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I started this two days ago after seeing a prompt on Disqus; write about a mother who would give her life for her child. The additions were a dying mother ….

~I feel it is such an honor to be mother to these two. Most magnificent of creatures. In awe of the greatness into which they grew.
~Though I can not take all the credit, the Lord has been my Guide to raise them well.
It does make me very proud that we don’t resemble statistics people tell.

~”Children without fathers turn to drug use, gangs, or crime, without a man,” I beg to differ, mine are a reflection that a single mother can.

~I gave my life for my children, for without them I’m incomplete, my dedication to their future made it impossible for any father to compete.

~I’m not saying that I’m perfect….*Dragontitus…

{I will be making additions.
This is why they NEED to keep me separated from my children. I am right here, on the same property. The darkness in between is so fucking desperate, though. And their cruelty knows no bounds. And EPIPHANY, that’s why.

Our background is fully on record. I have always kept journals, and calenders. I’m the child of psychopaths, nobody knows the value of written words, just words, any which way they come. They are essential, so very powerful, if you know how.*}

~I’m not saying that I’m perfect, that is not even what I am aiming towards,    It has been my experience that to be kind, patient, and observant deliver the most essential rewards.

~I suspect my independence, the fact that I was formerly quite successful,                                I had established an environment of comfort to all who came to call.

~Except for those who entered bringing darkness in their intent,                         Within my realm darkness expires , all words sway to my content.

~I have declared “Words are my craft” on numerous occasions,               timing is Almighty God’s, His gift to me is this magical persuasion.

~The name that I was given by Christ Jesus upon enduring, with grace, such brutal conditions,                   Titus, discovered October 21, 2015, sound doctrine, and incorruptible are the words that served as confirmation.

~It is time to bring an end to the attack that my family has persevered through.                                       Get off my ass, and since you’re all so wasteful with your funding,



No provocation? It must be a hate crime.

UPDATE: Because my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Lord of hosts, is immeasurably graceful and merciful, it occurred to me to forward the following information to the defense attorney that has been forced upon me by the court. I refer to it that way because he is obviously cooperating with the organization that is orchestrating the terrorism and character assassination campaign against me.

Hamlin Law Firm, Paul Hamlin, “defense” counsel enforced by Judge Ross Goodman,

For the record; Officer Fernando Vasquez,

DJJ Email correspondence

Correctional Probation Officer

Florida Department of Corrections,

It is unfortunate to meet under these circumstances. I seem to cause quite a disturbance amongst your colleagues with my honesty and insisting on refraining from participation in their criminal activity. It has been my life’s practice. I do not participate in dishonesty either. Under any circumstances. I have no cause to lie, and I can verify my truth, every statement made.

I find it necessary to notify you that it will be impossible for me to attend court if, as you say, Rob Secola will be present. The trauma I have sustained is immeasurable, the inclusion of my daughter in the sadistic campaign against me is indescribably devastating.

I never failed to protect my children, until the interference with custody by false imprisonment deprived me any possible means to do so. With me detained unlawfully, by illegitimate documents, false testimony to obtain a warrant, access was gained to my daughter. She was psychologically manipulated and sexually exploited by a man directly affiliated with DOC, an applicant for employment, providing incentive for participation. This occurred after extensive correspondence between myself and Rob Secola in which I expressed my fear for the safety of my children.

There has been no improvement, I assure you. I am in constant anticipation of homicide attempts on my children or myself. It is obvious the cruelty of Mr. Secola and his fellow operatives knows no bounds. Most recently my daughter, the same child whom they have sexually exploited, was physically assaulted by an armed man, while he had her restrained.

Sgt. Eutsy ordered me to stop speaking (a violation of my First Amendment right to freedom of speech, he’s an armed man) while I was stating the facts of the case. No they don’t match his story, and his story has changed from the day this event occurred.
Initially, April 19, he stated that “apparently she had kicked the officer on the way to the car”. That does not indicate to me that he saw it with his own eyes… He also stated that day that the person who reported my daughter could see everything her and co. were doing. In the report, sworn to by Officer Hargett, he stated that the reporting individual thought my daughter was doing narcotics. If he could see them, he didn’t think they were doing drugs.

Hargett was justifying his excessive force on a victim of a child sex crime, who has no prior disciplinary records of any kind. She is A/B honor roll every year, her attendance is excellent. She was on the robotics team for two years, after attending private school for two years. She was not raised in a violent environment. She has never had such an encounter with law enforcement. They have always been held in high regard, and shown utmost respect, I’m certain records will illustrate.

Rob Secola has made it very clear to me that he is a threat to myself and my children, and I have established that I am aware. There is no law against self preservation, and I am not suicidal. I have continuously requested assistance in protecting my children from psychological manipulation, they had to go further and cause more damage. I’d like a restraining order.

To be honest, I am still most disturbed by the manner in which a sample of her DNA was hijacked, a violation of even DoD policy for collection practices. And the fact that no order was issued for collection, nor was it included in any of the records. Highly alarming. Compounded by false violent felony charges, laying foundation for life sentence of harassment and confrontation, profiled as such. She attended ROTC camp. She is 14 years old. Why are you people so thoroughly violating my child? I implore you, look within yourself, this is pure evil, if you’re not…you are running out of time to come out of the darkness. Human decency, all that is required.

Stacey Sade

Walmart is interested in you

Hi Stacey,

We wanted to let you know that we have just posted an open position within the last day for a job in your area. Based on your profile and previous searches on our site, it appears that you may be a great fit! Please review this opportunity by clicking on the URL below.

Forwarded to:, Subject:

Opportunity available, sabotage from RICO makes impossible. Fwd: Walmart is interested in you…

The assassination of my character, the fabricated criminal record and false testimony which rendered questionable mental health, support probable cause to believe any attempt I make to reestablish my previously healthy, superior standard lifestyle would be strategically demolished. I will not allow my excellent work history to be tarnished by the same false information that has been used to degrade every other aspect of my life, by predators that have made it their lives goal to exterminate me.

I have failed to witness any single act that would encourage me to believe that there is any intention to demonstrate integrity or reflect the professional behavior described on record. I earned my excellent work history, by merit and superior performance, just as I earned everything else that has been unlawfully, unconstitution-ally, terroristically confiscated from me.

Just keeping you informed, you seem so thoroughly obsessed with my business. I would love to return to work for WalMart. I would also love to witness some behavior other than obstruction of justice, deprivation of speech in court, deprivation of liberty with no evidence, false testimony, illegitimate documentation, prosecutorial misconduct, malicious misrepresentation by counsel, dereliction of duty. You were correct, “Officer” Andoe, you will not lose your job because of me, the only person responsible for YOUR ACTIONS is you, ma’am.

Authentically, Stacey Sade / Dragon Titus

Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, I am unable to attend activities taking place at DOC Probation Milton Office, due to trauma sustained as a result of unfair advantage/deprivation of defense.


Tuesday March 21, 2017…. My observations.

I am deeply disturbed by the lack of investigators of the David Paxton case.  I was intending to request they examine the correspondence and clarify when and where initial contact was made.  Perhaps they already discovered those facts, and the motivation to withhold that information.  I already stated my theory, in my recorded statement, which I have also not received.  My my but they dig themselves deep.

