Anybody could be next… They’ve got their hands pretty full with me, though. I continue to refuse to participate in criminal activity, so I would not provide DOC probation with the material (urine) required to facilitate their crime (present illegitimate/false testimony).  Evidently, the predetermined psychological evaluations, arranged by Julie Edwards in the act of misrepresenting herself as defense counsel and abusing authority as an officer of the court, for the purpose of having me deemed incompetent and discrediting my testimony, in order to continue obstruction of justice and suppression of evidence.  The reports from “medical professionals” were fabricated in an attempt to present to the court validation of the fabricated character, created by false information imposed onto my identity, with  the intention to identify me as a drug addicted, paranoid delusional, abuser of my children.  Which could not be further from the truth, which is the reason that what is not in evidence, is demonstration of such behavior from me.  They can create the illustration, but they have failed to manufacture any demonstration to support their delusion.  I will continue to deflect their attempts to manipulate my emotions and generate questionable behavior.  I will not allow them to have such power over me.  They have no control of themselves, why would I surrender control of myself, my emotions, m6 behavior to such immoral degenerates?  Their assumption that I would makes no sense.  Illogical entitlement mentality typical of sociopaths/narcissists/psychopaths.

They are presenting an alternate reality, created by cretans, that clearly bears no recognition of human decency, let alone rights of any kind for anyone except for members of their organization. I will not participate in the contemptuous disregard of the moral fabric of this nation. And I refuse to dishonor the service men and women, their sacrifice, or the sacrifice of their families.  I will continue to recognize the Constitution of the United States, and honor our military veterans who have defended it.   I will maintain my integrity, honor, morals, ethics, respect, and determination to expose the criminal acts of terror in commission, with consideration of the sacrifices that have been made in service to defend the Constitution of the United States, and as my contribution to the justice for which it stands.  OUR nation, under ALMIGHTY GOD, land of the free and home of the brave.