Confined and I am isolated,
exiled, feeling persecuted.
Why can’t they find better things to do?
Redeem me, Jesus, my faith’s in You.
I caused no harm to anyone, Demonstrated kindness, genuine.
There’s no going back, everything destroyed,
My magnificent children even left devoid.
These animals went to such extremes,
I am solitary, they came in teams.
Unfair advantage to say the least.
Acting for their master, I’ve no fear of that beast.
Jesus’ salvation, my shield, ¬†impenetrable,
My honor and integrity, incorruptible.
I’ll not be defeated by evil’s tools.
I will rise to Glory, crown of jewels!
The outcome has but one Designer,
I have served Him well, nothing finer.
For what they’ve stolen, He’ll restore tenfold.
If it be my wish, a  city of gold.
Thank You Jesus, my savior, my courage, my shield!
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