{Lo and behold, but doesn’t it appear as if this might serve as motive for the retaliation orchestrated by OFFICER Hargitt?  An armed man who approached my 14 year old daughter with the full willful intent to deprive her rights and physically assault her.  Had a plan.}


I certainly find it impossible to believe that it is unrelated.  I wish I could, the implications of graduation from sexual exploitation to physical violence against my 14 year old daughter is terrifying.  Compounded by the degree of unfair advantage.  Defenseless against law enforcement.

By order of HONORABLE Judge Ross Goodman, an apology letter was ordered…  OFFICER Hargitt got his little self injured when My daughter violently assaulted him.  Bless his heart.

 Returning to observations from March 21…  I am absolutely certain that the call to DCF came from DOC.  Mom said another report was made the following day.  Missed another appointment with OFFICER Andoe.  Retaliation for vehicle malfunction?  Threatening my children yet again is a little extreme for a missed appointment.



Just to clarify, for the record, in April 2014, when I was forced to report the abuse and neglect that was taking place at the home of my neighbor, I was present when DCF investigator Heather Woods showed up.  Morally, it seems like the right thing to do.  I take responsibility for my actions.  The report I made was legitimate, children were truly at risk, confirmed by Miss Woods as well as Detective P.K. Blow, who was also on the scene.  I made myself available to answer any questions that might have become necessary. Being a party o such a disheartening situation was a challenge emotionally, but out of respect for the children, I remained present to see it through.  Morally, it only seemed right.

{We must recognize that I made my report out of sincere concern for the children, the same can not be expected of OFFICER Andoe… She is far more focused on whatever it is that is being offered for the deprivation of my liberty.}

Apparently, the individual who has reported false information to DCF about me does  not have the same moral standards.  Or respect for my children.  They don’t appear to be as determined to rake responsibility for their actions, either.  And Chris, DCF, informed me when I enquired about who made the report, that he can  not provide that information.  I don’t agree with them protecting the identity of the person who made the report.  Based on my experience, background and demonstrated behavior , I didn’t require them to protect my identity, because I had nothing to hide.  I made a legitimate report, for the protection of children.  Based on this data and previous credible encounter, I should qualify for the courtesy of the information identifying the individual who is attacking my credibility and character, not to mention my children.

And I am expected to continue to lower myself far enough to reach the bottom that you people are feeding off of???  Not unless OFFICER Andoe is going to start taking notes and following my example.  I recommend you work on reaching your own standards first.  If you ever get there, give me a call, maybe we can work something out for some instructions.

Always have so much to say. Stop me when I start lying.



Anti-Defamation League National Leadership Summit, Washington, D.C.  May 8, 2017…. Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James B. Comey made the following statement:

Hate crime is different from other crime.  It strikes at the heart of ones identity.  It strikes at our sense of self, our sense of belonging.  The end result is loss-loss of trust.  Loss of dignity.  And in the worst case, loss of life.

Hate crime hurts more than just the victim.  It harms the whole community.  Because an attack on one of us because of who and what we are, what we believe, or what we look like is an attack on all of us.




This could be the paranoid rantings of a delusional freak, or perhaps the raw truth observations of uncanny awareness…

Thursday March 16, 2017

Constitution of the United States Article 1 Section 9
The privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it.{Non-compliance is in response to criminal misconduct, breach of oath, and disregard/deprivation of my rights.}

Sunday June 4, 2017…… I qualified for time served a year ago. As I predicted and recorded (in the following letters, that I just rediscovered and will include), Julie Edward’s arrangement effectively deprived me of liberty, justice, peace, interfered with custody.

May 31 I was threatened with life sentence for the second time by the second judge.

Despite the reflection of closed status.    Hospitalized if I don’t cooperate with DOC probation. Immediately report for a drug test… Yea, kiss my ass. So, Miss Carol suggested an independent lab. She stated that I think DOCs tests are illegitimate. He conceded… as long as it’s legitimate. Oh, Lord. Another one.


42 US CODE ss 1985 (2) & (3) 


March 25, 2016……….. The state of Florida has a law that if you suspect or are aware of neglect or abuse of a child and you don’t report it, you can be charged with a felony. Is it unreasonable then, to suggest that if a high ranking officer of the law is aware of or suspects that a person’s Constitutional rights are being violated that they should report such?

I did not volunteer or agree in any way whatsoever to be a guinea pig in any experiment. Even if I was guilty of the crimes I am accused of, I did not deserve the monstrous treatment I received at the hands of officers of the law. Their behavior is more criminal than any behavior I have ever or would ever demonstrate. I am sure they will continue to treat people in this horrific manner, as long as they are allowed to do so.


This is the healed version.

This is why I’m ashamed to be a member of the human race!

The ACLU of Florida argued a case regarding the violation of the First Amendment by the limit of size for correspondence to a post card, but they rejected my request for assistance. My home confiscated, no valid debt, no cause to speak of. Leg wound neglected causing severe constant pain and fever for months. Facts that I have documented, with acknowledging statements from medical admin, staff, and several high ranking officers of the law. Is it because I’m a woman? My trauma and the disgraceful violation of my rights just doesn’t qualify for representation or any kind of defense? Why is that? I am guilty of nothing more than failing to wear a seat belt, I Plead no contest after losing my home, being exposed to sex offenders, tortured, threatened, bullied. Why are there so many people equipped to defend against such violations unwilling to practice human decency?

July 5, 2016………….. The following was submitted to public defenders office and received on July 6.

Judge Simon stated that he would attempt to find some conflict free counsel. Apparently he has not been able to do so. Sadly what I expected. This is merely a request for information, in my experience I have been not only denied counsel, but access to the law library as well… So much for the U.S. Constitution, you should all be so proud, your contribution to liberty is remarkable, and you’ve dedicated your entire lives.

I am in pursuit of information regarding post sentencing relief due to ineffective counsel. A concept you should all be familiar with. LOL. Also, from what I understand, everything I say/write can be used against me in a court of law. Considering the fact that correspondence between myself and DOC probation officers is supposedly public record, and can be used against me, how can I be sure that it will? It’s probably supposed to be included in the case file. It has also been my experience, however that legitimate documents and intelligent communications are tampered with and/or withheld from evidence. There is no shortage or omission of false documents, altered forms, fabricated reports, and probable cause statements that include no resemblance to any cause, by any definition. My conclusion is that the conflict is defending the innocent.

Since there is no possibility of conflict free or effective counsel in evidence, I declare there is no attorney/client privilege. I will be including a copy of this communication to the Florida Bar. Probably the Office of Special Counsel, Professional Ethics Commission, a couple news venues, all of social media.
Yes, I have had quite a bit of experience with my mail being tampered with, so I will have to figure out a way to ensure my letters will actually make it to a mailbox if sent from this facility. You people have so many in this racketeering influenced & corrupt organization.

Wink, Wink. Pretty slick.

I realize that public defenders are not the highest paid of the justice (LOL) community. You take the opportunity to supplement your incomes with whatever incentives you receive from coercing plea deals, by falsely imprisoning people so the strong arm branch of your cooperative can violate, humiliate, brutalize, or use any means necessary. Then once inadmissible pleas of nolo contendre are secured, the extorted funds just keep adding up. It’s actually brilliant, though abominable and disgraceful.

