after competence treatment order was issued, urinalysis that officer specifically requested orders for, allegedly showed positive for marijuana.  The two months prior, while reporting, I respectfully refused to comply, they have already used this tactic, the first false positive was utilized to violate probation.  Lab results are hearsay without testimony of lab technician, aren’t they?  Apparently, not in my case.  June 15, 2016 I was detained, despite no technician questioned on legitimacy of report.  I have no doubt of illegitimacy, effective counsel would have pursued verification.  During this false imprisonment is when access was gained to my daughter, and she became acquainted with the agent recruited to target her for the purpose of sexual abuse.
Developments in my favor most certainly have them strategizing. The Lakeview liaison recognition of my competence is not good for their agenda.   My son is their next target, I’m not wrong.  Perhaps that seems dramatic, I imagine my pleas for protection for my children seemed dramatic before the sexual exploitation of my daughter, also.  I wasn’t wrong then, and now she’s a victim and David Duane Paxton, Sr. is charged with lewd and lascivious, facing many years of imprisonment.  (Case #16011084, dep. Bodnovits) The facts of my case verify with absolution.  I am willing to bet that the statement that was taken from me, when my daughter was found with this man, is being suppressed.  I contacted Lt. Scott Haines, I have received no response.
It is my opinion that refusal to assist me to obtain justice in this matter would be verification of fraud.  Presenting a facade of advocacy and assistance, while demonstrating damaging destructive actions.  Say one thing, do another.  Quite common in current events. Pensacola Habitat for Humanity uses the same scenario.  If that is the agenda of ACLU, how unfortunate for the American citizens under their “protection”.  And if the recipient of this communication is participating in such grand scale deception, congratulations you are a demoralizing parasite, as well.  I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, Lord of hosts, that ACLU has activists that are decent human beings, and I pray, my Lord, that this communication is delivered into the hands of a champion for liberty.  Thank You, Jesus, all exaltation to You, my Salvation.
 In service to
Almighty God
and His son Jesus,
Stacey Sade

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CCJR Campaign
Dear Stacey,

While harsher sentencing was once considered being “tough on crime,” these costly policies have proven to be ineffective and counterproductive. That’s why we have joined together with more than ten organizations to form the Florida Campaign for Criminal Justice Reform, a nonpartisan coalition dedicated to reducing the overuse of incarceration in Florida while never compromising public safety.

We know that Floridians are ready to fix Florida’s broken criminal justice system, and like voters and elected officials in other states, we recognize that overuse of incarceration is not the best solution to fix crime and improve public safety.

It’s time for better justice in Florida.

Why does Florida need the Campaign for Criminal Justice Reform?

  • Florida spends over $2.4 billion a year to incarcerate approximately 100,000 people.
  • Florida’s population roughly tripled between 1970 and 2014, but its prison population increased by more than 1,000 percent.
  • Florida’s sentence lengths increased 166 percent from 1990 to 2009—more than any other state.

We need every voice to help us pass comprehensive criminal justice reforms during this year’s legislative session. With your help, we believe we can pass real reforms that would get Floridians closer to the fair and just criminal justice system they deserve.

Help the Campaign for Criminal Justice Reform by:

  1. Joining the Campaign by signing up as a supporter or volunteer at
  2. Spread the word on social media by joining us on Facebook and Twitter, and using the hashtag #BetterJusticeFL.
  3. Be ready to answer calls to engage with your legislators from ACLU-FL’s action alert list.

It is un-American to stand idly by and tolerate our government locking up so many people, treating racial and ethnic minorities unfairly and squandering public resources. Today, with your help, the Florida Campaign for Criminal Justice Reform is working to change that.


Raymer Maguire IV, Campaign Manager

ACLU of Florida

P.S. Did you hear about the ACLU’s Resistance Training on Saturday, March 11, at the University of Miami? The event will launch People Power, the ACLU’s new effort to engage grassroots volunteers across the country, so make sure you sign up to watch the event live.

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