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Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 12:58 Pm


Assistance was rejected by Rutherford institute.  I am still without effective council.  Help would be tremendously appreciated.  Please help, investigate, something.

Incredible Hell super hero Sat, Oct 1, 2016 at 7:35 PM
To: info@judicialwatch.org

 Fabricated charges, their own documentation provides the majority of my evidence.  No cause for several searches, illegitimate warrants for search and for arrest.  Shouldn’t they at least be notarized?  Mine aren’t, no judges seal either.  And since they can’t deny the claims I’ve made against them, they arranged to have me deemed incompetent in psychological eval that I predicted in a letter was predetermined.  Psychologist claims I have delusional disorder based on several incidents that I have documented evidence took place.  Including being denied access to hearing for foreclosure, and PREA incident that was intentionally facilitated.



Statements acknowledging these incidents took place from senior officers with FDLE.  And a letter from FDLE claiming they cannot find tips I left on their website that were not anonymous, they included my name and phone #, and the wanted fugitive I was tipping about was myself.  In the tips, some of which were quoted mockingly to me by a detective, I demanded they remove my name from their false documents and informed them that real estate was not their job, they should let Habitat handle their own business.  I can understand why they would not want them found.

My intention was to provide them a way to contact me at the time in order to protect my children, who had never been in an environment of criminality.  Officers bypassed me however and searched my parents home in the presence of my children.  There is nothing in my background to indicate anything less than cooperation for the 20 years I’ve lived in my community, holding customer service jobs, very well known to citizens and law enforcement alike.  At one point, while working night shift at WalMart I would spend my lunch break working out at the beach at 2am and, more often than not officers on duty would come by to check on me, knowing I was out there alone.  The current terror strategy taking place against me has not involved any patrol cars, only black chargers.  I suspect the deputies that are familiar with me have refused to get involved.  Not defending me, but at least not against me either.  I am taking minute victories in baby steps. 

The attorney assigned by the judge has responded to my complaint with Florida Bar, and I submitted rebuttal.  I feel that to have made it that far in the process is a big deal??  And a complaint about the judge that presided over my foreclosure has also made it past the first step, received a docket # and is going before the investigative panel of judicial qualifications committee at their next meeting.  I also complained about the judge that was previously presiding over my criminal case, but have not received a response on that one yet.  I have put together complaints about the ASA, public defender, chief deputy(supervisor of detention facility) who is currently campaigning for sheriff.  In his position as supervisor of d.f. the correspondence between myself and senior officers should have been his duty to review.  Correspondence consists of me describing criminal misconduct equivalent to terrorism by definition of Florida statutes, PREA incidents, officers allowing drug use to take place, acknowledged by captains.

  I hope we all win! It is intimidating to have so many against me.  Probation officer and her supervisor are in cooperation with this terror organization.  Violated me with false positive toxicology, the evidence is their own report, required information omitted.  Any information you could provide would be welcome.  I have no expectations though.  Confirmation assures me that I am merely a vessel, in service to my salvation and therefore my shield, Christ Jesus and Almighty God.  And the fact that I have survived all of the attempts that have been made confirms that I am under the protection of all of the power, love, and security of all the archangels in heaven.  I am Gods warrior, the devil has already been defeated.  I imagine this battle is God’s attempt to give these individuals one last chance to be decent human beings and 

I have not taken action against them, resources wont allow it.  It has taken me a year to find what agencies to complain to, and so many have been disregarded.  Florida Bar and JQC response has been very encouraging though.  2-75 …. Not great odds, but I can work with that.  Thank you for all you do in the effort to restore justice.  I will continue, even if I am unable to relieve them of their fat ass budget ( I HAVE cause, and qualify for treble damages, inhumane is putting it nicely and I was hospitalized before and after false imprisonment).  Accountability would suffice.  They should be required to pay, everything they own, but I don’t NEED anything from them except their absence.  But I will see them held accountable.  And I already know, when the time comes for them to an


through their attempts to influence me to respond predictably, I have not given them justification for the treatment I have received by not behaving like a criminal.  The detectives that initiated this terror strategy have never even questioned me, not able to be in my presence, or look me on the eye.
Is there some procedure, if representing myself, to file civil suit without fees?  I am considering suit against the agency as well as each individual.  Certainly the captains of detention facility whose statements denying access to foreclosure hearing, and supervisor of facility , who cannot claim ignorance without that being considered dereliction of duty???
My apologies for the length, I appreciate your time and consideration.  I am hopeful for a response, perhaps some intelligent advice, I have not received a whole terrible lot of that.  
A partner in the cause, Stacey Sade

(~.^)Keep believing!


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