{Submitted to detention facility kiosk. The following day, Julie Edwards imposed herself as counsel assigned/enforced to my case, despite the conflict of interest previously present.Dated July 14, 2015, notification of conflict to myself from Julie Edwards.}

July 19, 2016……….. I, Stacey Sade, under penalty of perjury in a world where justice is my inalienable right as a human being, do solemnly swear that the following facts are true and correct and have been undeniably demonstrated in a court of law, witnessed by the HONORABLE Judge Ross Goodman, as he was the presiding judge on July 14, 2016. Julie Edwards, public defender is a fraud. Her conduct in her role as my defense counsel is in polar contradiction of actions expected of effective defense counsel. Particularly offensive, is an accurate definition. Considerably libelous.

Miss Edwards misrepresented herself to me, suggested that she would attempt to fulfill her duties in my defense by negotiating for time served, In recognition of the extensive amount of time I had been detained. On the contrary, no effort was made on my behalf. In flagrant abuse of her authority and position, exhibited for the court that her misrepresentation was with criminal intent as an officer of the court, to bring to question my competence.


I will not participate in their treasonous behavior. I will not respond in any way they hope. I am immune to the typical manipulation tactics of individuals with psychopathic/narcissistic personality disorders. My parents are such individuals, as is Miss Edwards, and through experience I recognize their predatory actions. They manipulate, misrepresent, intimidate, abuse, gaslight, and they lie lie lie, pathologically they lie. Gaslighting is their most common and favorite form of psychological manipulation/abuse, determined to test the very sanity of their target/victim.

I have no questionable mental history. There is nothing in my background or my behavior that suggests lack of competence. Being intelligent, observant, and responsible does not make me crazy, but it does make me a threat to the predators, like Miss Edwards, because I cannot be manipulated into behaving predictably and participate in the strategy of Miss Edwards and the racketeering influenced & corrupt organization. They have been running a campaign on me for over a year,{two years now}.


I am requesting post sentencing relief due to predatory misrepresentation. I am requesting background consideration. I am requesting justice in this State of Florida, in the Circuit Court of the First Judicial Circuit, in and for Santa Rosa County, Florida. In case numbers 15/763–764 & 17CJ142 which I declare are fully fabricated, not supported by sufficient evidence. Additionally case number 16011084, the strategy of predators. Thank you.

Promote deviant behavior?? I find it necessary to decline, in the interest of improving our circumstances, and not…

A terrifying new trend coming to a middle school near you!

This could be the paranoid rantings of a delusional freak, or the raw truth observations of uncanny awareness…

Would You Instruct Your Teenage Daughter to Lower the Superior Standards set By Your Example?

{This is an email sent to numerous officials, including the judge, assistant to the prosecution in the case in which my daughter is the victim/which, I’d like to add is NOT proceeding, and is beginning to reveal more misconduct by failure to prosecute, and they will not respond to any attempt I’ve made to contact.

 The following is the response and continued correspondence from the officer of Department of Juvenile Justice}

Sunday April 30, 2017


April 20, 2017 I appeared, with my daughter, my responsiblity, of whom I am and will remain sole custodian, primary manufacturer, sole producer, primary creator, and the vessel by which she manifested.  I will also remain highest authority, exceeded only by Jesus Christ, Almighty God, Creator of all.

Appearance was for the unlawful, exaggerated, dramatized, strategic detention and negligent creation of records of criminal felony charges against a victim of child sexual exploitation arranged and facilitated by officials of the same agencies pursuing charges and the same judge who is residing over this case.

This is terrorism, this is malfeasance, and this is pure evil by design.  You are out of line, out of order, and realms beyond your authority.  Your position and the description of the titles of every official involved in criminalizing my daughter AND myself is to protect the victims of crime.  Your demonstration is in polar contradiction to that description. IMG_20170517_112857.jpg

My daughter should have been treated with the dignity and respect for victims rights that is described by Department of Justice Victim’s Rights Unit.  Instead, she was physically assaulted by a grown ass man authorized to protect her.  How does that get misconstrued?  My 14 year old innocent, victimized, defenseless daughter is being criminally charged with a felony for resisting AN ARMED MAN THAT HAD HER IN HANDCUFFS.  That is not only absurd, it is reprehensible, and it is vile.

The moral standards, as well as standards of common practice demonstrated by this court and every official thereof does not meet the standards of society, and are monumentally criminal and destructive to the community, the state, and the entire nation and are evidently inferior to the standards exhibited by my children and myself, as records will verify.

I am attaching two references that perfectly illustrate the strategy/application that is in commission.  First: Re: Georgia General Assembly

From the Legislative desk of Senator Nancy Schaefer 50th District of Georgia

November 16, 2007

The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services

Including EXHIBIT A

Jeremy’s Story


Failure of DFCS to remove six desperate children

Re: Approved for release 2000/08/08.



  1.   (U)

6-characteristic influences

Screening device

7-select talent


The target pool was my former neighborhood.  I influenced those people to be decent human beings.  So I guess I had to be destroyed.  There is no pursuit of justice taking place.  You people are in the practice of implementing experimentation, mapping human domain, and implementation of mind control and depopulation programs in cooperation with “shadow government” operating covertly due to the treasonous nature of the crimes in commission of this organization.  I do not consent to experimentation on my mind, body, or spirit, nor those of my children.

It has recently begun to become common for the execution of any individual, that would disclose such information, to occur.  Mr. CSPOA that is why I am including you in receiving this information.  If I am executed, sir, they will go for my children.  My children are not to be had by these sadistic pedophiles determined to defile everything good that remains on this planet.

Who the fuck do you sickening creatures think you are?  Allow me to inform you, your boss is the master of lies, and he has already been defeated.  Jesus Christ is Lord.  You have overestimated your jurisdiction.  It is time now for you to disintegrate.

Holy Holy Holy…In Jesus’ name, I am grateful.

{The following links are the attachments referred to above, report of Congresswoman Nancy Schaefer, which led to her loss of congressional seat, soon thereafter, Mrs. Schaeffer and her husband were discovered in their home, victims of homicide.  Just sayin’.}


2)  CIA report

Ma’am, I don’t have a clue as to what you’re referring to or why you’ve taken this action. You have the right to file a grievance against the Department of Juvenile Justice if you or your daughter believe that I or any other employee of DJJ has mistreated you or your daughter. I am attaching the signed grievance procedures that was clearly explained to both of you and you received, when we met on April 20, 2017. Thank you.


From: Dragon Titus []
Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 1:14 AM; McKinley, Albert C. <>
Subject: Case#17-CJ-142.

Really, you are satisfied with beginning your response with “I don’t have a clue”.  Precisely my insinuation, thank you for verifying the facts.  I believe the grievance process starts with you…  We all know there is nothing but indifference to your criminal enterprise.

I am not sure what action you interpret me to have taken that has you excited, I am keeping record of questionable events, asserting my rights and privileges, along with my authority to represent my daughter.  I realize that when it comes to rights and privileges you all prefer deprivation of anybody’s with the exception of yours.  Id like to request, again to observe the body cam footage from the public service of Joshua John Hargitt on April 19, 2017 between the hours of 17:30 & 20:20.

