Superior standards, now a heinous crime??{Source}Mighty networks

Promote deviant behavior?? I find it necessary to decline, in the interest of improving our circumstances, and not participating in demoralizing my children.

Salutations.  It was OK… So a grand improvement from what has become typical.  Moving slow today.  Most recent development is sickening enough to have cost me some sleep..  Could we set something for Weds?  Still haven’t attended some Lakeview bullshit for Savana’s eligibility determination for criminal enterprise.  Still trying to find the appropriate entity to contact to inform of my inability to encourage my daughter to become engage with an organization promoting criminal acts of physical assault, bullying, intimidation, producing false records, defamation and degradation of others, profiling…

Essentially gang activity, really, just masqueraded and advertising false front. Not an adequate example for my daughter, or appropriate influence for her to develop characteristics that will produce moral, socially standard behavior.  I have yet to discover any record that the law has been altered to reflect that substandard is expected and … ?upheld? by force/authority.  I am not willing to mislead my daughter to accept what is beneath her potential, and damaging to her environment, character, and psychology.  It makes no sense to encourage my daughter to pursue instruction in deviant behavior, and by my observation that is the curriculum they are teaching.  I find it significantly contrary to improving her circumstances or recovering from the damages suffered from the trauma she has endured.

TASC pamphlet describes services beneficial for youth, however it is far from beneficial for a victim of such invasive assault as she has sustained to fail to recognize excessive brutality from authority.  I will not instruct my daughter to accept degradation, to believe it to be acceptable for anyone to attempt to manufacture inferior ideology and produce submissive characteristics.

I prefer to encourage my children to pursue instruction and experiences that adequately fulfill their extraordinary potential.  It is blatantly evident that authorities are not fond of superior standards, however there has yet to be a law enacted to prohibit the practice or pursuit.  How very desperately sad that demoralization is so indoctrinated, at this point, that there is a need to defend the procedure of development towards greater achievement.  I will not allow them to reverse the standards that I have demonstrated to my children for their benefit.  I do not attempt to force my higher standards on them, I just refuse to reduce myself or my children to their substandard behavior.  I am not aware of any statute that is a violation of, in fact it may fit under “,pursuit of happiness????

I am seriously expected to instruct my daughter that it is OK that an armed man handcuffed and assaulted her, and further, that he is entitled to an apology, for disrespecting her, physically assaulting her, with such a monumental unfair advantage of being a grown ass man, in itself but additionally in possession of a firearm, with her restrained in handcuffs, in his position as trusted official.  Impossible, unacceptable, morally reprehensible.

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I hope you had a good weekend and a perfect Mother’s Day! I am working in Navarre today if you have time to meet. Please let me know. thx.

Santa Rosa County, Div. N Escambia County, & Dept. of Corrections

6024 Spikes Way, Milton, FL 32583


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