Habitat for Humanity shows thanks to partner for funds gained from a drawing created by 7 year old daughter in the most logic defying way.{Source} Disqus comments


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The Perception of Fact . . .                                                

DragonTitus 4 days ago
Personal experience, I sat in a court room two days ago and listened to two “psychologist” expert witnesses give blatantly false testimony based on no facts. With nothing solid to support their lies, recommendation for institutionalization of an innocent citizen was presented. Honestly, delusion is how they describe reality, because they are residing in an alternative they have created in their mind. And the creatures I am refering to are imprisoning their victims in their creation. It is terrifying, an incomprehensible phenomenon made possible by the separation and indifference of the Human race. http://Dragontitus.blogspot.com


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“Tabula Rasa”

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Sheriff Caught Speeding Refuses Blue Privilege — D…

DragonTitus 14 days ago
Sheriff Chitwood, I am grateful. It always lifts me up a biy yo see reports of LEOs demonstrating integrity. It’s been quite some time since that has come out of Florida. I have begun to think that evil has all Florida authority under oit’s spell. I have lived in Santa Rosa County for 22 years… Never had an unpleasant encounter with local deputies, working customer service jobs, and refusing to participate in criminal activity.
They betrayed me. They tortured me while falsely imprisoned on fabricated charges. They invaded my home with an illegitimate warrant, while I was hospitalized, having surgery on the very wound that they used to torture me. They exposed me to sex offenders, gave them access by a door left unlocked while I was in the shower. They refused to allow me to appear at a hearing of foreclosure and I lost my children’s home.
Thank you, sir, for your integrity. Good behavior is contagious, just as well as bad behavior is. http://Dragontitus.blogspot.com for verification of every statement of fact. Why would they do that? Even involving my children. They prevented me from protecting my children… my daughter has since become a victim of child sex crime. 22 years I’ve lived in this town. My children…

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DragonTitus 15 days ago
Ok, so my theory is that guilt, fear, and doubt are the means by which darkness gains access to a host. Personally, I believe that I maintain an unobstructed connection to Almighty God by not participating in any activity that would cause any of them. Indeed, the struggle is REAL, to be the individual who doesn’t just say it, but actually does it. Effectively. That which most woulda, coulda, shoulda, but didn’t for whatever reason…the opinion of others, most commonly.
Free from the concern of the opinions of others, with the knowledge that nobody else has to live with the consequences of my choices but me. Nobody else is responsible for my actions, except me. And I take responsibility for my actions, therefore I act responsibly. It is not between me and them… it is between me and my conscience and Almighty God.
It is profoundly liberating to have the confidence to speak that truth, with the support of solid verification. Especially in these days when it has become evident that a very large portion of the population seems to be residing in some alternate reality, of pure deception.

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Homeless and Involuntary Institutionalization

DragonTitus Deplorable me 15 days ago
Deplorable me, I agree with newestbeginning, I am grateful for your loyalty to your friend. God bless you. We certainly have our work cut out for us. Grace in the midst of such abominable behavior is so very courageous, and very difficult. I am grateful for the difference that you ARE making in the world.
But when the goodness and love
for man
appeared from God our Savior,
He saved us-
not by works of righteousness
that we had done,
but according to His mercy,
through the washing of regeneration
and renewal by the Holy Spirit.
Titus 3:4-5

DragonTitus 15 days ago
Dragontitus.blogspot.com… Profoundly disturbing. Who decides they are incapable of caring for themselves??? There is a rather large group of sadistic individuals that have decided to make it their life’s goal to label me with the title of your discussion, despite 23 years in the same community and no history of any type of disturbance or unpleasant encounter with law enforcement. Nevertheless, a fabricated record, easily orchestrated once my identity was accessed through a routine traffic stop, was enough to quite literally exterminate my character.
Previously, I may have supported the good intentions. Based on my experience, violating anyone’s rights is not okay. I feel betrayed by my country, my community, my friends, my family. Yet, I recognize the inclination to believe in the authenticity of law enforcement, basically we are indoctrinated, knowledge of corruption is greatly rejected. 23 years, as if everything I have done through my entire life was erased in this one moment, this seat belt violation, effectively erased every act of kindness, every achievement, everything I have worked for my whole life.
I may have drifted away from topic, a bit. I don’t think anyone should be forced to do anything against their will, if they are doing no harm to anyone. Sure, extend the courtesy, make the offer and satisfy yourself that the offer was understood, but, in my opinion, based on personal experience, if they refuse assistance, let them be. There is a good possibility that they survived every other day without being forced to accept intervention, perhaps based on their experience, they prefer the environment in which they have found themselves. Nobody can claim to know what any other individual has experienced. What if what is perceived as mental illness is actually the product of being mistreated?? That is a very high probability, I know my experience has caused immeasurable damage.

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Horror in the Mind – The Psychological Effects of To…

DragonTitus 15 days ago
I was tortured last year, really for the last two years continuously. Local law enforcement, after 23 years in my community, no prior record, their cruelty knows no bounds. Dragontitus.blogspot.com. Irrefutable evidence includes their own gleefully acknowledging statements.


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