In addition, I would love to be provided with the order for collection of DNA, of my minor child, deprived the right to have counsel present,  the company of an adult, under forced armed custody of ” her assault victim”.   Any records featuring the collection of Savana Sade’s original, personal, confidential blueprint needs to include records of actions during possession.  If your clueless condition renders you incompetent to provide records, I am sure there is someone on the payroll that can manage a little discovery, I have every right to medical records, the information BELONGS to me.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.Screenshot_20170514-100119


Ma’am, I am not law enforcement and absolutely NOTHING to do with your child’s arrest. Please get your facts straight. You NEED TO contact the arresting law enforcement agency. Thank you.

From: Dragon Titus []
Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 4:58 PM
To: McKinley, Albert C. <>;


Omgoodness Miss Carol.. More preposterous idiocy.  I am so tired of dealing with fucktards!

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Dragon Titus” <>
Date: May 17, 2017 9:52 AM

To: “McKinley, Albert C.” <>

Show quoted text

Ma’am, the recommendation was NOT TO prosecute, thus you and your daughter were referred to JDAP, which you eagerly accepted. This matter has been forwarded to the juvenile state attorney’s office for their consideration, and the State MAY bring your child’s case back FOR prosecution. I also remember telling you and your daughter that an admission of guilt WAS NOT required at this point BECAUSE your daughter has the right to take the case to trial and have the State prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she committed such offenses.  That’s why I read your daughter’s rights to her and provided a copy to you and her.

From: Dragon Titus []
Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2017 9:52 AM
To: McKinley, Albert C. <>

Okay, thank you.  For the record there was no demonstration of eagerness at any time during our encounter.  Straight facts is I was repeatedly reduced to tears, if you remember correctly, and exceedingly hesitant to sign away the right to speedy trial.  You assured me if I changed my decision, due process was still available, as it is our right and privilege.

Your daughter WAIVED her right to a speedy trial, she didn’t sign her rights away permanently. Due process is and always will be available for your daughter.

From: Dragon Titus []
Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2017 10:22 AM

Hide quoted text
To: McKinley, Albert C. <Albert.McKinley@djj.state.fl.u

Which was my interpretation.  And upon discovery of facts of the case that I was unaware of at the time of our meeting I am unable to encourage my daughter to participate in obstructing justice and aiding and abetting prevention of exposure of excessive brutality against a minor by law enforcement.  I am positive that the allegations against my daughter are false, the sworn testimony of Hargitt is fabricated, therefore criminal activity is present, and I refuse to require my daughter to facilitate these criminal acts to go undetected.  It is unfortunate that you are unable to understand my position, it is not personal against you, sir.  My daughter was physically assaulted, by a respected official, and then her rights were deprived without her knowledge, due to her young age and inexperience, which makes it exploitation.  The fact that DNA collection was not reported in any records or by anyone involved with her case is monumentally disturbing, compounded by the covert manner in which sample was obtained, I dare say protocol was not followed, indicating further criminal activity, while validating deprivation of rights and privileges.  Not by you, I acknowledge that fact, you did read her rights, but by then deprivation and violation had already occurred.  The shock I experienced upon being informed that collection of DNA sample had taken place immediately upon my minor child arriving at SRSO detention facility was extraordinary.  She had not been to court, was not fully aware of her charges, completely uninformed in appropriate procedure as well as her rights in such circumstances.  She had no counsel present, and I dare theorize she was not instructed of her right to have it, since she was deprived even parental supervision.  I was not even notified, by the officer who unlawfully obtained the confidential, original, unique, privileged, private, personal property, without any authorization whatsoever, or by prosecution, or yourself, the judge or diversion program representative.  Why the failure to include the information that DNA sample collection had taken place?  It was reported in my case, once I was forced, in fear for my life, to agree to plea, DNA sample was collected in the courtroom upon sentencing to probation.  It is not unreasonable to assume that a similar procedure should have been the means by which my daughter’s sample was collected.

According to DoD policy, if charges do not result in conviction, expunction of DNA sample is required.  However, I am well aware that once it has been translated and a profile created, expunction could not possibly be complete.  The profile that has, in fact already been created with the use of my daughters DNA is permanently included in databanks of intelligence agencies and law enforcement including the false information presented by Hargitt.  This FACT is undeniable and unacceptable.  As mother, sole custodian and singular line of defense for my daughter, my duty and priority is to defend and protect her, in every way, by every means, on every level.  The interference with custody demonstrated by officials deprived me of protecting her from their arrangement for her being sexually exploited.  I will not allow any further degradation or exploitation of my minor child by any agency or department, while they are misrepresenting their position.  I am a mother protecting my child and setting the appropriate example.  My actions should be commendable to officials in positions expected to enforce the law and maintain public safety.  How odd that instead, my pursuit of justice and my intention to demonstrate for my daughter the proper procedure that needs to take place in order to ensure the excessive brutality against her does not happen to another minor, response is defensive and contemptuous.  I have no I’ll intent, my priority is to not add insult to injury to the damages suffered by my daughter by instructing her to accept unacceptable treatment and behavior.

I did not raise my daughter in an environment that included disrespectful behavior, by anyone.  And I will not lower my standards of common practice to permit a stranger to avoid consequences for such deviant behavior, while acting as respected official.  No badge, firearm, or uniform grants him the right to brutally assault my daughter, a minor, under any circumstances.  The fact that the information available to him reflects that she is a victim supports my conclusion that the act of putting handcuffs in her was his first physical assault.  I don’t believe for one second that it is proper procedure to handcuff victims whose record otherwise reflects superior standards and behavior.  I am absolutely certain there are different procedures instructed for victims and criminals, there is no record that indicates they should be treated with the same contempt, yet contempt is evident in the testimony of Hargitt, by him forcing my daughter to lay on the ground while being restrained…  Hardly offering consideration for the damaging trauma she suffered, more  accurately, under such intimidating threatening custody the actions demonstrated intimidation and terrorism to a child with no previous experience with violence, weapons, and physical Assault.

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Law dragon your ass!! Puny parasite is accurate, correct, and as tactful as I can manage.. Considering the circumstances, degree of unfair advantage, exploitation of position, authority, community influence, political affiliation, financial initiative, infrastructure monopoly, housing monopoly, by means of excessive waste, fraud and abuse of trust, Authority, and position, to professionally, ethically, respectfully, and all of those pretty words in illustration of YOUR MISSION, titanically inaccurate in my experience. By no means is your advertised self promotion a reflection of the demonstration of behavior. That, my darlings, is scientifically referred to as "gaslighting*. I am one person, I continue to accurately, articulately, meticulously, with great attention to detail, OBSERVATION. Just paying attention in class, pumpkins. My venue of study at 19- ever was directing traffic, laying asphalt, driving large attachments, including liquid cargo. Age 23 on skill of trade was chemical balance and maintenance of swimming pools, commercial including such properties as Amalphi condominium, Sandestin, Florida, Sea Oats by the Sea, Chateau LA Mer, Capri by the Sea, Old Hwy 98 in the Destin Commons vicinity. Residential properties to which service was provided located in such districts as Sandestin Resort and Spa, also performed landscaping reconstruction and tree service, in my 30s. Property main entrance(lol, y'all probably prefer grande) thermoplastic reflective striping, Coastal Seal coating and Striping. Kelly Plantation, Destiny by the Sea, all phases. 1997 right on through 2014. During a great deal of expansion… I watched and actively participated in constructing, improving, maintaining EVERY SINGULAR PHASE OF INFRASTRUCTURE, right?? Highways, sidewalks(Mooney Rd, Ft Walton Bch 1999?Five Star Pavers, Jacksonville/obtained my service through Action Labor. Just saying… Just a few satisfied clients as well as employers. Pumpkins.

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In reference to DNA collection, I respectfully request that you contact the Sheriff’s Department for clarification of the collection of DNA. DJJ will do so upon order of the court, but as matter of law enforcement, we have no input in the matter. Perhaps a call to the American Civil Liberties Union may be beneficial if you do not wish to contact law enforcement? I cannot comment on DNA collection at this time because I don’t know the law in that way and I’m not a lawyer. Thank you.

It seems the inappropriate collection practices caught him off guard as well.  Peculiar, large.

I refuse to cooperate with demoralization and degradation of my children, by any means, and I WILL DEFEND MY CHILDREN FROM PREDATORY ADVANCES AND ATTACKS

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Law dragon your ass!! Puny parasite is accurate, correct, and as tactful as I can manage.. Considering the circumstances, degree of unfair advantage, exploitation of position, authority, community influence, political affiliation, financial initiative, infrastructure monopoly, housing monopoly, by means of excessive waste, fraud and abuse of trust, Authority, and position, to professionally, ethically, respectfully, and all of those pretty words in illustration of YOUR MISSION, titanically inaccurate in my experience. By no means is your advertised self promotion a reflection of the demonstration of behavior. That, my darlings, is scientifically referred to as "gaslighting*. I am one person, I continue to accurately, articulately, meticulously, with great attention to detail, OBSERVATION. Just paying attention in class, pumpkins. My venue of study at 19- ever was directing traffic, laying asphalt, driving large attachments, including liquid cargo. Age 23 on skill of trade was chemical balance and maintenance of swimming pools, commercial including such properties as Amalphi condominium, Sandestin, Florida, Sea Oats by the Sea, Chateau LA Mer, Capri by the Sea, Old Hwy 98 in the Destin Commons vicinity. Residential properties to which service was provided located in such districts as Sandestin Resort and Spa, also performed landscaping reconstruction and tree service, in my 30s. Property main entrance(lol, y'all probably prefer grande) thermoplastic reflective striping, Coastal Seal coating and Striping. Kelly Plantation, Destiny by the Sea, all phases. 1997 right on through 2014. During a great deal of expansion… I watched and actively participated in constructing, improving, maintaining EVERY SINGULAR PHASE OF INFRASTRUCTURE, right?? Highways, sidewalks(Mooney Rd, Ft Walton Bch 1999?Five Star Pavers, Jacksonville/obtained my service through Action Labor. Just saying… Just a few satisfied clients as well as employers. Pumpkins.

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This is the attorney that I emailed … SRSO is their client … I described the case in which Savana is violated. This is the attorney that will not seek justice, civil damages, or defense from the predator who psychologically manipulated and sexually exploited the most amazing magnificent being that resides on this planet. Where are the characters that fit the ADVERTISEMENT

Case # 16011084 Novembier 21, 2016

My daughter, Savana Sade, victim.
Interfering with custody, 2 counts lewd and lascivious.
David Paxton remains incarcerated at SRCSO detention facility, yet to be convicted.  Guilty plea was submitted then withdrawn.  SRSO investigators have my daughter’s cell phone still, text messages provide irrefutable evidence, delay of prosecution indicates misconduct.  My attempts to speak with anyone have been disregarded.  My daughter, as the victim of this man’s predatory actions, deserves the prosecution of this man, the closure of this trauma in order to recover and put this behind her.
Stacey Sade
Sent from my LG G3, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone
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For the record, and context….  I do not perceive any indication in my original contact that SRSO was the party in reference.  SRSO was not, in fact, the party I was attempting to seek damages from, but I am grateful for the endorsement that damages are in need of accounting.  And recognition, as legal representation that SRSO is the cause, unbelievably generous of you to make such facts evident with so few words.  That is skill.
My my what a large organization this has revealed.
Highest regard, hope all is well.  I have no expectations, merely making an attempt to reach the appropriate agency.  In reference to the alarming magnitude of waste of resources of numerous agencies of the State of Florida, abused for the purpose of terrorism and assassination of character, reputation, and credibility.  In a cooperative measure, impersonators of judicial officers have infiltrated trusted positions of authority and using it for the commission of crimes of war and acts of terror against innocent citizens and children.wp-1489241454161.jpg
Most recent development is Judge Ross Goodman’s ruling that I am incompetent, and ordered to participated in competency training, as an alternative to recommendation of professional medical physician, posing as expert witness.
The community based trial competency training program has qualifications that are required to be met in order to participate.  I do not meet these qualifications:
In order to participate in this training, the following conditions must exist:
  • The individual must have been tested by a liscensed psychologist and a determination made indicating that the person meets the definition of mental retardation as defined in Chapter 393 Florida Statutes.  (I do not meet this definition). The test instrument used must be selected from those mandated by Chapter 393, Florida Statutes, and cited in Rule 10F-12, F.A.C.  (Reports of both “Dr.s” reflect no such instrument was considered during evaluation.)
  • Results of psychological tests must indicate the individual is incompetent to proceed due to retardation.  In making this determination, the psychologist should also request background information and a current psychosocial summary to be used in the evaluative process.(Again, no such information was considered, reflected by the reports of the “Dr.s”)
  • At this point it lists the criteria for determination (having demonstrated to Miss Carol, program instructor, that my functional ability is exceptional)
  • The summary of the psychologists findings have been reviewed by the courts and the court has ordered the defendant to participate in this training. (This is true and correct.).
  • However, I don’t believe that it has escaped the attention of the judge that I am not mentally retarded or incompetent.
  • Deprivation of justice is being encouraged by the court.
  • Monumentally an unfair advantage.  Are there no rules of war, and aren’t we in times of peace?
  • Isn’t there something in the Constitution about fair protection of the law???
  • That has not been my experience.  Is there anyone with a spine and some human decency with oversight authority?
  • These people have agents with weapons.  I am unarmed, as are my children.

This program is funded in part by Department of Children and Families (Athena Wiggins, investigator  acted in cooperation with this terror organisation in Feb. when she abused her position and trespassed against my person with false allegations) and the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council.

Since I have not experienced any encounters with representatives of FDDC, I am hoping they do not cooperate with this terror organization, and will not approve of the abuse of their funding for programs.  Allowing such abuse is technically supplying resources to terrorism in commission, if my comprehension is correct.  It makes sense, I think.  And contradicts the expert assessment of two “Dr.s” of psychology.  That is flagrant by any means.  Demonstrating the danger posed by these individuals to society.  “Dr.” Gilgun urgently argued in his testimony as expert, that he saw no alternative to involuntary hospitalization and medicated heavily by force.  That is not the country or the world that we live in, is it?  Really?

                In dedicate service
                 to Lord Jesus,
                  King of kings,
                 & Lord of lords,
                        Stacey Sade

Providence by numbers

The numbers of my designation.

It has been in my mind how to adequately illustrate this fundamental quality. One of the many examples of Almighty God’s endorsement.

Providence by pattern of sound numbers. Collateral to doctrine of sound words. White mutiny, white dragon. Pure truth, absolute obedience.

In 2013 my children celebrated 7 & 11. Leaving a remainder of 7 & 11 until 18.

Eldest, my daughter, was born under Chinese lunar symbol horse. 11th in the lunar cycle.

Western astrological sign is Virgo. {September 23, 2017 Revelation 12 lady in the stars}

Younger, my son, born under Chinese lunar dog. 7th symbol in the lunar cycle.

His western astrological sign is Leo. {September 23, 2017 Revelation 12 crown of 12 stars}

** I know, right? ** oh, there is more!

Myself??? Born 2-20-76 under the Chinese Dragon. The 5th symbol, among other things related to 5, mother is represented.

My western astrological sign is Pisces, on the cusp of Aquarius. {Revelation 12 appearance September 12, 2017 occurred in the sign of Pisces.}

I am God’s Dragon. Contradiction in absolution to wickedness. Truth to their lies, kindness for their cruelty, grace in the face of their contempt. Understanding bestowed with knowledge. Eyes that observe with supernatural clarity and ears that comprehend with extraordinary perception.

Praise Jesus, my salvation, my redemption, eternal refuge.

TONIGHT FRIDAY CWR#636: How to proceed with the battle at hand, to win the entire war


This is Radio Norway’s story for tonight’s show on Cold War Radio #636.

The adage above all adages in contemporary politics is:


Supreme Court Justice Nominee, Brett Kavanaugh and his family have been the targets of political Psychological Terrorism never seen before. Even the Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas witch trials didn’t take on the despicable and disgusting proportions of a Character Assassination that this kafkaesk process took on against a good, loyal, hard-working, upstanding family man and defender of the United States Constitution.

Psychological Terrorism must be met without mercy, without compassion, without remorse. This is war, and all war depends upon a merciless determination to take down the enemy, to keep charging until the beast is slain. And this enemy has a big chink in his armor; the money trail.

On Tuesday September 4. Women’s March leader and terrorist-group-tied left wing activist, Linda Sarsour, was arrested

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Dispute invalid debt

Municipal Services Bureau

PO Box 16755

Austin, TX. 78761-6755


Reference: 32627470


SANTA ROSA COUNTY CLERK OF COURT case#572015CF000 $1558.03 05/12/2015

SANTA ROSA COUNTY CLERK OF COURT case#572015CF000 $1208.03 05/29/2015

Under penalty of perjury, I Stacey Ann Sade do solemnly swear the following facts are true and correct. Verification illustrated by records withheld from review of the court due to exculpatory nature. Suppression of exculpatory evidence constitutes prosecutorial misconduct, according to Federal Criminal Code and Rules.

I dispute the validity of this debt. Additionally, I dispute and challenge the legitimacy and legality of every action against this flesh and blood human being. I am a woman. I am not a corporation, nor am I the property of any corporation or entity. I am a unique creation of Almighty God.

The character created and applied to my identity is absolutely fictional, completely contrived, and created in the minds of predators impersonating trusted officials, infiltrating and subverting the judicial branch of Santa Rosa County government.

Comprehensive inspection of case file will expose strategic manipulation of judiciary for the purpose of character assassination, false imprisonment, unlawful confiscation of property, obstruction of justice, physical, emotional, and psychological torture, terrorism, terroristic stalking, deprivation of rights and privileges, sexual exploitation of a minor, interference with custody, and that is merely scratching the surface.

I’d also like to report that this case was closed by Judge Ross Goodman on April 10, 2017. No legitimate explanation was presented for the case to be reopened. Evidently the operatives in action consider themselves exempt from Federal Code and Rules. In my experience, I have failed to observe conduct required to properly represent the pursuit of justice and the enforcement of the law. Regardless of the type of law, be it corporate, criminal, maritime, civil, common, or natural the performance displayed for my observation can oy be described as lawlessness.

Additional agencies associated with this travesty of justice are:

Department of corrections, Milton probation officers Kirsten Smith, Kelli Andoe and supervisor Rob Secola

Department of children and families supervisor Jackie Henry, “investigator” Athena Wiggins, several others

Department of juvenile probation, Al McKinley

Office of Public Defender. Julie Edwards (principle)

Office of State Attorney William Eddins, ASA Amber Rowland, ASA Angela Miles, ASA Stephanie Pace, ASA Jay Williams

1st Circuit Judicial in and for Santa Rosa County, Judges John Miller, John Simon, Robert Hilliard, Ross Goodman, David Rimmer, and possibly Judge Girad, however he might have plausible deniability. Though any reasonable rational individual should easily recognize the flagrant misconduct. Honestly the inadequacy in exhibit should be evaluated, I would not be surprised if it qualifies as a disability.

As a final assertion, it is a violation of Federal Criminal Code as well as Florida Statute to provide financial support to a terrorist group. Based on my personal experience, the operatives orchestrating the strategic slander campaign against me irrefutably meet any and all criteria to be defined as:

Terrorist faction, Racketeering influenced and corrupt organization, criminal gang executing a hate crime.

I have been a hard working, tax paying, law abiding, contributing member of this community for 23 years. This attack that my children and I have endured has no merit, no validity, no justification and originated with no provocation.

Targeted Asset Relief Program (TARP)

Just a portion of my personal experience. The disturbing things that I have discovered while attempting to find relief from a campaign of defamation so brutal as to be nearly impossible for even myself to believe.

It has become evident that the common practice of the individuals promoting this program (described below) to act in direct contradiction to what they say. I hope there is someone besides myself who recognizes that such is the case in every endeavor of these creatures.
If they suggest that these funds are for the purpose of assisting families, their objective is in fact to destroy them.
My personal experience is quite similar, Habitat for Humanity, Neighborhood Stabilization, Targeted Asset Relief program, millions on top of hundreds of millions of dollars, authorized for assisting families avoid foreclosure. Hardest Hit funds was an extension of TARP, in 2015 as a charter member of Neighbor works Pensacola Habitat for Humanity, my “partner” affiliate received $24.5 million. I was not offered any information about assistance when I was struggling to avoid foreclosure due to an injury for which I was hospitalized twice. In fact, court records were criminally altered, justice was obstructed and subverted and nearly $100,000 was disposed of in order to unlawfully confiscate my home, no validation of debt was ever presented, I was prevented from attending a foreclosure hearing filed under false pretenses, with the use of false information. Over two years later, HfH is still reporting late payments to credit companies (Equifax) for the purpose of continuing to make it impossible for me to reestablish a healthy secure environment for my children.

This is the swamp in action. This is tax dollars funding genocide. This is how they are eradicating the population. Hand in hand with the opioid “epidemic”. It is not an epidemic, it is strategic, by design therefore more accurately defined as genocide.


HUD Gives $5 Mil to Dicey Obama Plan to Transform Slums into Middle-Class Neighborhoods

A controversial Obama program that’s reaped enormous amounts of taxpayer money to transform slums into desirable middle-class neighborhoods just got a $5 million infusion from the Trump administration. Known as Choice Neighborhoods, the costly experiment was the centerpiece of a broader Obama initiative to convert poverty-stricken neighborhoods into sustainable, mixed-income areas with affordable housing, safe streets and good schools. It was launched as a collaboration between the departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Education, Justice, Treasury and Health and Human Services (HHS) to help attract private investment necessary to transform distressed areas.

During Obama’s tenure Choice Neighborhoods received a breathtaking $375 million, according to HUD figures. A substantial chunk of it—$120 million—was rewarded as a parting gift in 2016, the HUD numbers reveal and the largest portion—$122.27 million—was allocated in 2010 when Obama launched the program. Like many of the former president’s initiatives, large sums of cash went to leftist nonprofits and community groups that aligned with his liberal agenda. Back in 2012 Judicial Watch reported that the administration paid half a million dollars to study the effectiveness of Choice Neighborhoods, including the challenges of brining healthy food options to poor areas and the characteristics of the neighborhoods being targeted for transformation.

The recent $5 million infusion will promote “a comprehensive approach to transforming neighborhoods struggling to address the interconnected challenges of distressed housing, inadequate schools, poor health, high crime, and lack of capital,” according to a HUD statement. Los Angeles California, Lewiston Maine and Philadelphia Pennsylvania will receive the biggest portions, $1.3 million each. Chicago Illinois, Huntington West Virginia and Cleveland Ohio each get $350,000 to revitalize poor neighborhoods. The goal is to replace distressed public housing with high-quality, mixed-income housing and improve residents’ employment, income, health and education. Ultimately this will create the conditions necessary for public and private reinvestment in distressed neighborhoods, the agency announcement states. Three of the awardees will get an additional $950,000 for “action activities” to build momentum and attract additional investment, according to HUD. The extra cash can be used to recycle vacant properties into community gardens or farmers markets or for community arts projects that beautify an area.

There was tremendous hope that the Trump administration would cut back on some of these wasteful Obama-era programs at many of the government’s largest agencies, especially HUD. So far that hasn’t been the case. Earlier this year HUD gave dozens of leftist groups that purport to fight housing discrimination $37 million. The biggest chunk—$999,962—went to a nonprofit that attacked President Trump for terminating an Obama program that protects hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants living in the U.S. Shortly before getting its money the Washington D.C. group, National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA), bashed the president over a contentious policy known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) that shields nearly 800,000 illegal aliens under the age of 31 from deportation and lets them obtain work permits and drivers’ licenses.

HUD has been embroiled in a multitude of serious scandals—under both Democrat and Republican administrations—over the years involving leadership, low-level employees and field directors. Problems go back to the Ronald Reagan administration, when an influence-peddling scandal led to the conviction of 16 people, including top aides to then HUD Secretary Samuel Pierce. Bill Clinton’s housing secretary, Henry Cisneros, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about payments to his former mistress. George W. Bush’s HUD secretary, Alphonso Jackson, was ousted after the feds launched an investigation into his plots to enrich himself and his friends by giving them lucrative government contracts. Barack Obama’s second HUD secretary, Julian Castro, misspent the agency’s federal funds as mayor of San Antonio.



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Judicial Watch, Inc.
425 Third Street SW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20024

Judicial Watch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are received from individuals, foundations, and corporations and are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Short note

I will not rant or flip out but I am titanically opposed to chemical alterations. First and foremost… The reason we are in this position is because big pharma perfected the recipe for psychopaths… About 30 years worth of recommending pregnant women continue methadone, and strongly encourage increase in dosage during final trimester.

I do not mean to offend, people, but think about it… That is thirty years of addiction beginning in utero. In addition, I am certain in absolution that originally there any illness suffered by man had a natural remedy. I’m sure that is no longer the case, but that is because the use of chemical formulas has altered not only our bodies, but also the viruses that cause the illness.

Retaliation Against a Victim

In addition to the following,which was recorded on several prior occasions, I’d like to add a few developments.
Case #16011084 November 21, 2016
Case # 17CJ142
The former features my daughter, sexually exploited, psychologically manipulated. The predator responsible, directly affiliated with DOC. Currently, June 4, 2017 I am unaware of any prosecutory action, last correspondence I received was in December. I have attempted contact by phone as well as email, with no response. As desperately as they are continuing to pursue against me, I would think there would be a little action in a case where there was actually a crime committed. Evidently, that is not the intention. Hence… the latter case
Featuring my daughter, apparently the victim of retaliation. Sgt. Eutsy came to notify me, we have had several encounters, none of which featured me or my children ever prior to May 12, 2015. He told my mother and I that the person that called them to the scene was watching out his window and could see everything they were doing. In the probable cause statement of the officer who physically assaulted my daughter, a victim, he claimed the reporting neighbor thought they were doing narcotics. Out of context, there may not be any relevance to the difference of stories, but considering the arresting officer needed to justify his excessive force with no provocation on a 14 year old victim of a child sex crime, the significance is titanic. I didn’t notice it right away, it took a few days. By then we had already been to first appearance, juvenile probation had recommended diversion due to her immaculate record. Prosecution immediately dropped the assault charge finding no probable cause, leaving resisting with violence, still a violent felony charge. Against a 14 year old A/B honor roll student with not one solitary disciplinary incident in her life. Another discovery that I did not make right away was their collection of DNA sample, immediately upon her arrival at the detention facility, in a violation of even DoD policy. The implications are terrifying… did they seriously just create a profile with false violent felony charges on my 14 year old daughter???? In the national intelligence databanks???? Please tell me they did not just do that to my daughter. And if they did, please tell me that you or somebody will help me get that fixed. That is setting her up for failure for her entire life. That is too sadistic to even fathom.

My understanding of legal proceedings, though it is limited, is that the judge is supposed to be an impartial, neutral party. I never got the impression that it was a team

sport. There is the prosecution representing the plaintiff, in this case the plaintiff is the State of Florida. Then ideally, there is the defendant, in this case, myself and supposedly effective counsel, which in fact has continuously been grossly misrepresented. There has been a repeating cycle of counsel assigned, however the documentation is reflecting tremendous discrepancies regarding dates and plea agreements and everything really, the efforts of individuals within the legal community to manipulate and sabotage this process have been extraordinary.
When decency still existed, appreciation for demonstrated character. Concrete events, factual statements, legitimate credibility.Artwork of my daughter, at age 7, contributed in partnership for the capitol gain of Pensacola Habitat for Humanity.

Every person involved in the legal proceedings except myself is either family, or grew up and went to school together. Upon witnessing behavior inside the courtroom, n one of these people maintains objectivity, not a scrap of impartiality, and what is being practiced does not resemble any laws, codes, statutes I have been able to find in the course of my research. In reality what is taking place is blatant abuse of trusted positions for the purpose of whatever the cause may be. How very sad for justice. I refuse to accept unacceptable behavior, especially demonstrated by people who hold trusted positions that are expected to be professional and respectable… held to a higher standard. I have been witness to no standards to speak of.

I have made numerous attempts to file formal complaints with any and all agencies that hold jurisdiction, Judicial Qualifications, Commission on Standards & Training, Office of the Governor Inspector General, Department of Corrections Inspector General, Attorney General Pam Bondi. What I have absolute evidence of is irrefutably racketeering activity, evidently supported and encouraged by the indifference I have discovered. So all of these people collect their salaries, paid by the tax payers like myself, and SAY the right things in their speeches, and carry on with no regard to the tax payers safety and rights. I am not an individual that has ever been dependant on the government, not for benefits and not for security, I handle my own just fine. I take responsibility for my actions, therefore I act responsibly. This invasion into my life and the extortion of my home and the annihilation of my credibility, character, and reputation was initiated by a routine traffic citation (A477COE) at which time 5 officers proceeded to violate every right of individuals. My identity was hijacked and false information was inserted to create a fabricated character that did not exist prior to May 12, 2015. This fabrication created the appearance of a drug addicted criminal, however there is no evidence to support this created character. There is no prior record of criminal nature, in fact there is no prior record of any nature, criminal, domestic, child abuse, or questionable mental health. In 22 years in residence in this same town. All previous encounters with law enforcement were amicable, reflecting common respect between myself and deputies.

I, Stacey Sade, under penalty of perjury declare the following facts to be true and correct to the best of my knowledge. On June 23, 2015 I was taken into custody during a traffic stop for passenger failure to wear seat belt, initiated by Lt. Scott Haines, arresting officer summoned for transport was Deputy Patric Gibson (previous encounter; offense #13010762 December 25, 2013). I would like, at this time, to thank Deputy Gibson. His demeanor and attitude towards me was ever so much kinder during our successive encounter. Lt. Mark James, whom I’ve been acquainted with for 10 years or so, can verify that after my initial encounter with Officer Gibson I contacted Lt’ James and requested for him to intercede and retrieve the property of an individual, understandably and respectfully Lt. James recognized that he could not impose without consent, Deputy Gibson did not concede, he returned to my home to retrieve the property. At that time he seemed very disapproving of me. So, I am grateful that he showed kindness by not forcing me to wear handcuffs June 23, 2015 when I was taken into custody. Could be the leg wound generated sympathy?

Hospitalized May 28, 2015, acute trauma
surgery, Dr. Andy Jaffal, MD, FACP
Internal Medicine/Hospitalist

The charges for which I was taken into custody are described in cases 15-763/764. They are completely fabricated, have no validation whether by factual statements. legitimate documents, or physical evidence. All “evidence” I have received from State Attorney’s Office has, in fact, been verification of my every statement of fact. Lab results, “search warrant”, and “affidavit for search warrant” were withheld for 6 months, despite numerous truthful correspondences from myself to Kenneth Brooks as well as Assistant States Attorney Amber Rowland. Specifically referring to the “search warrant”. I suggested Kenneth Brooks should immediately withdraw himself from practice and go back to school if he was unaware that discovery should include such things, or if he failed to notice they were not included. And lab results, which are hearsay to start with absent testimony of technician, right? And they produce “evidence” reflecting submission to the lab 2 months after “collection”, most of which was not a controlled substance by Florida Statute, according to THEIR OWN LAB!

This is the lab report I received December 16, 2015,
from Kenneth Brooks 3 hours before bond
hearing in front on Judge Miller. Take the
plea or stay in jail and face reinfection of
that wound I had, at this time, been twice hospitalized for
treatment of bacterial infection.


Most recently, I was taken into custody for violation of probation on June 15, 2016. Numerous allegations including more possession charges for a false positive urinalysis, documented on a form for employment screening, leaving several required fields incomplete, for example field for Specimen collection facility was blacked out, due to facility being DOC office that was listed as employer in pursuit of results? Perhaps that creates a conflict of interest? Failure to record temperature and specimen sitting in a freezer for two months also has a little effect on the legitimacy. For comparison, I happen to have a legitimate lab report from Wal-Mart when I achieved employment with them for 4 years beginning in Dec. 2006.

On July 5, no contact had been made by council despite Judge John Simon’s assurance that he would attempt to find conflict free council. I’ve yet to witness any such thing, effective has made no appearance.I sent a truthful communication to public defender on facility kiosk. To my amusement, Miss Julie Edwards arrived for a 6.5 minute consultation for the purpose of misrepresenting/forcing herself to me in order to abuse the position.

The only accurate bit of information is my name,
the number is part of their fabricated character, which I was not even aware
of until December 17, 2015 when I initially reported
to DOC probation. DOC # assigned because of felony charges… Wow, this number was assigned to
me on the form falsely claiming written nolo plea had been taken on June 24, 2015. Further verification
of truthfulness of my declarations
Their DOC # recorded on this form dated 6-24-15…

Despite extensive description of the criminal extent abuse of her position by Julie Edwards, she imposed herself and as officer of the court and posing as my defense, arranged predetermined psychological evaluation. Performed by her selection Dr. Stephen F.X. Zieman, Jr. PhD, at request of defense. The greatest example of the fabrication of Dr. Zieman’s report is his diagnosis of paranoid delusional disorder supported by behavioral observation that my capabilities for abstract conceptualization appeared to be adequate, polar contradictions, if I am correct in comprehension. Delusion is based on deception, while abstract conceptualization is based on facts and evidence? An impossibility.

Quite an impressive record, wouldn’t
you say?

His behavioral observation is correct, I form my opinion based on my experience, I do not speak of things I did not witness for myself, the words of other people can not be assumed to be as truthful. At least Dr. Zieman wouldn’t go so far as to claim that I meet the criteria to be involuntarily hospitalized, since I have never demonstrated any such behavior, even while detained and every attempt was made to provoke erratic behavior. I maintained my integrity and described their behavior to them. Dr. Zieman seems to have been fascinated with my letter to Miss Edwards and included nearly the entirety of it in his report. Including my declaration that the competence in question should be that of Miss Edwards, particularly considering that all of the deception and falsification involved in this case are generated by her organization.

This strategy of having me deemed incompetent is commonly practiced by this organization. I witnessed the same technique applied in the case of Sherry Lynne Cooke-Lowery by her “defense” Cynthia Nash. Maliciously, inhumanely complete disregard for anything resembling decency, tremendous effort set forth to destroy anything decent.

In a case where the evaluation is performed at the request of defense patient/therapist privilege does remain with the patient. Which renders information confidential. In complete disregard of this privilege, and any rights I should have regarding confidential medical information, specifically information that is false, prejudiced, and lacking objectivity or discretion, Dr. Zieman’s report was presented to the court and prosecution before it was provided to me. An unbelievably unprofessional act for the purpose of manipulating the perception of the court and facilitating a request by the prosecution to arrange their own evaluation, with order from the judge which eliminates the right of the patient to hold privilege. The doctor of their selection, Dr. Lawrence Gilgun, monster, was willing to go so far as to claim that I meet some criteria for involuntary hospitalization, boldly estimating 6 to 9 months would be needed for the treatment I so desperately need. Or the treatment he so desperately wishes for me… perhaps including involuntarily medicated until I agree with their delusion? Again, I have made no false statements. Dr. Gilgun couldn’t even correctly report the documentation that was provided for his assessment, stating an arrest report from May 12, 2015. I was not arrested that day, so there is no such report. There is a traffic citation A477COE, paid receipt #MX2015047724. There is also a probable cause statement that does actually describe probable cause to believe that the 5 officers present for this routine traffic citation violated my rights and launched a vicious attack on me that has continued for 18 months and resulted in complete devastation of every aspect of my life. No cause and no justification.